The world is entering a digital financial war that started in 2008. In 2008 the first global digital weapon was fired by North Korea and the AXIS of evil, collectively making over one trillion dollars of profit, past all sanction pain imaginable, and almost bankrupting the west entirely. The enemy profited in a pearl harbor digital attack, a surprise attack, never possible again, due to digital counter war fare assets the DOD has now installed world wide. In fact the war is on our side now as we profit from their melt down in China and Russia and elsewhere neutralizing their digital counter attacks. WORLD WAR III has started. It is all digital. The first shooting war will be Electro Magnetic Pulse attacks that will take out all electronics but superior hardened military options – which will reply with thermal nuclear means – establishing a new world order. The outcome will be 72 hours with billions gone and a new world order executed by the survivors as a billion more succumb to the pollution of the aftermath. 72 hours and the old world order is gone.


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Then you will more fully be ahead of what is coming. IS coming. Get and stay ahead. Buy ten books and give them away to family and friends. The truth will set you free. Its helping the DOD and America to whom Kevin consults.

We have called for a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE to wave off this prediction. No takers. We compete ( and we perish ) versus we cooperate and we thrive. We are choosing to compete and perish.

We can learn to trust each other faced with extinction can we not? Cooperation is sane. Competition is insane. Know them by their works.

SUPER CRASH is coming. The debts of nations will now come home to bankrupt the world order as it once was. World War is typically the only outcome. Historically 100% of the time. Why would this be any different?

There is no stability today. India is bankrupt. China is bankrupt. Asia is Bankrupt. Pakistan is bankrupt. The EU is bankrupt. The rest of the world can not pick up centuries of financial absue and debts that can never be repaid. Can not be done. As all wars are economic where the symptoms are never the cause the CORE is the cause always hidden from the financially illiterate masses. Hot dogs and the game will not get us all out of this once soccer fans. The opiate no longer can entertain the bankrupt masses about to know real pain.

CEO’s owning small business – we can profit and we alone in any market space. Currency – remaining CURRENT is the new core asset in the CEO SUITE. You remain current at CEO SPACE five times a year – as the gathering instability and shower economic cycle times – create risk for any wagon not in the CEO SPACE circle. CEO’s circle your wagons. There is strength in trading communities – cooperative global trading communities – where business takes care of one another. THAT IS THE FUTURE OF SECURITY the ultimate CEO club to stay ahead of SUPER CHANGE quarter to quarter.

Perish on a go it alone basis. Perish financially on swimming without more current information as CURRENCY OF INFORMATION is the CEO edge in the forward pre war market space.

Together we prosper.

Alone we perish.

CEO SPACE membership in the SUPER CRASH Pending markets – is survival – collective power wins and go it alone looses. The more active you become in the CLUB for CEO’s the more your VAM velocity Acceleration and Momentum will soar in any market. Our collective buying power is a tide that lifts all boats into safe harbor …no longer possible with antique tools information and processes in a SUPER CHANGE market. CEO’s require currency – remaining current in a super change market place – which CEO provides as a defining service to CEO members. Keeping you forever CURRENT and ahead of the market cycles and changes coming every faster as the system moves into destabilization. Deflation is here folks and we don’t get out of deflation by talk. We get out by war. Historically 100% of the time.

Heads up for those with ears to hear and those with brains to think cooperation trumps competition – join the CLUB to prosper in any future market.

If you think we are moving into safer times – hey join 1000 other seminar like offers. If you wish to join Forbes # 1 ranked YOU CAN NOT AFFORD TO MISS IT AS CEO event in 2016 – you are already a member getting the bleeding edge solutions. The number 1 CEO CLUB on earth IS a CEO SPACE LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – may we keep you ahead of the waves where the distress for others is opportunity for members – who anticipate being great today and tomorrow.

CEO SPACE the cure for SUPER CRASH…the only cure is information currency folks.

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