The worlds second largest economy will soon be the third as Japan remains ahead of China overall in coming quarters. China is sinking. It has lost 2.0% of its GNP in six months. IT has last 30% of its dollar based reserves trying to support its phony currency – which is tanking.

A defecto devaluaron of the China Currency is being developed by the central planners as if they are not even doing it. Don’t be fooled. The Communists are in out right trade war with the United States. Which is why Donald Trump is pulling more democrats and independents into his base – as the USA believes Donald Trump will win in the fight for American jobs.

Finally one leader is discussing a 40% tariff on Asia trade goods. Asia will not allow our companies free and open access to their markets. Their price point barriers to entry make their goods far cheaper and our goods far more costly so the imbalance is unfair trade.

For decades we have allowed this. In fact we have sunk our own dollar to offset it – on purpose. Now we are bringing our dollar back into the strongest currency on earth – which it is for good reason.

Next we need to engage the TRADE WAR where nations manipulate currency price in the market offsetting these manipulations and moves to protect our jobs our nation our trade and make America a premium market again – THE MARKET again – and make those waging trade war discover they won some battles but they lost the trade WAR entirely.

China with Fair trade with America prospers. China with unfair trade with America sinks into third world status where they began. The idea they are self sufficient on the loosing side of the trade war is a financial oxymoron. Of all the candidates it seems only Donald Trump understands the math the economics of what is really going on with speculators – with trade war and with the policy to win for the USA.

We are suggesting Donald Trump in running is not the Donald Trump you will see in leading. No one suggests Donald Trump is stupid. On his own he has re written political compagne options and methods. His tools and tactics caught the entire field playing golf. He is winning thy are all loosing. Hillary can not beat Donald Trump.

While CEO SPACE is neutral in Politics as we endorse our process versus individuals – we let the voters pick the individuals – we do comment on financial policy as we see it unfolding. We remain open to change views as candidates give us more information. So far its been a 1930’s punch and judy puppet show – I’m old enough to remember. Sorry folks.

Meanwhile China just reported ( keeping in mind they a) lie and b) jack their numbers to the highest most favorable and always wrong report possible ) such that 5.4% growth is the worst in decades – for China – the sinking graph line is extraordinary as its only six months. The worst 180 day melt down in 30 years and the down graph continue till the chalk breaks as the global professor suggests….do any of you students understand this trend is irreversible for countless reasons?

The first reason being 100 trillion in bad unplayable China debt now collapsing the Chinese economic communist phony economy. State run economic like China and Russia are phony and they never do anything but enrich an elite. Central control as an economic system sucks. It has failed for 300 years. Why human’s repeat it is beyond me.

The future belongs to cooperative transparent fully reporting free market capitalism, retooled from the failed competitive capitalism which is almost as corrupt but not quite as communism both failed economic system models. The repaired upgraded system is coming. Will it take a violent revolution or a non violent G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS as CEO SPACE the largest institution of small business owners in 140 nations keeps calling for?

We’ll see.

Take all your money out of Asia economics. Bet on Africa.

The EU is going to melt down. The African Union learning from the EU poor structure – will design the most powerful economic trading group in the world. Russia will have a revolution. Putin will get brushed to the side lines or killed as too many of his super wealth are loosing too many trillions to allow him to pound his chest much longer. Its math folks follow the math. Russia will experience a further energy crash in markets. The speculators can not manipulate a false new market space. Donald Trump will institute CONGRESSIONAL PRICE GUARING HEARINGS blocking speculation cold.

Oil is going to become 75 cents at the pump because oil is a replenishing resources – the earth farts oil – and there is no scarcity to oil and we are going to use ever less. Oil has peaked forever.  Folks the phony market space is ending. Nations will block speculation as a real market returns.

If the speculators seek to manipulate further SUPER CRASH will develop from instability and world war commences. Historic fact. However in either instance the long run into casino capitalism is coming to an end. Deflation inhere and all the talk about INFLATION is stupid stupid stupid. There is NO INFLATION.

There is Global DEFlATION.

Japanese brains have led the world for five decades. Pretty smart Brains I respect and admire so deeply. They have been unable with all their kings horses and all their kings men to keep themselves the # 2 economy – sinking with Deflation for THREE SOLID DECADES since the early 1980’s  – never returning to inflation – now leading the world banking in total panic – into NEGATIVE INTEREST where they can’t restart economic growth or upward inflation when they PAY TO KEEP DEPOSITS IN THE BANK – even when they PAY TO GET MONEY they can not get lenders – they can with the cheapest loans in a 100 years -get takers. The world economic in delation is DONE.

SUPER CRASH is the outcome followed by world war.

The one and the only alternative path is COOPERATION VERSUS TRADE WAR COMPETITION AND CURRENCY WARS TAKING PLACE WITH EVERY NATION IN IT FOR THEMSELVES – only an emergency three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to write a central G 100 approved set of laws and regulations for public markets – and trade between nations – one rule set for the world – can derail past financial history from repeating. WE NEED A NEW ECONOMIC RULE BOOK with A NEW APPROACH TO BAD DEBT MANAGEMENT.

The book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION sets out the blue print for OPTIONS to national planning. This bible is the ONLY FRESH ECONOMIC THEORY to resolve the current well known repeating financial history – bad debt sinking economics of the world market space followed by world war.

China as we have said – is in for a very hard landing. The hard landing is  a panic we feel will occur to challenge the new President.

To defocus revolutionary tendencies in China we feel they will initiate localized wars in the region to take attention away from the internal pain and blame which is their history actually.

Given the issues with Korea a world war can easily commence with Pakistan and India, and with North Korea all influenced in fact by China’si ability to deal honestly with integrity that its COMMUNIST SYSTEM is a failed model of governing and of economics – as seen by the phony short term ramp up followed by an utter crash.

China is lying.

All economics is real or not real based on integrity. Lack of integrity and economics fail.

China – you have failed your people.

Watch as my words become prophetic – 92 predictions since 1988 – 100% accurate in all of them.

Berny Dohrmann – investment banker economist –

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