Following the Deflation of values and valuation sweeping world markets devoid of any inflation, changes are in the wind. Following 100’s of trillions of dollars from Central Banks – a failed model central banking as an obsolete system – zero growth zero normal recovery zero inflation came about. The experiment failed. Why? Because oceans of bad debt has to work through the system and no one knows HOW to DO THAT …yet.

Confidence in policy and Central banks has crashed with the markets globally. The worst melt down for any new year market in 100 years of record keeping just took place. Why? Bad debt has not worked through the system and investors are working to protect their principle versus their appetite for risk profit making. Policy makers just do not get it. Crammer does not get it.

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Just in is the crash in venture valuation. The frothy years up to 2015 reached a 15x valuation on equity capital raising to forward income forecasting. Today the multiples have sunk to much more realistic and fundamental ( in our opinion ) levels – of 6x to 10x forward earnings for Start Up Space funding and growth capital. Down by 50% on multiples. The risk reward ratio is far more realistic and sustainable at these new numbers. We anticipate a forward return of capital into these better math models. Finally.

Deflation makes sense folks. It shakes out the abuse to the system the CREDIT DEBT BOMB has forged for 50 years. Working out o this DEBT BOMB starting with nations and in Asia State Run Organizations – say 100’s bankrupt at over 100 TRILLION in bad non performing loans must yet be absorbed. Suggesting China will soft landing through this debt bomb when their communist planners have no clue how to do THAT is an financial oxymoron.

Keep your eye on the DEBT EXPLOSIONS as they begin to go off.

THAT is the future controller of market tomorrows. Any fools rallies are just that and if you wish to play against 100 million dollar software betting fifty to one leverage up and down all the rope volatility be my guest but folks the market today is unregulated and manipulated. IT IS CASINO Capitalism. So says the US SENATE we have the film from 60 minutes. Nothing has changed because legislatures fail to create a coordinate G 100 new REGULATORY FRAME WORK and until we get that – there is no REAL MARKET remaining.

Know what? You all know that…..

I’m reaching a point where I think all candidates will keep the system as it is which leads to super cash and world war. One candidate offers to SHAKE THINGS UP. In the end perhaps that is the only single issue – status quo or