CEO SPACE March 8th brings YOU into a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP that is affordable, 100% financed with our interest ( credit approval required ) and is a tax deduction for your venture. The time you invest with us is highly profitable. You WILL receive 250,000 dollars of paid consulting advice, one on one, privately, that will resolve every and any challenge you now face in accelerating and growing your profits. The mentors on site are the best on earth as CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 in the world in 2016 by Forbes for our deliverables to you.

You will grow customers, marketing messaging upgrades for todays election year markets, you will gain affiliations, and alliance partners, you will advance in the area of capital into your business if you wish that. ( Capital Bonus classes offered free as an option to our enrolled membership March 4th through 6th ) also the best for CEO’s as to skill acquisition in developing capital for your business in the world.

Then you associate with investors and teams who bring their investor contacts to you as referral unpaid finder sources for you – ever widening your all important SOCIAL CAPITAL.

SOCIAL CAPITAL is the one safe harbor from the developing global deflation, currency wars, trade wars, and prelude to SUPER CRASH. As the history of 5000 years repeats as we continue to LEARN FROM HISTORY and take new action each of you needs a game plan. You can and you will prosper in any market space, if your social capital account is high enough.

Growing your social capital is the cornerstone asset for CEO’s who own and run small business today. Ask yourself:

  1. Do you feel over worked and lonely in making decisions to direct your business?
  2. Do you feel more challenged than you’d did five years ago?
  3. Is the SUPER CHANGE market beyond your core skill GPS to manage today?
  4. Would you profit from an enormous market of social capital – all CEO’s like yourself?
  5. Do you want the best mentors on earth to guide you into accelerated prosperity?

Options. For a CEO regardless of the venture size, the priority is FRESH OPTIONS. Options provide growth and without options there is no growth. Do you really think you can do things like you did yesterday and get results that are different tomorrow? Do you accommodate in your market ideas, the special messages that are required for woman, the boomers, the millennials? Do you think the same marketing message appeals to those market sectors?

Social Capital will resole all growth issues and social capital will accelerate your bottom line in a way you can never hope to achieve alone.


Join the oldest, largest the most prestigious CEO CLUB in the world today, presently serving 140 nations. Guests are going us March 8th from the EU, from Africa, From Asia, from Russia, from Island Nations, from across the globe. SOCIAL CAPITAL is GLOBAL in depth.

CEO SPACE is a relationship factory. We grow and build relationships rapidly between CEO’s.

CEO SPACE is a mentor factory united the superior mentor team on the planet.

CEO SPACE is an IDEA Factory that presents the superior mentor assets to CEO’s and they do not have to wait.

CEO SPACE is a capital factory that supplies access via cooperation between CEO’s to endless rivers of qualified investors.

CEO SPACE is a customer factory opening markets channels and bottom line building new direct client acquisition streams.

CEO SPACE is a partnership factory forging alliance and affiliation relationships.

CEO SPACE is a new fresh retooled model for a business trade show that is a departure of the antique and failed BOOTH MODEL of a competitive trade show – presenting a new set of IP that is cooperative between CEO’s where CEO’s truly and intentionally help one another.

If this appeals to you see videos on our CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL web site and register on line to join us March 8th. Phone us for a professional CEO SPACE ACCOUNT EXECUTIVE to manage your account, for life, at 256 850 4700 Ext 0 unchanged since 1988.

In todays world CEO SPACE offers five profit making business trade shows this year. The first of our FIVE TO THRIVE series commences March 8th with bonus classes all weekend as a free option for forward thinking CEO’s. Replenish Recharge and RENEW ….YOU.

Consider, if you invest a tax dollar, and you earn ten dollars back, and the investment of the tax dollar is protected by an absolute money back guarantee, and the entire dollar is financed by a CEO SPACE Provided no interest credit line, where the program pays for itself, is the return on time and investment not INFINITE ?

Would you noting CEO SPACE is ranked # 1 – the one conference in the world today a CEO business owner can not afford to MISS ( also ranked # 1 in 2015 ) for very good reasons. We are seeking serious CEO’s who want to accelerate their business and have reached a point they KNOW they require HELP to do that step. We wish to extend lifetime memberships to CEO’s who pay once and have access to all five Business Growth Conferences annually FOR LIFE. Pay once for lifetime support.

We are seeking CEO’s who will take action and invest the time and money to win.

If thats who YOU are or who you KNOW share this item to transform the growth of an entrepreneur or professional in practice you care for.

Thank you for reading and sharing my blog.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE