No humans are involved in the market today. Software is trading against software. There is zero regulatory control as the trades are routed largely through dark pools, and shadow banking executions through complex off shore trading schemes.

ETF’s are mis named. There is no electronic anything to ETF trading. ETC’s are structured assets. This means that side bets on which way a future market may go at some date forward in time, is placed by agreement. Fractional interests in future commodity contracts – side betting on up and down pricing, hedge and seek to create RISKLESS RISK based upon given information that is always and I submit for the record always WRONG. For example. The riskless risk traders do not and never consider that the entire market can and will SUPER CRASH at speeds never seen before. Confidence in the system is shattered and that confidence is not returning. The holders of 100 trillion and more in wealth ( us ) all know at some level the system itself is broken, obsolete and no longer functioning as a real market. Everyone knows regulations have failed to fix the markets as the legal rules  are all local under umbrellas’ to local jurisdiction while the trades are all in the totally unregulated cloud. Even in the 1920’s the cloud effect was not present to unite money pools collectively into a gigantic leverage at 50 to 1 debt investing where the SUPER CRASH in real assets, real estate and the world order – will bankrupt the system and the banks entirely and quick. The public will blame politicians who will blame shift in media for years onto markets where no one is held responsible. Actually 2500 institutional traders are criminals today including all the world famous brands you know. They are allowed to do what was once crimes for greed purposes and they are doing just that. They believe they have safe guards in place but they have lost control. They don’t control the safe guards in software and the theory is wrong mathematically they operate under. They don’t wish to stop the musical chair game because they alone influence now nations – treasurers and it has gone beyond billion dollar bonus pay outs to real POWER TODAY where the largest lobby in all nations is the financial lobby which is always unwanted.

They can not win. In 1907 with 90% less leverage the system crashed into world depression. In the 1930’s the system with 75% less leverage crashed into world wide depression. In both histories economically – world war was the one and the only thing that brought us out of deflation back to inflation. Governments spend excessive % of GDP on war which stipulated global sustained recovery and consumer spending. WAR also reduced the human population by millions who died in horror.

In 2016 the same precise conditions exist. But the leverage is so massively greater the melt down will be new history in the world. World war is likely to begin much sooner and given our weapons be over much quicker. When it is every mouth for themselves in every nation made possible by a failure to RE-REGULATE THE SYSTEM from antique obsolete regulations made for file folder regulatory supervision in an age gone fully digital. Digital regulatory compliance that is fully global including all G 100 nations – is the answer. While there is still time. The time is running out.


SUPER LEVERAGE into SUPER SPECULATION. There is no real market remaining. Casino capitalism outside any regulatory controls is upon us. Those at the top of any institutional trading institution know this all too well. THEY should be lobbying for global regulatory reform as posted over and over in template form on this web site. Why don’t they? Greed. Profits. Ungodly income made by purse speculation. Who wants to return to the profits or a normal market that are prudent? Everyone wants to extend their own fantastic profits made possible by SUPER LEVERAGE AND SUPER SPECULATION under a lack of global regulatory frame for digital trading. So the dance goes on to the cliff, then we fall off.

What triggers the fall. First the growing awareness what I’m writing about it REAL. The Structured asset market is a side bet market – unregulated – fantastically levered into debt that was illegal and a crime in 1999 – which is now legal – by unanimous vote of congress – which is WHO we would hold accountable for bankrupting the world financial system – less than 600 bought and paid for votes started world war three in Dec 1999 with the unanimous vote on the COMMODITY MODERNIZATION ACT 60 Minutes did a huge crash special upon. No wiggle room on the 60 Minute report.  They nailed Congress to the wall. But no one remembers in a sound byte world – investment banker economists ( me ) remember. I bought the clip from 60 minutes and own it. I review it often. To make sure I”m sane as the world does insane things.

