Because the laws regulating market space are all local and the trading is all in the CLOUD the digital world has out paced national regulatory intent. Without a new G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to execute a new global REGULATORY RE THINK AND FRAME WORK the world is hostage to speculation economics. A market of insane greed and software with zero oversight. That and bad debt is the problem the old world order now collapsing in its final gasp places before policy makers. Unfortunately Policy makers work on symptoms versus economic causation. The policies suggested remain local while market space is taking place in digital space outside local laws.

Trade war occurs in digital cyber space. More money is lost to cyber crime totally out of any control than nations use to run their entire budget. This can not continue. Only it is soaring.  Why?

Lack of a G 100 Global regulatory frame work for digital market space. We must think it through. We can. We must cooperate. If we compete we perish. Cooperation or competition – good or evil.

Policy makers seek to kick cans down the road and not manage the systemic fault on their watch. We have suggested a fix:

  1. Constitutional G 100 Economic Constitutional Congress – three years to develop new legal frame work with economist policy makers versus the uninformed.
  2. Public firms report by law every 180 days instead of every four weeks. Insane.
  3. Central Banks merge into local treasuries keeping all processes and removing failed modeling and interest paying on printing national currency.

1-2 -3 and the world is RESET and FREE.

Today oil was in the news. The oil market is not a real market. The oil market is driven by speculators. Today there is an enormous oil glut. Demand is falling. Supply is rising. This ratio will continue into 2020. There is no shortage of oil. Oil is not scare. The day of premium oil is insane and not sustainable. Today when markets rise marginal producer fully go back in and supply rises. Price makes the glut worse. Only with very low prices ( the right and correct market price ) can the oil glut moderate. So there is a catch is there NOT?

If oil prices rise – as they have from market speculation – the supply glut gets worse. Than oil crashes. Bankruptcies in the oil patch passed 14 billion in the first QUARTER of 2016 not even over YET. All last year in the crash down oil bankruptcies all year a record BK year reached 17 billion. This year the sky is the limit. The market CAN NOT NORMALIZE in a global speculation market place of software betting at enormous leverage modeling that manipulates price up and down making money for betting partners up and down. This should be a crime so we return to a REAL ECONOMIC MARKET PLACE.

Without new regulations…we exist in investor fairy land. We have said “wait out the market “for five to ten years. We continue to suggest rallies are SUCKER RALLIES as you will see if you loose inside them and you might. You well might.

At CEO SPACE we’ll keep a light on for you providing the best education we know how to producer for business CEO owners to plan against. Keep in mind our mantra. Entrepreneurs prosper in any and every market place. YOU are in safe harbor as an entrepreneur. But you must make decisions inside a SUPER CHANGE market place.

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Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL