One of China’s premier brokerage firms, has now defaulted on a critical bond at 1.4 billion. This Default will trigger two events:


  1. More defaults
  2. A ripple cascade in the system

These dominoes will begin to raise the critical path wave of CONTAGION as the investment banks and banks have their worst quarter since the Great Depression – and you an’t seen nothing yet.


We’ll keep a light on for you out there – and we told you.

Amazing how the world isn’t reporting the real news – a bit more important than say Cruz and Trump in our opinion. The Damn has been breached in China folks – there is no come back from this default.

Berry Dohrmann – Chairman


PS: Still in the market – why?



Reporting what we have reported for months in our blog site – there is a RUN on China. The merger accusation of buying firms like Starwood is a LEVERAGED BUY OUT using almost FREE MONEY borrowed – so that institutions in China can circumvent the CURRENCY RESTRICTION RULES and run out – run on the bank out – of their own currency – getting GLOBAL dollar and EU based investment – mostly dollar based.

Also the IMF reported the largest CRASH in China Exports since the financial cash in 2009. It is terrible. They warned the global financial system is “precarious” . If world governments fail to TAKE ACTION to stimulate economic growth the RISK of world collapse is as HIGH as 2008. That is what they just reported. Folks the downturn in China is a statement of confidence. The world markets, manufactures, buyers, investors, everyone even local citizens have lost faith and confidence in China policy and leaders. They lie. Everyone knows they lied. No one trusts the liars. The financial run is absolute and accelerating. This is an economic death spiral. China has failed. Communism has failed. It always fails. But the pain will not effect billions all across the world due to leverage and debt as we have reported. This is the BIG SHORT China can not work around. The market is SHORTING CHINA why? Because they know the numbers as bad as they are in fact are all lies. The real numbers are much worse and they profit from running out and shorting. THEY PROFIT and China can’t over come the breach of confidence. See Lehman and Bear Sterns ( oh they no longer exist ). 130 year old institutions gone. When confidence and trust go. GONE. Nations too. Folks its all economic. Its just do the math like President Clinton told us. DO THE MATH.

For the IMF that is a PANIC BEL though sheer and utter panic bell ringing to Feds everywhere. Financial Weapons of mass destruction Warren Buffet warned us about are going off and firing everywhere. FOLLOW THE MONEY. Keep your eye on the MATH and the MONEY.

Is it too late? We think yes. Ultimately over time yes- if they implemented what we called for in our blogs a GLOBAL ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS TO REBALANCE GLOBAL REGULATION FRAME WORKS – WORLD TRADE – AND THE RULE BOOKS we could save ourselves still. But they won’t cooperate. They are all insane and compete . Competition is insane. Cooperation is sane. You will know THEM by their WORKS. Sanity is not running things – see the BIG SHORT. Soon too.

Japan just failed. Their negative interest rates – paying to borrow – has reached a failure where their DEFLATION of 20 plus years is ON GOING and they can not with spending a trillion get their engine back on track. China either. DEFLATION sweeping the world is the cause of all depressions economically and almost impossible to re -balance without world war. The historic way out.

So China today reacted to a petition to cause their President ING to RESIGN. In China you can’t do that. So they locked up the petition leaders.

Folks that is CHINA in full on panic. Runs everywhere. Everyone rushing out. No end in sight. And riots all over the nation and they are rising in number and frequency.

Folks. Keep your eye on the ball when you vote. Vote for a leader who understand what is going on at the financial level.

Your choice.
Berny Dohrmann – Chairman




So the source of the BIG SHORT movie on the information – yep my blog. Folks may  want some tips on how to use this site.

First, All  this  information is just  a back drop on news your reading anyway  as only  one item to take in when your working with licensed investment professionals to plan out what your doing out there. Second is a back drop to plan your business strategically if things hold together – of course – and if things go south your ready and when and IF we will tell you WHAT TO DO to button down your financial hatches. Then your safe in any market.

The risk is folks who are on salary. They are the millions laid off in the movie THE BIG SHORT which is required watching if you read this blog  site regularly. As the BIG SHORT still going on and worse right now the movie helps you appreciate the detail of this blog reporting.


Which when you see ETF and Structured Assets off shore i report upon – I want YOU – to substitute as you see the move THE BIG SHORT – mortgages ( noting THAT abuse is still going on globally right now and re sorting the deals and paper  ) but I want you to consider – they institutionally as banks and financial institutions for profits – moved in 2008 to the COST OF EVERYTHING not just housing. They formed pools of every commodity – and then super pools and then super dupe pools and rated them all at high credit rating – when there is just crap inside these pools. Eventually some one will study what is in these pools and BIG SHORT them before the SUPER CRASH. Which will cause when enough have what I’m reporting on – the next SUPER CRASH by itself. Its market driven. Period.

