CEO SPACE remains a stand alone in teaching CEO’s the new landscape skill set in raising capital within an over compliance model. Marlon Paz retired recently from leadership in the Security & Exchange Commission – a security law partner at the venerable firm of Seawald and Siskell -will be teaching this class live with the latest updates. Mark Jones our CEO SPACE Advocate in the beltway will also support this training.

The outcome is dramatic core values to the CEO registered to join this program.

The SEC announced this week that the long expected staff ramp up, to enforce the new laws on the JOBS ACT has taken place. Portals all over the nation that are illegal, are being examined in March. Regulations precluding crowd funding offerings in equity until May will create serious consequence for illegal premature offerings taking form in the market …and attorney’s are now included in the consequence when they advise to legally breach the rules. Long over due in our opinion.

Regulation 506 D and C section offerings will be hard examined. These are not crowd funding public offerings. The rule sets to protect the public and to insure safe harbor remain fierce asa consumer protection. Issuers who violate these rule set are about to have oceans of 2016 legal cost, and consequence. Some may go to prison as both civil and criminal penalties may apply. Worse the new ten year minimum sentence guidance for each and every breach can make one illegal offering a lifetime sentence for the CEO making that breach and their lawyer.

The Congress of the United States and the Federal and State REGULATORY agencies have to be sure made it much EASIER to raise capital for American enterprise. The double lines laid down by the regulatory community are freshly painted and clear as a brick in your forehead. If you violate those regulatory freshly painted rules ( where being ignorant of the is not an excuse ) you are going to suffer pain from the ramp up of 100’s new specialized consumer protecting ENFORCEMENT OFFIER GROUPS supervising the JOBS ACT regulatory environment. The states will follow this model as well. Fines from the breaching issuers will self fund these departments in our opinion. An effective government model.

We have warned attorney’s and issuers to be informed. To our knowledge we operate the only class that has been bar certified for all fifty states with Bar Credits upon instruction in the area of NEW LAW safe harbor undertakings for issuers and their attorneys. We advise our readers if you know anyone issuing crowd funding equity stock, or debt, they may wish to attend the March 4th Westin Las Vegas educational skills training to OVER COMPLY with the law, which sour CEO SPACE aspiration for issuers and their counsel.

The frame work to regulate CROWD FUNDING is now rising up and the outcome will catch many issuers in the SHOCK ZONE. Insurance to guard against the unwanted cost and exposures of the regulatory SHOCK ZONE occurs when the issuer complies with law.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE


PS: We warned the markets but they are playing foot loose and fancy free with many simply breaching both the civil and criminal laws as they operate under bad and wrong advice. Attorneys included in regulatory future action will create the first appropriate chilling activity to the legal thieves across the land allowing the GREAT LAW FIRMS to do their appropriate safe harbor protections under the law.