What triggers it – is a world of lost confidence in financial regulatory and Fed system modeling. As the ultimate confidence in money and markets falls, everyone sells all at once seeing a SUPER CRASH and protecting ( every mouth for themselves ) their cash against the other guys – only the banks close because they are broke. For every ten depositors wishing their money out – they have less than a % of 1% or a fraction of a penny to pay back every dollar due to their loans and bad loans. All your money is basically in off shore ETF structured asset contracts. Rated by credit agencies as Triple A credit – or close. Outside Congress being held accountable the rating agencies are criminals and need to go to prison for bankrupting nations. They are paid by the brokers making the side bet markets to rank pure crap as top ranked credit. Like they did with Sub Prime when none of THEM went to jail. Even then they just pay a get out fail fine so that criminal means those who can’t buy the government off. Think reform is needed in Justice?

So think of money as an offshore whirl pool of dollars pouring down a giant spout funnel. For a time enough dollars flow back out by leakage to make the whirl pool the most attractive place to put one until everyone is doing it – at fantastic never before experienced borrowing and leverage into the money pool. Eventually the weight of this pool collapses and all the money is lost. The whirl pool stops turning and calm water returns and all the 100’s of trillions are gone.

Then everyone collects on their margin calls and debt trades. The economy freezes up. Takes 72 hours in digital global terms, as we saw in 2008. Credit stops on a dime. No one can borrow anything. Economics stop. Massive unemployment like the world has never seen – some nations 50% others 30% like our own. This weight draws nations down. They default. Banks and institutions seeing the bad loans pile up go bankrupt. This dominos makes others go bankrupt. No one has the cash to hold through on this dump. This melt down sinks all ships and is new world history.

The national debt today is beyond repair without a G 100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS. Without that vision the system will fail and fall. We have laid out template for such a congress in my Global Repair Kit – REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. We define competition between nations as insane. We define cooperation as sane. We are all steering a planet through a rock storm. Killing one another for which way we worship God has got to stop – and protecting the planet from extinction events has got to start. Or the insanity will kill us all. Redemption as a read – for leaders – sets in place the action to take for a different home space, work space, and national space, in which to prosper inside sanity. Competition is a virus destroying humanity. Competition is the one and only virus on the Human Computer globally. Cooperation is the virus removal tool. Competition is insane and without integrity. Cooperation resides upon integrity as source code and repairs the damage of competition. Systemically. We either wake up and gather our collective sanity or we all persist as insane. As we should. The Earth demands nothing less of her children and she can as a living sane being – start over on intelligent life. If we fail her.

Our job is to make her safe not pollute her – which is insane. Our job is to populate the stars and take her before she perishes to the larger duplication of her amazing varieties of life. She made us to survive forever. Only we are insane and competitive. Infected by one virus. Can we adopt the COOPERATION VIRUS REMOVAL TOOL IN TIME?

If the present system of lying and leverage – continues – the system will fail as it always does from such systemic abuse. Credit. The DEBT BOMB will trigger global contagion and the system will fail. The EU can not survive the debt bomb of its own members. This week the EU went to negative interest rates in panic city. What does it mean when Asia and the EU go to negative interest to stimulate inflation and growth.

First, the world is in delation. Prices for commodities or the cost of everything – has dropped by 70% in 12 months. This is the most extraordinary cost of everything dropping – the world has ever known. Global Deflation means that the real value of everything and soon wages drops versus inflates. Nations like Japan have tried everything for 25 years to stimulate inflation and have failed. The deflation in Asia has spread to the world now. Japan was the first to move into negative interest rates.

This means the Fed central bank money printing franchise contractors ( private firms owned by banks with a congressional contract to print money – hod did that happen – for interest gouging to self regulate themselves – how is THAT working for ya – and Fed Reserve Board is a catchy name for TONY SAPPRANO’s bank where a bunch of criminals run our money supply as a private stock firm exempt by a 100 year old law from audits – reporting their ownership – or having anything but lip service over sight as they are by law independent contractors to the nation the ultimate and first NGO – non government agency – not an agency of the nation a private firm like creating private prisons – only this firm creates all our money and charges us interest – which is why the first item is to MERGE THE FED INTO TREASURY and stop the insanity ) – the FED in any nation is a private company owned by insiders. All of them need to MERGE INTO TREASURY and Congress needs to modify the SEC law to stipulate in a digital age public firms report earnings every 180 days not every month fostering long term investment not wild speculators controlling markets on fantastic show term leverage.

So the Feds of the world have made nations bankrupt in debt. Sovereign loan debt is trillions in bad debt. The EU will fall apart due to debt bombs firing beyond any weakened union to safe. The EU is a disaster and the UK protects its people by opting OUT from paying the debts Germany and France can no longer pay themselves. Wracked by immigration weapons being fired at them in a weaken economic state, they can not take care of nations – millions – and prosper out. It is culturally and economically impossible. A world plan is needed local plans won’t work. A reset on systemic debt must be imagined and created where non exists today and time is rapidly running out.

So up ticks in the market are insane. Commodities are in glut. There is no reason for oil to rise save for speculation and massive debt leveraged trading. Ultimately the weight of supply over demand – where everyone is pumping oil, iron ore, copper, into a system with years of surplus beyond ability to even store it – crashing value to these overstocked supplies. The market is DEFLATING and betting against the deflation is insane – see 25 years in Japan doing just that and China loosing 100’s of billions in only 12 months trying the same insane pattern. Should have saved their money for a rainy day. Its raining outside China.

China will have a hard landing. Let me say this another way – CHINA IS LYING AND THEY ARE PROCEEDING TO A HARD ECONOMIC LANDING – A SUPER CRASH of all values starting with Debt bomb’s going off – one SRO – at a time – state run organization super leveraged by Chinese banks with over 100 Trillion in bad never to be repaired debt – and moving into the cost of real estate crashing into decades of deflation. War is their only option. Korea might be the target versus anywhere else helping the world actually.

Japan is toast. Their nuclear disaster assured the non recovery. They have lied about the scope of the problem which continues to effect the entire nation and region with radiation. Rather than containment a trillion tons of water and pour that into the sea – as they are now doing – they must Russia Style seal the entire area – as the core slag melts into the center of the earth. There is no option. Humans can’t get close the reactor core which still under water fries robotics trying to find the melting core – which they can’t find for as the robots get close the worst radiation humans every experienced fries the circuits and wires and robotics which take two years to redesign in each case. We have lost that war. The radiation is still moving into water and air and they will not seal it off. Millions will experience radiation illness in Japan and tens of millions in the Region. Japan can’t recover and its medical costs will soon exceed its treasury capacity. The leadership of SHAME in China and Japan is creating a future of bleak potential for the entire world. Competition breeds without integrity. Cooperation requires integrity to exist in the first place.

The Crises is the CRISES OF INTEGRITY followed by its result the CRISES OF LEADERSHIP as a causing agency – where competitive thinking is the illness effecting us all.  When you see a Vet organization spending 45% of its donations on parties and wild corporate retreats – you begin to see the rot inside CORE VALUES at the nation level – everywhere. The core virus is competitive thinking versus cooperative thinking. Compton is devoid of trust honor truth and is steeped in corruption and individual exploitation. Cooperation resides on foundations of integrity and honor. The two systems are as different as heaven or hell. Which are we creating here upon the earth together? The rule book is so simple. Economic rules or personal rules for living. Ten commandments all faiths adopt in one form or another is the play book. Loose that and you lose personal honor and freedoms.

Enlightened Leadership that is cooperative at core resolves the failed rule book. Corrupt leadership competitive at its core leads to world war and extinction.

Cooperation to resolve what ails us in peace and joy – or competition with war and extinction? If we the people see with open eyes – the future is bright not dim. WAKE UP is the only mantra for thinking human’s who wish to repopulate the earth to the stars in never ending discovery. Intelligent life that is sane are the children of the earth to duplicate it everywhere and forever. Insane life will self destruct and the earth will start again making her children sane.

We get to chose. We were BORN TO CHOSE.

Sanity ( competition with one another ) or SANITY ( cooperation with one another ).

Test your thinking impulses and move to sanity over insanity. Learn to trust each other as we all wake up to BE trust WORTHY. Keep our words. Discuss opening with zero secret agenda’s. Nothing is competitive for we are all a tapestry for God and in this together. Any thought one of us is superior is insane and competitive. We are all one folks.

Master race – insane idea.

Master faith – insane idea.

Neither of God but of the insane one.

If you make the name of the insane one its true name – FIRST COMPETITION ( with God ) as an attribute of first choice for creation of free will – sane or insane – as choice – one see’s the first error to insanity and its father for all eternity. Not effecting source in any way but causing choice for sanity or insanity for all free will CHOOSERS …..its our first choice. Competitive or COOPERATIVE – insane or sane – same words.

Competition is insane and of pure evil. As a thought form. In all and every respect.

Cooperation is pure GOOD and is pure Holy in all respects.

We are born to chose.

Remove competitive tendency and move into the holiness.  The divine cooperation of your life time. Your choice. You have free will – wake up.

Is the world cooperative under authority of the divine and heaven?

Or is the world competitive and under the authority of first competition and as a result under its creation of hell versus heaven as an altered state you chose for eternity. Cooperation or competition. You decide no on else. You can wake up. Or you can remain asleep.

If you think this is important – as a war for consciousness – join CEO SPACE as an activist – a revolutionary leader for cooperation thought forms over insanity and competitive through forms at national law making levels. Join the COOPERATION REVOLUTION. Use REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as the NEW CONSTITUTION for cooperative thinking.

Change your mind change your world.

CEO SPACE is a gathering space for CEO ENTREPRENEUR’s who wish to engage in enterprise cooperatively without competition, and collectively change laws and the world. If you wish to play with a 30 year old community of 100,000’s of alert awake thinking CEO’s, you are a future members of CEO SPACE. Five times a year we gather and pour leadership skills into leaders at the top. As a result they make better decision’s and profit from much larger ever growing cooperative networks of clients, alliances and global partnerships. Heaven on earth becomes your joy inside the community versus languishing in the insanity of competition.

CEO SPACE is the virus removal tool for the BODY MIND SPIRIT.

Stay and reside within pain and insanity or remove those attributes of FIRST COMPETITION and opt into heaven on earth within the holy of all spirits cooperative creative design for all life. Drop out of the sanity.

Restore your and everyone around you’s SANITY once again. The TRUTH will set YOU and all you love free. Bad spirit software code makes your life reboot.

COOPERATION IS BETTER LIFE CODE. Learn the rule book at CEO SPACE by LIVING cooperation versus talking about it. Human learn by doing not reading. DO IT. Become a cooperation apprentice in a space master’s join to teach optimally concerning THE TRUTH.

The solution is a G 100 COOPERATIVE GLOBAL CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS to set into laws – that govern us financially and physically – SANE versus INSANE regulations. The result will be peace and prosperity on earth and good will to men.

The opposite is all out war, destruction of humans and the planet and an earth RESET. Make no mistake the earth must live and prosper by sending sane intelligence it birthed off planet with all of its secrets and life carried to terra form other worlds – the immortality of earth and its intelligent children. Killing the earth’s only babies to do this work is insane. Nurturing and fostering collective protection of mother earth ( from incoming meteor’s ) and then repopulated the earth and her life forms into the stars – is the reason WE were BORN. WE were BORN TO CHOOSE.

Choose insanity its thinking product is competition.

Chose sanity its thinking product in conciseness is cooperation.


Cooperation has no secrets.

