Alice falling through the RABBIT HOLE must be precisely how many investors feel – say tens of millions world wide with retirement plan assets, mutual funds and the like. As we give you some options to consider, keep in mind some cheat notes. First this is a phony market created by enormous leverage with institutional software battling it out one against the other. Professionals are more or less making profits all the way up and all the way down. They are also straddles in the ETF market to further stop loss although the leverage being extended is troubling as we have reported.

In such a market wild swings up and down may occur that have little GPS on long term valuation issues. Companies will prosper in any market. Over leveraged firms will be beached. As Warren Buffet suggested in his famous quote – when you have financial tsunami’s and the water leaves the beach ( capital ) entirely – then you see who is naked ( over borrowed ) out there and who has still got their bathing suit on ( fundamentals in their business ). WE are about to see just that – given the market leverage.

If you own stocks and or bonds at any price – you acquired them for a 2020 exit or beyond in most instances. We suggest the time to get OUT and take profits was last year. As we encouraged our CEO SPACE members to do just that in 2015 – you can scroll back and read.

Today we say HOLD EM. Go to sleep thinking of many other agenda’s and priorities. Leave the market to REFORMS that will come after this election and Globally by financial necessity. Patience. You can’t add one dollar of value or take on away in the short term. The market may go to 6000 DOW. The market will set new records after that. Think long term and forget today in any context. Focus on other things because your not SELLING today. Or tomorrow. Your just not.

The market is spooked by failed global FED POLICY which is now obvious. After 100 trillion or “easing” putting money into the hands of banks and investment banks – the ocean of new money did not trickle down to plant, equipment and jobs. The money trickled up to corporate buy backs with fantastic leverage and wild speculations and profit taking on that free money by a few against the interests of the many. NOW following ten years of absolutely failed policy – the world has entered what CITI BANK this weekend called the LONG TERM DEATH SPIRAL. This spiral is unwinding the leverage through massive DE-LEVERGING which has side effects. One side effect is PRICE DEFLATION which we are seeing on a scale unseen since 1929.

Second liquidity stops – enormous capital consolidates to protect principle and liquidity loans and risk on – stops. Risk off fully entrenches. The DEATH SPIRAL is a vortex we have fallen into an economic dark hole that eats all values – due to failed policies – and no one is held accountable due to a crises of leadership. Confidence has been shattered in world trade. Old treaties and agreements mean nothing.

Currency wars are out in the open today. Tariff and trade wars are out in the open. Today it is every nation and man or woman for themselves. Everyone local interest is moving to get theirs and block the other guys from getting theirs. The cooperation that brought all this prosperity is unwinding. Because CONFIDENCE itself has been shattered by world FED’s no one trust leadership and money is making localized self protection choices laws have limited if any powers to influence globally.

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Berny Dohrmann – We’ll keep a light on for ya …as always

PS: How far did the market go down today at peak? Hey – HUMBUG folks – go make money and forget this short term crazy election year market between the professional computers.