Are so many and consistent over so many decades, that the harm they cause to the economy is worse than the stability they fail to bring to the economy. The Fed is an antique, conflicted, obsolete policy making institution, created by an 80 page act of congress. This non government organization a truly private stock firm owned by banks and private holders and exists as  a profit making body empowered to print money for an interest fee. The FED was a bad idea 100 years ago when we had a telegraph system but it becomes an insane idea in a digital interconnected NET world. It is obsolete. Merge the FED into Treasury – thats the way to address our fiscal issues.

Have treasury guidance. Have zero interest to print money. Like it was for 100’s of years in the USA – just GO BACK TO THE CONSTITUTION. Merge Fed into Treasury.

The crimes of the Fed include:

  1. Missed Dot.Bomb bubble trillions lost by markets world wide
  2. Missed Sub Prime Bubble 100 trillion lost by nations and industry world wide.
  3. Free money and easing did not fix anything and expanded debt more in 6 years than 600
  4. Fed speak now spooks markets world wide and presents no stability to any market.
  5. The FED IS DEAD as a stabilizing body and now makes it all worse – so much worse.

The Fed has LOST control. The Fed in Japan has lost control. The Fed in the EU has lost control. The market see’s the Fed’s have lost control and the old system is unraveling. The reason? Debt.Bomb. The Fed missed the 100 trillion dollar Debt Bomb with 31 Trillion in bad debts to never be repaired. The market is running for the hills and out of risk in the post fed market. The old world order is dissolving. There is no new world order – which we have called for – for years- and defined how to establish it. Due to the crises in leadership world wide no leader exists who will take appropriate action. Not in nations. Not in Feds. The crises in leadership is factored in by the market running for the hills.

Three trillion in wealth has been utterly hopelessly lost since January. The run on the banks – all markets – is continuing until the run hits the real banks where lines snake around miles to get money out of banks – which will never happen. The banks will close. The old world order will be closed for business.

Why? HOW? Who? The answer is two words – FAILED FED Game Planning. The Fed’s are dead and need to be retired. The longer we wait the higher the pay out rate.

Meanwhile where had not had SUPER CRASH. Super Crash brings us panic capitulation and 6000 floor point DOW. When? Its sliding into the PIT today. The Deflation is so entrenched there is no inflation returning. The only thing occurring is price declines across every possible category. Wages will go down next. Prices of everything will continue to deflate. There will be no pay debts in deflation economics. There never is. There is no circulation. No credit flows. All markets are freezing up again but this time its a long freeze. A very long freeze.

The lay off’s have not massively come into the market. But watch for them to mount up. The lay off season still lies ahead. The Bad news comes from everywhere – South America – the EU – ASIA – Russia – North Korea – The Gulf – and it just pours in – there is no let up to one financial storm after another. NO LET UP AT ALL.

The markets can’t breath. They can not recover. Then they look at FED SPEAK they see – hey they are wrong. They are incorrect on their statements of fact. They are incorrect on their plan and its consequences. They are giving us one failed policy after another. No one believes the Fed anymore. The big problem is the FED HAS ZERO CREDIBILITY today. There is no way to get it back either. The institution is failed. MERGE A DEAD FED INTO THE TREASURY – PUT THE DEAD TO BED.

The Fed is the cause of all this pain.

Is that not clear to everyone by now?

Stop looking at symptoms and look at the cause. THE FED IS THE CAUSE and it needs to be retired as soon as leadership can act.

The crises of leadership is killing us.

Financially speaking. Nice to watch the slow death though ….while we all work so hard.

For what?

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE


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