They have done this with bonds and debt when there is in 2016 over  100 trillion now in bad non performing debt so much worse than the mortgage crises – because of why? Because of Greed folks because of Greed. If you see the movie it becomes clear to you.  My wife September said recently watching it – NOW I GET WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN SUGGESTING AND I UNDERSTAND IT ALL.

Is it criminal. Yes. We think the players should go to prison but no one will do THAT because the largest lobby has now become the FINANCIAL LOBBY here in London in China and globally. I”m sad to suggest that Trump may deal with it but no one else will as THEY are ALL business as usual and bought and paid for. So will we keep doing business this way – or change it. IT will take a real financial person who KNOWS HOW and who has the WILL TO DO IT  to remedy this. The voters will decide we are just watching.

SO – the best place to be NOW. That is an entrepreneur that owns your own business. If your on salary use your resources to launch your own business. There is zero job security unless you own your own business. Pick a business that can prosper in a recession or melt down. Most can and will. The majority will. In fact small business grew dramatically from 2008 to now and created 90% of the employment and jobs. The larger firms have downsized 15% at trend you can still see by the massive lay off’s. Google Lay Off’s and be surprised.

So if you do not yet own a business join CEO SPACE and start yours. Find the one to go into if you don’t have ‘IT” AT CEO SPACE and learn the sequence and all relevant team building to win. We are world famous to help you start up a business and to select the better options.

IF you already own a business ramp up into hyper growth while things are rolling along before the coming SUPER CRASH which can come in months or years from now. We hope years. When it comes it will be SO FAST and without warning. Its all digital with flash trading today and no one can stop it. RAMP UP FASTER that is the smart play …today. Make it your priority next. To exclusion. Learn new skill – stay tuned up – and use CEO SPACE to grow faster is my suggestion. It just works.

No one is safe who doesn’t follow these suggestions folks. No one.

Ramp up. Build acceleration to your venture. Forbes says in 2016 the best conference to grow your business faster – # 1 in the world “IS” and remains in 2016 CEO SPACE globally for good reasons. We invite you to explore our web site at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and view films in your industry sector noting if we fail to accelerate your venture May 15th – we refund your lifetime membership asset ( which is a tax deduction anyway ) BEFORE YOU DEPART THE WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS RESORT In CASH. No risk to you. Zero risk to grow faster.

If you research CEO SPACE on line you can KNOW before you GO…you KNOW. Who would not put up a dollar – if its a tax dollar to earn 10x back? Who?

I just attended a CEO SPACE GATHERING ( hosted in cities everywhere regularly free as a no cost NETWORKING community service to business owners exclusively ). One of our recent members two weeks out of CEO SPACE reported – on a cash to wallet basis – having processed 40% of his leads lacking time over two weeks to process the follow up fully – he had a 10x return dollars on dollars for his membership for his CEO and himself – two weeks earlier. My suggestion to CEO’s is that ACCELERATION IS YOUR NEXT PRIORITY if you read my blog. My next suggestion is NEVER DELAY A PAY RAISE always make the NEXT CEO SPACE your money pot to grow faster and you will.

Another lady graduate in Canada spoke as a guest at the CEO SPACE San Diego GATHERING as a life time member. She reported as an addicted COMPLETER she had followed what we taught and she and her husband also a member – are now multi multi millionaires. She is coming back May 15th using her LIFETIME membership to start a 3 D Printing business in Canada. WOW. We love our member reports.

The market is going to be more volatility with NO THERE THERE for – ever now…. till Super Crash. So you can not  predict you can no longer predict not with safety. You know THAT.

Growing more strength and profit  muscle NOW  is your insulator for any future down turns.

Use this time to accelerate. If you don’t you so will wish you had followed my suggestion in THIS blog.

Think about THAT which is my message to readers as this site is created for business OWNERS who share it with other business owners as a back ground resource. Make a favorite and come back often.

Accelerate. Use every tool and tactic to do it this year and next. Waste not time. Speed it up.

Thats my solution. As a business owner professional your in the SWEET SPOT already. If your on salary your in danger.

You have the com – act accordingly.

Action is your safe harbor. This blog helps you UNDERSTAND.

Hope this helps. Leave a comment if it has for me.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman





Next the failed policy of the Central Banks and all “feds” ( who must be merged into the treasuries of their respective nations ) the IMF and World Bank – Tweedle  Dumb and Tweedle Dumber – are never leading never bleeding edge and never doing anything but reactive work. Following a Global G100 ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONFERENCE for world regulatory and trade rules – a new SUPER GLOBAL TRUST needs to supersede and replace the failed 100 year old World Bank and IMF where funders insist on their merger into the SUPER GLOBAL TRUST the bank of last resort for world stability.

Today the head of the IMF may have got it right for once when she suggested banking is now on the brink in many oil nations, due to the fall of commodity prices. This commodity run induced bank failure house of cards, may start in South Africa or Nigeria and spread across the EU and ASIA. Gulf interests may become involved as the BAD DEBT BOMB begins to explode as they are falling from the sky all across the world.

Folks, 100 trillion dollars in bad non performing Debt can not be absorbed by the banking system which is when these bad loans are taken off books leaving bankrupt illiquid banks as what remains. This week the head of the IMF warned against Commodity Created Bank Failure as a SYSTEMIC RISK. You mean yet another one?

Think about it. Doesn’t it make sense? Free money pours into oil. 100’s of billions in projects are now being stopped and blocked. Those that went ahead like the North Sea are no longer profitable at today’s oil price? Why? Well the BIG LIE? We are short of oil in the world. Ralph Nader reported 30 years ago – on the big lie when he said the world is DROWNING IN OIL and its price was a sin against all people of the earth.

The earth is farting oil and gas and remaking it all the time. Oil is a renewable resource not a fixed finite resource. The EARTH is an oil and gas factory.

There is plenty of oil and gas and fuel should be non polluting and low cost to develop the world into a full partnership equal playing field. There are no limits to growth. None. Gerry Brown lacks imagination. The solutions is in the mind fields note the mine fields.

Credit Swiss reported actually the CEO of Credit Swiss reported – he did not know the extend of Credit Swiss ILLIQUID TRADING. Which is what we have been talking about in speculative off short ETF and related structured asset markets – which are casino bets just as if your banks took your deposits – borrowed if fantastic leverage – and bet the entire bundle on the crap table in Las Vegas. As the bet comes up CRAP the Credit Swiss Bank makes the SCOOBIE DOO SOUND and wonders where all the money went. It takes SECONDS today. Eventually the head of the bank is clued in – he got the memo – hey we are not where you think and 100 billion or so is gone.

Folks this is SERIOUS MONEY. Banks do not recover from these liquidity sink holes. They can juggle and use funny accounting for only so long. SUPER CRASH is coming when the trundle the spinning top – now in its final wobble – the DRAYDLE ceases to spin any longer. The wobble is almost beyond the spin controllers to manage. The thing is going to topple. As it does it will move quickly all across the world hitting the USA last but surely as well.

There will be run’s on the bank this time.

There will be collapse this time.

There will be an end to the old world order this time.

The only item we and no one can suggest – is when. This year. Next year. This decade. After 2020 – but still soon. Near term.

So what is your plan for when the spinning top to topples over? You can’t go to your leaders. The Fed, the IFM, the World Bank and the heads of the largest players like Credit Swiss are all reporting in FINANCIAL SPEAK – “run for the hills”. You were all warned?

Sill buying stocks bonds and mutual funds and blowing your New Year party horns?

Good on ya.

From my perspective diversified insurance investing is safe harbor. Putting liquidity into your own business is safe harbor. Investing in hyper growth and acceleration while the system holds together is safe harbor. Doing things as you once did them is being on the sea when the rogue wave hits your vessel. We will never find you again. Or anyone you care for. You will be washed away by the financial waves that are coming.

CEO SPACE may 15th is safe harbor. A sea wall to accelerate liquidity and bottom line. Invest in venture space with hyper growth firms as a time machine to move excess liquidity into the future via diversified insurance bank bone investing and venture strategic diversity investing and you create your own SAFE HARBOR.

First tip: own your own business. Second tip if you do own your own business invest in acceleration first and everything else second.

These ideas can keep you high and dry when the financial storms hit your shore – and they will – the only question is the WHEN will they hit.

Know what? You already knew all this. I’m just confirming data for you. You all already know because you got this.

The rest have their head in the hole between their feet and are about to find the feathers upon their ass are blown AWAY don’t you think? Many are hypnotized and few are awake. Stop reading this blog and watch all the reruns of THE WALKING DEAD to escape reality. Oh that show IS REALITY. I get it now.

Folks – none of this information matters if you fail to take action t protect yourself and your business. TAKE ACTION. The tips include exploring:

  1. Get out of the market and into diversified insurance investing while you still can.
  2. Invest in your venture growth and momentum while the markets hold – every week matters.
  3. Do things differently to get different results.
  4. Education yourself ( CEO SPACE MAY 15th )
  5. Develop much larger trading community circles ( CEO SPACE for rapid profit ramps )

But DO NOT FAIL TO TAKE ANY ACTION. Think – act – DO it.

Just DO IT.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE – we’ll keep a light on for ya




But Why? Owning your own business and positioning your product or service to become useful, essential, soothing, healing, to the pain you’ll see when salary workers are laid off, and having no jobs must start businesses, will put you ahead of the sea change. You will prosper in any market. While the old order holds together, you’ll boom. You want to invest now while we have time in momentum. Invest in acceleration. Invest in growth.

This is a serious period. You might wish to increase your focus. Work more hours and work smarter. You want to grow. Grow your customers. Grow your customer base. Grow your core business and avoid distraction. Focus. Even SUPER FOCUS on your growth. Invest back into advertising and public relations as a strategic growth plan. Invest with pro’s on how to advertise on line and make every dollar work like $ 5.00 or you’ll be looking back where every $5.00 actually worked like $ 1.00 and that is not good.

Measure. Assess. Your own performance. And output performance on time lines and deliverables for all your vendors. If you pay them you want written agreements on what they will deliver, over what time frame, and what benefit flows to you if they fail to deliver – have protection if they fail to deliver in the contract and have zero tolerance for integrity break downs. You can’t get deliverables from a liar. Switch to those who don’t lie knowing their is a massive break down in INTEGRITY in society these days. So buyer beware and contract to protect your plays, play by play.

Better agreements greater acceleration.

Money is after all the quality of your agreements – money is just an agreement. Make better agreement have massive shift in your freedom and wealth estate.

Liquidity in SUPER CHANGE periods is your safe harbor. Build liquidity like a safe harbor around your business and you’ll have a safe sea wall for all the financial storms that arrive upon your shore. Read this blog to achieve the following:

  1. To know how to craft marketing responses and change to culture when markets shift from SUPER CHANGE. We’ll guide you.
  2. To preclude poor investments that will loose money in a super volatile market what has no real direction you can trust today – protect you principle.
  3. Knowing what is coming and knowing what really just happened is the INFORMATION IS KING ball game for business OWNERS to plan ahead with far more data than those with their head stuck in holes in their feed watching the Walking Dead.

Stay current in the SUPER CHANGE MARKET. My new book out the second half of this year HOW TO PROSPER IN THE SUPER CHANGE MARKETS will be a massive best seller. You’ll have it first because your first and ahead and staying ahead because you made a favorite and read this blog. You read the news but you do not know what the news means. All news is economic. Knowing the economics of Cuba knowing the economics of the play book keeps you abreast of opportunity and options. You need both.

CEO SPACE is a business asset you buy with tax dollars. The lifetime membership is discounted for the Spring Forward May 15th most popular of the five Forbes rated # 1 conference in the world in 2016 for business owners. You develop new customers, new markets, new channels, you upgrade your CEO skill set more than anywhere else in a short time, you use five to thrive pay once and access for life – new accelerated growth – customers capital or both – and the 1988 membership fee ( never changed or raised ) is fully tax deductible and 100% financing with ZERO INTEREST ( you put up nothing and the Space pays for itself with a money back warranty on our performance ) – and no payments for six months. Let the program self amortize. It always will.

If you know you want to remain current in these SUPER CHANGE times, if you want to truly accelerate your growth and you know you need HELP to get that acceleration – then – consider that you never delay a pay raise. Not ever. Invest in acceleration first when the acceleration is money back warrantied. Put up a tax dollar, trust Forbes, earn a huge profit on the tax dollar or your membership which is LIFETIME is refunded before you exit the hosting hotel in Las Vegas.

Join CEO’s from countries across the world May 15th. Why? Because there are no accidents and this call to action found you through the Law of the Attraction your SECRET KNOCK. But you have to answer the door.

The other side is cash flow and acceleration. Click and see a film or two for your venture category – we serve them all now in our fourth decade.

It is your turn isn’t it? To accelerate. You do not have to wait.

Entrepreneurs – cooperating – collectively – ARE SAFE HABOR when financial seas get choppy and they will again and again and this blog tells you the truth about why. Put your business your vessel behind a sea wall and safe harbor inside CEO SPACE. Lets prosper together in any market window and seize all opportunities….Entrepreneurs are SAFE from whats coming and everyone else is at risk.

Be proud you own your own business. We are the future.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE serving Entrepreneurs for 30 years in 140 nations