RALPH NADER the consumer protection attorney suggested the oil lie is easy the WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL. He reported how new oil is always being made by the earth an oil manufacturing machine. We will never not ever run out of earths renewable fuel.

Manipulating the price of oil and diamonds – both actually common not rare in nature – is a legal theft to the populations of the earth. Today the price of oil has fallen 80% from 110 dollars US a barrel to under 30 dollars US a barrel. Yet the price of gasoline has dropped less than 50%. Why? Price gouging. Lack of oversight.. Lack of fines for price manipulation. Lack of regulatory response.

Having years of unregulated price gouging to consumers of a very unscare resource – nations have failed to regulate their number one state and national tax payer – big oil. They let them cheat us. All.

Today the world as Ralph Nader suggested it is DROWNING IN OIL while the price goes up? Give me a break. Oil has reached bottom? They are pumping maximum rising outputs. The world is declining in use. Everyone is moving off oil for transportation – power – and into cheaper renewable less polluting fuel’s by oceans each year. The use demand is declining. The output is rising. Shale leaves us entire oceans of cheap low cost oil world wide. Natural Gas is replacing oil as natures largest clean burning renewable fuel source. Oil is increasingly for pesticide and fertilizer – while alternative renewable fuels are for transportation. OIL is over supplied. Price for oil is ridiculous. Gasoline in the usa should be 75 cents a gallon.

Even with tax burdens from states suppliers make oceans of profit on ten cent per gallon oil cost on average. The present price is monopoly influenced and this price fixing needs to be broken up by nations. We suggested the USA make a NASA like energy supply agency and develop new technology to with low environmental cost develop endless almost free energy for nations and growth. Energy is the cost of everything. Monopolistic price gauging when energy is low cost and abundant is a sin against all of us.

THE HIGH PRICE OF GAS as a transportation fuel can not stand. The market is going to crash out. Not rise up.

Folks its supply and demand.

The industry suggesting we have reached bottom – is like – ridiculous. We are going to get pump prices globally against a 75 cent USA pump price and thats as high as you can maintain for the coming ten years of delation and moves to alternative fuel. We have enough natural gas to power the national power grid forever. We need to save oil base for pesticide and fertilizer for which there is NO SUBSTITUTE known to man. Skewing a barrel of oil to burn up in cars on one time trips say to electricity and natural gas solutions – as renewable fuel base – is crazy against burning priceless oil. We are never going to consume oil as we did. We are going to move away from oil transportation which means as Ralph Nader suggested – the WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL – TRYING TO MAKE OIL SCARE OR EXPENSIVE IS LEGAL THEFT AND A CRIME.

The Gulf Nations have at 110 dollar a barrel price which was NEVER not EVER sustainable in a world DROWNING IN OIL – built a world of debt at these high prices and now are in the red in their budget for growth nationally – in war torn gulf states – where oil is like water and more plentiful than …..their economics no longer – can grow based on truncated oil price they no longer have a monopoly to manipulate. Oil is more plentiful than rain. So the GULF with oceans of oil – drowning in oil can never manipulate as a legal theft – a premium price of for oil of $ 100.00 in an endless shale global supply of which less than 2% if even in production today. High priced oil is OVER and DEAD forever.

Monopolistic theft by nations is over. Done.

Adjusting to the new reality is the most significant energy change as cheap energy is abundant and no one is going to pay bandit premium prices for commodities that are renewable – abundant and as far from scare of costly to bring to market – as the cow jumping over the moon. The manipulation of TRUTH on oil supply to demand is now beyond oil firm created myth – fairy tails – and market legal theft and manipulations.

Speculators can not lift up or hold up an OVER SUPPLY to demand – with the worlds largest commodity glut in history taking form. Also the world has entered DEFLATION and DELIVERING. There is no inflation. There is crashing DEFLATION in which inflated values are now adjusting for decades into downward market price levels. Nothing will foster artificial price points any longer.

As Ralph Nader screamed across the oceans – THE WORLD IS DROWNING IN OIL. There is only manipulation to the over supply. OIL is cheap and will remain cheap. The world is moving off oil for transportation never back into it. Oil is OVER as a high use transformation fuel. Electric produced by unlimited cheap natural clean burning gas – is conversionary technology to all power utilities world wide. We are drowning in cheap natural gas with the worlds largest supplies in history discovered in American and abroad in 2015 alone. They just keep on coming – 300 years of peak off the chart demand if this renewing fuel is not replaced over 300 years with new discoveries – and they will be. The EARTH IS FARTING NATURAL GAS and SHITTING OIL.

Any suggestion we are short and need to cheat people and gauge the in price is the subject for criminal congressional investigations world wide today. It is time to LET OIL FIRMS KNOW the musical chairs to price fixing – is over as an end game. Adequate profits for their shareholders can be realized from conventional market pricing. Fair market pricing.

The oil dance folks – has had its day – almost bankrupting the entire world.

Now we recover ….and prosper together.

Berny Dohrmann – investment banker economist – Chairman of CEO SPACE – thanks for commenting on this blog.