The Debt Bet that did not pay off. We are paying a market price with wild volatility that is destabilizing markets that never rock and roll like Hong Kong. GNP crashing. Moving to recession as Deflation hits Hong Kong and all world markets. There is no inflation but the Fed keeps promising us there is some. But they are a failed institution and no one believes them any longer. Another destabilizing factor.

Over decades 100’s of trillions of dollars of bad debt has been cued up by crony banking where nepotistic deal making placed money bets on failed horses. Over time this paper sinking sub is pulling down the banks across the globe. As the failures begin to report in – one bank going down as it did this week in India and others follow – real panic will settle in.

Experts suggested this week that the BOTTOM IS NOT NEAR until recapitulation takes place. That means panic selling and a SUPER CRASH. 6000 Dow. Then you have a real bottom. But then we have presented this case since early last summer. Those who did what WE SUGGESTED lost nothing and made tons. Period.

Those who did not know when they got to hold them now is not the time to fold them. Hold through ten years and don’t blink. Invest in the market? Well if your a professional fund manager you might with the correct software. Invest individually? Are you crazy?

The market is a market of speculation manipulation and casino capitalism lacking regulatory frame work to operate honestly. Until a new regulatory frame work appears the markets of the world are hostage to greed. Nations are punished like the UK for doing nothing more than protecting their people and nation.

CEO SPACE endorses the UK leaving the EU. There is no gain in staying. The notion that Germany France and the UK can bail out the bad debt bomb in Spain, Portugal in Italy and in the majority of EU nations including Greece which is never going to pay is bad debt off – is well – silly if you do the math. Its like children wishing upon a star. The Star is a nuclear implosion event sending radiation into the Universe – wish upon a bomb ? Thats silly.

UK moves to get out of the EU which is going to break up over bad debt anyway. As it early departs it protects  its unborn generations – not just the next one either. To become the strongest economy in Europe as Germany melts down under a nation of 3,000,000 immigrants even its economics can not sustain and assimilate . The EU is being invaded by the Muslim nations of the world. It is a full on invasion. Practical tactical economic emotional and more. Do the math. Worst humanitarian crises since Hitler. Period.

Financially the world is well on HOLD while all this unfolds.

Asia debt bomb is going off like Chinese fire crackers.

EU is melting into Migrant recession and breaking up. Debt Bombs are going off in the EU next.

America can’t pay the bills of the bad debt of the world.

American can’t pay its own bad debt bills.

Bad debt will end the financial order as we know – as it was in the past so will it be in the future – the world spent too long and too much. Thats all. Now loses have to be addressed.

The market will not be kind until the bad debt works out of the system.

Folks – this is the most exciting period in 100 years. Buy pop corn and watch the show. Its going to be a doozy.

Berny Dohrmann

CEO SPACE March 8th – I’d be in the room if I owned a business ( I’ll be there myself )