The next depression will begin in India or Pakistan. China will be the first domino to fall as its bogus communist failed economy ( like all socialist economics over 200 years fail ) – the result is predictable. The wobble is taking place in India and its banking domino system as it begins to wobble and fall backwards on itself – systemically. The system is broken.

China is about to sink the world. Why? Debt that is bad debt by the TRILLIONS more than their currency account can absorb – from State Run Organizations or SRO’s which are double and triple bankrupt supported by the sinking  state reserves. China is actually bankrupt as a financial system always the outcome of communist economics – never once failed. Now China. For sure . Going down. And taking the world with it – all while her bankrupt leaders lie. Trying to bandied 100 trillion dollars over 30 years together – can’t be done folks. They only have 2 trillion left and 100 trillion of bankrupt state firms. The communist socialist model is a bankrupt model that leads to war – which is historic – there is no prosperity long term in socialist communistic economics – so well defined to the bankruptcy of CHINA about to occur next. Confidence in the hype will doom those who buy in. Don’t do it.

As these SRO’s  are now closing by the 100’s and their bad debts maintained as good loans when they are anything but – the system melt’s down by the trillions upon trillions of unpaid never to be repaid bad loans and the banks adjusted balance sheets go bankrupt  – as it always classically does and must.

As the bad debts of India and Pakistan so long engaging the same  legal theft arrive at China shores as their banks business and nations fail economically  – the ripple effect will topple the red ink from State Run Organization bankruptcies – SROB’s into such red ink China will trigger a world market CONTAGION. In our opinion. EU debt will be unsustainable and the EU already a house on fire without built in fire escapes – will release the UK and Greece then collapse by financial implosion into a sea of bankrupt sovereign nation debt with 1000’s of corporate bankruptcies dominos falling into global depression. Happens faster in the digital age than any prior period.  The world depression and world war to follow will rebalance accounts as world war always will.

What a shame that a G 100 ECONOMIC CONGRESSIONAL CONVENTION FOR THE NEW FINANCIAL GLOBAL RULE BOOK can not be forged in COOPERATION as the present competition leads to melt down – depression – and world war as it always has and always will. Have we learned nothing? Evidentially we have learned NOTHING from history. Sad really in our information age to see the bankruptcy of leadership lead the bankruptcy of nations and peoples.

So as China is in trade war with the USA – using unfair trade practices against the USA the new President will ax that damage to our people and fully engage the financial trade  wars for the first time and FOR SURE in 2017  – which all trade wards today exist as  digital. World War III starts digitally and began in the digital global financial attack in 2008 – read Kevin Freeman’s THE SECRET WEAPON and learn about the future – which is coming. Our enemies made billions upon billions by firing their digital weapon at our market space. These weapons are more sophisticated today. Now they can take out all:

  • All digital records
  • All financial trading
  • All power grids
  • All communication grids
  • The internet gone
  • All records of ownership gone
  • No recovery
  • No electronics survive the EMP pulse – no transpiration – communication – nothing.
  • Takes less than 30 minutes to win the digital wars.

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Nations are bankrupt. Their slow consecutive  collapse will move the world to world war as it always has – no exceptions – as leadership seeks to distract its populations from its own abusive choices. The alternative is guillotines in every capital of the world with an OFF WITH THEIR HEADS as nations push RESET and GO BACK to their futures cooperatively. As this best plan is unlikely the leaders remaining will opt to destroy millions of their peeps to profit while we the people regroup and prosper if we are possessing superior information – and die if we do not. CEO SPACE is financial and community CEO life insurance on a tax diversion. I mean really . Don’t you want a razor edge in leadership in the super change markets of today within the # 1 ranked CEO CLUB by Forbes on earth? Come on…..really? You have some lower priority in mind?

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Berny Dohrmann


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