CEO SPACE invites our members and our business owner readers, to attend the SPRING FORWARD financially, super redesigned business trade show. Engaging business deals and investment over DEAL MEALS versus a both has redefined the living ON LINE business dating service – CEO SPACE. Meet your ideal business date and match as customer base as alliance partners world wide in over 140 nations being served today – and to investors you wish to expand your growth capital plan upon. A three day BONUS absolutely free class series on raising capital – with a  fully redesigned and fresh format featuring more interactive with one another cross skills adaptation – creates MASTER CAPITAL CEO’s skillful in develop staged funding for global business growth – in appropriate phases and stages. It may be your time to improve or further develop your skills in the top tier CEO suite of skills – capitalizing forward growth for any size venture.

Market share takes decades to acquire on income in business. Capital permits rapid market share acquisition. As others see you languish without capital – and they develop capital and take your IP – they will secure first markets ahead of you every single time. Capital is not a dirty word. Capital is simply a MASTER SKILL set every entrepreneur should have learned and mastered in high school.

If CEO SPACE is a market place to develop faster customer base, clients, revenue, sales, profits, and alliance partners and alliance market share, missing CEO SPACE is simply cost out versus income in. If tax write off’s pay for a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP ACCESS PASS to the CEO SPACE global market place, with its top tier mentorship inside for life – the tax transfer to a real company asset – MEMBERSHIP FOR LIFE – is a value that avoids growth delays. CEO SPACE accelerates profits and pays for itself with a money back warranty on that claim.

Every other optionthat costs more and upsells you into higher end buy ups, is old technology. CEO SPACE charges its unchanged lifetime membership set in 1988 and upraised over 30 years of service to the global markets. OUTSIDE USA markets enjoy currency conversion discounts in lifetime membership as was our custom in 1988 unchanged in 2016 and 2017.

As Forbes # 1 Ranked Membership you can NOT AFFORD TO MISS as a business owner from Fortune Space management ( tools and tactics at the AAA LEVEL ) or as a tool box you wish to put to work in May without DELAY due to cost in that DELAY – you find it is profitable to pay. You get your MONEY BACK versus 1100 program where you get your money’s worth. The IRS lets you write off lifetime membership while CEO SPACE repays its own cost by acquisition of NEW MARKETS NEW CUSTOMERS AND NEW INVESTORS.


CEO SPACE is the ultimate and highest ranked BUSINESS ACCELERATOR for more rapid profit and growth in the world today – # 1 in ALL NATIONS GLOBALLY FOR TWO YEARS IN  A ROW…as ranked by FORBES highest business ranking ever. THINK ABOUT THE QUALITY. If you are seeking business growth and profit acceleration – then we suggest you use a tax dollar to acquire a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP in the five CEO SPACE business acceleration trade shows – driving bottom line growth using the following assets proven over 30 years of awards:

  1. Better plans with Fortune 1000 Mentors no one can afford – collectively working as team to develop ever better planning for CEO’s attending in stages and phases over regular continuous use by CEO membership.
  2. Access to global expanded markets customers alliance partners and profits directly.
  3. Access to investors investor referrals and unlimited capital with regular use – see SHOW ME THE MONEY for historic proof’s on claims.
  4. Access to better teams, employee’s, affiliate partnerships – and rapid profit drivers than missing each market and staying at home a huge CEO mistake as lifetime membership pays and continues to pay with REGULAR USE as designed.
  5. Endless HYPER GROWTH to SUPER NETWORKS using SNAP, IMPLOSION, CATCH, SMART, and unique IP only available at CEO SPACE to hyper grow CEO results in cooperation versus competition – which translates to enormous speed in results.

CEO SPACE is also fun. CEO’s remain in PEAK SKILL SET with unlimited mentor time every sixty days that would cost half a million dollar in retail market purchase all FREE with membership. Tweaking forward planning in SUPER CHANGE market space requires diligence all of us master over time. Better planning – better team work – better networks – better results. Anything less is a poor choice.

Plus CEO SPACE is fun for CEO’s evolved with CEO input from the top leading brands with more IP than we can ever thank our CEO membership for constantly upgrading us into. CEO SPACE is current with technology current with software current with consultant offers current with a menu of vitals every CEO must constantly guard to remain CURRENT WITHIN. Today the master skill for leadership is market CURRENCY within a SUPER CHANGE MARKET.

Wise CEO’s armed with unlimited real time communication resources only the current generation has ever possessed – are enabled to remain CURRENT where CURRENCY ITSELF is the new master C suite skill set. Five times a year CEO SPACE advances CEO critical path skills, current to the market place, ever evolving with new laws new rules and new leadership demands. The OPTIONS of remaining CURRENT is the leadership bleeding edge today on quality of leadership itself.

CEO SPACE is the quality insurance policy for the CEO who leads out front.

Invest in being the best and remaining out front. Invest in new customers and accelerated profits without any delay starting May 15th just weeks after April 15th. Use your refund to accelerate income – CEO SPACE is your 2016 income accelerator with a money back warranty no on else offers. 30 years of the highest rankings in the entire industry. REALLY. Check us out .

That is what CEO SPACE membership “IS” and why CEO’s from all levels, billionaires attending beside millionaires attending beside those in the middle and those ramping up – everyone mentoring everyone in the MENTOR POOL of the CENTURY. Cross sharing disciplines ever tighten’s up core games and internal management five times a year.

Bring the MENTORS to the Fortune 500 Companies your management challenges for the last quarter as every 60 days the MASTER MENTORS money can buy today – work in teams – to provide $ 500,000 of advice – every 60 days – to CEO’s at the top of leading their game. Remaining BLEEDING EDGE out front requires a new process. CEO SPACE is the process most highly rated and ranked world wide for 30 years.

Perhaps you should join the membership and receive the assured high return on time and one time buy in for a lifetime membership access – the tax gift that keeps on giving profits – guaranteed or your money is returned before you leave the building. CEO SPACE guarantee’s our own performance to every CEO without wiggle room when you bless us with your time. Profits are the only outcome.

How may WE serve you BETTER is our only request to our global membership of leading CEO’s from 140 nations for over 30 years of continuous leadership service at the top.

We ARE …..”CEO”….SPACE !

Berny Dohrmann – Founder Chairman


PS: Due diligence with film libraries – at CEOSPACEINTERNATIONAL.COM  – extensive video and print library for every industry served on line – proof before you buy – also free expert mentorship coaching sessions just ask us – when membership is a huge profit making assured choice – save a tax dollar and own a lifetime membership of ramp up help. You deserve CEO SPACE help and support for hyper growth – May 15th is your date to hyper growth in 2016. Allow us to serve you …and we simply are the best….ranked and rated…and we WILL !!!!