Competition thrives on secret’s kept.

Cooperation resides on truth.

Competition flourishes on lies.

Cooperation is pure sanity.

Competition is pure insanity.

You shall know THEM BY THEIR WORKS.


The opposite ( the lack of cooperation ) sucks I’m here to tell you – having visited insanity.

So. The world is largely insane, driven by competitive thought and rules that make individual eternal souls insane. Think. Have you tried being competitive and insane? How is inanity working for you.? Any joy anywhere?

Cooperation is practiced in the 140 nation CEO SPACE community where sanity is practiced and insanity is felt often for the first time as an aberration. One can never return to insanity once you wake up to COOPERATION and your true spirit nature with one another. You celebrate one another versus punish one another – sane vs. insane.

In the end the world is a reflection of sanity versus insanity. CEO SPACE is a gathering space of the SANE. The INSANE can never prosper in a sane community – as they are seen fully known and pitied for their decision errors. The sane play together in a celebration that leads to rapid prosperity and celebration in the living path. The insane reside in competition and self destruction in all choice. The pain they reside within is insane. Unnatural to the spirit. Choice makes one insane. You are free to choose.

Think this is all silly? Think this is other than the highest direction of your entire lifetime?

Then just watch YOUR LIFE. Your life is simply a choice.

Competition and insanity and its work product – suffering and betrayal.

Cooperation is sanity and its work product – effortless abundance and joy.

You SHALL know THEM by their WORKS.

So choose. Measure. Monitor. And Choose till you get it right.

JOY for ETERNITY is too important to miss out on don’t you think. Lets celebrate with one another as soon as you all wake up.

The global markets are speculative – driven by fantastic lack of full disclosure – and opaque SUEPR LEVERAGE in what has become one giant CASINO – side bets out weight the real market by 440 trillion in borrowed side bettering to 2.6 trillion of real market stake holding – much of which is now speculative due to lack of global regulation frame works in a  digital age. Such leveraged side betting has never existed in human history because software and super computers are only recent events for such trading anomalies. The free market is hijacked by bandits and thieves. Like all musical chair games outside real economics – such casino capitalism always falls in SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR as the model is not sustainable and we passed in 2008 without repairing the casino rule book globally – the POINT OF NO RETURN.

Only a constitutional economic congress led by the G 100 can set up a rule book where local treasuries print all currency for free – under rule codes we all adopt – for the common good – all sovereign debt state and federal including retired “FED” money printing franchise contracts – are repaid over 200 year bond funds – SUPER BONDS to be restricted to cities states and nations exclusively in the market space. A new financial rule book moderates unwanted speculation and returns trillions into stake holder investing. The world thrives collectively under new rules.

All people suffering is moderated by all of us lifting one another into a collective environmentally sustainable prosperity. We stop poisoning our planet. WE start protecting the whole versus the elites.

It is all just thinking – thoughts are things – and we need to create some new things to repair the old damaged thoughts ( things as systems that are imperfect attempts ) to higher thought forms that are successful models are rising up collectively for all of us. There is enough food and shelter and making sure we care for the least while the most have such good lives – is required in sane versus inane world regulations.

We can make them. If we don’t the consequence of insanity is removal of the failed species in nature – or US – which is insane. Sanity or insanity? World Economic Constitutional Convention over three years – to write a sane rule book for all of human kind – or to allow the few to exploit the many an insanity now spotlighted – seen as insane – needs to be deleted from human hard drives by education. Values are education. Lack of values are ignorance.

Illuminate ……and prosper children.

As all news is insane – try and get sanity into your choice before you act to smartly prosper. I suggest selling off everything and buying diversified guaranteed insurance investments – while paying off mortgages faster. Your safety tomorrow will be miraculous …like a miracle compared to what is coming.

Good Luck Everyone.
Berny Dohrmann
Reading the news for your soul ….Chairman of CEO SPACE – a divine space for eternals ….