You know as Chairman of the largest Entrepreneur Institution in the world today, ranked # 1 by Forbes after 30 years of continuous service to Apple Buyers – and endorsing Apple as our highest endorsement for business productivity – we find ourselves at odds.

Yes we are constitutional people. Yes we believe in rights to privacy to the extreme protection of individuals.

But really – the rule of LAW has always INCLUDED the right for our legal institutions to obtain with appropriate evidence, a SEARCH ORDER of all evidence a criminal suspect may possess. Law enforcement could with such court ordered documents search a suspected criminal’s office home and private things in storage anywhere for evidence of the crime. It was always up to LAW ENFORCEMENT to get the evidence which the criminal could hide or destroy. A tough game at best for very smart insane minds who commit crimes against all of us.

The highest of these crimes is indiscriminate murder by a committed solider in a war against innocent civilians. Nothing comes before shooting children mothers and grandmothers. Nothing.

Today the evidence is digital. Protecting the innocent’s privacy is and should remain an ¬†absolute. To suggest the terrorist murder has ANY RIGHTS is to ourselves become insane. To search the digital shelf space for EVIDENCE from a known TERRORIST SOLDIER is to protect all of us from the next attack against us. TIME IS A KEY FACTOR as very smart criminals will destroy evidence.

Folks. Time is important here.

Terrorists who commit crimes against civilians lose their RIGHTS including their right to any privacy. They are war crimes. They are war CRIMINALS. Any one individual or corporation who helps a WAR CRIMINAL is a conspirator in the war against all of us. When Donald Trump says you should buy other products and take the profit out of protecting criminals – he is right.

Today Tim’s actions have been good for a slagging business without the innovation of Steve Jobs. ( See the movie ). Today all the criminals are moving from Android to Apple. Everyone wants the company who will block US and that means all of us in the form of the United States of America – that is all of us and must always be all of us.

Today folks, the talk about YOUR PRIVACY is silly. Have you committed a crime? The nation lacks resources to track and monitor a fraction of the criminals let alone all of us. Get real. It is not possible nor will it be possible nor is it a concern. Plus why?

The nation, YOUR NATION, wants a single RIGHT to search for files – ( evidence ) as they have for 400 years – only the evidence is digital files versus on shelf files – and they want that right in cases of MASS MURDER BY TERRORIST and SUSPECTED TERRORIST to track down enemies of our nation – all of us – and help to keep our babies safe in the USA.

Tim is blocking that legitimate court order. To complex takes 72 hours in a one off software they can keep in an apple safe – or they can – place into delete themselves till next time. Really. Whats the issue.

The government in a criminal contempt of court order will put those denying the rule of law into Jail for denying it. Tim will not do well in prison. I’m here to caution him.

His logic is misguided. Digital shelf space is no different than a criminals closet. Terrorist lose the right to digital protection. Congress needs to RUSH a LAW that indicates crimes against the state loose all rights to digital protection and it is a crime to deny law enforcement “rights” to secure their digital evidence and harvest digital files from their various devices. Period.

The courts need to uphold the right of law enforcement to harvest evidence files on digital shelf space, as a massive need in that all criminal evidence is moving to digital shelf space – for law enforcement to get evidence within rules Congress defines to protect the innocent. We can have both folks.

Taking the phone of the MURDERERS with all that evidence of who they communicated with by text and by email and by phone directly – and having that new evidence to preclude future attacks on us and to cement their case for the USA ( all of us ) is why we have law enforcement. Law Enforcement are not our ENEMY and I’m a person wrongly put into prison – the innocent will get caught up in IT on occasion folks – it happens. I know I’ve seen it and I’ve been one. But its rare VERY RARE. It is unlikely your prosecutor was your BEST FRIEND since age four years old. That is personal not law enforcement. Judges are supposed to protect us from abuse. But when you have THREE JUDGES in one case you get off track. SHIFT happens.

I want privacy. If I’m an accused terrorist they can have my phone. There is no evidence on my phone. I don’t care what they look at on MY PHONE because I’m a very good citizen of this land Iove called AMERICA. I hope I’m a leader that deserves the title.

I try to earn the title of hero for others each and every new dawn. You work at your own legacy.

In this nation the nation of terror is laughing at us. We won’t water board. They behead their mothers. We won’t open a cell phone. They torture young boys and girls to death with pipes and coals.

Insanity is a place. Hitler was insane. All bullies who become leaders are insane. The only rule of law is not religious law – it is their dictator law that is the rule of FEAR AND PUNISHMENT the highest form of insanity known as COMPETITION. In this case following the idea of the MASTER RACE we have the hatred and insanity of the MASTER FAITH.

Our law enforcement must be able to search and secure digital evidence in an age when all the file evidence has moved from the closest and basement to the digital device. Like DUHHH? Otherwise law enforcement can keep us private and they will never keep us SAFE again.

Its your call America. All arguments protecting the insane – are insane. In my opinion.

I opt for the courts to return sanity to the RULE OF LAW.

Berny Dohrmann

PS: I’m saving some commissary for TIM. Tim when your wrong – your all the way wrong – its Apple Vs. The UNITED STATES OF AMERICA ( thats all of us folks ) . Digital files are just files and criminals loose their right to privacy when a court says so by order.