I was born three months premature, in the Chinese year of the RAT, in a rare leap year. My mother Majorie, young, recently married to my father, looking like Elizabeth Taylor and very pretty – was playing tennis. She got back paints on that afternoon. Upon a check up after the game with her doc he was washing his hands while Mom was on the table, when her water broke. I was borden and tired of staying in that tiny little room. Anyway you didn’t survive in those days at 3.2 pounds, so they Christened me Bernhard Dohrmann in the incubator and felt I wouldn’t make a week. Mom called me her precious baby as I fit in the balm of her hand. I was her first boy. Dad had some Girls by a prior marriage who were being raised with us off and on again. One big happy family with the new boy doll being brought home for the girls.

Dad had a eclectic career as a corporate government and thought leader trainer. I didn’t really “get all that’ until I was much older. Dad half court in his out door “lath house” barbecue pit as the famous line up came to visit him for “guru mentorship”. Over the years his work would span the thought leadership space:

  • US NAVY – World War II and SNAPSHOTS and 90 Day Wonders for Liberty Ship training.
  • ESTLAN with Michael Murphy in Big Sur
  • Clement Stone with Positive Mental Attitude
  • Walt Disney – Kodak – Pepsie and countless corporate clients.
  • Napoleon Hill
  • William Penn Patrick
  • Zig Ziegler
  • Earl Nightingale
  • Og Mandino
  • L Ron Hubbard
  • Warner Earnhardt
  • John Hanley
  • Bucky Fuller
  • Tom Wilhite and Jane
  • John Gray
  • Jack Kennedy
  • Walt Disney
  • The great Sandy Quinn =- still meeting with Dwight Chapin too – yahoo
  • Martin Luther Kind
  • Clark Clifford and Bob Carrow
  • Heads of States
  • Ghandi
  • Others world wide

Really we didn’t pay too much attention to that part of Dad as he was always private about all that. The BIG PICTURE. We were more part of the little picture – camping – family traditional events – walking up Mount Tamalpias on the 4th of July – Tahoe – Hawaii – and Halloween Parties.

At least for me as the oldest son I was more involved in the early period with the Dohrmann Hotel Supply and family dissolution taking place. The youngers – not so much. I was involved more with the uncles and the deals going down as he let me “watch” and I loved all that.

As I matured up – I was involved and mentored by an old San Franciscan family that funded most of the new industry rising up for oil SUPER TANKERS. I went to school with George Witter of Dean Witter then a huge Global San Francisco based investment banking firm. I learned the investment banking business.

I started my own firms, and for 22 years ended up with offices world wide in Public then NASD Brokerage firms. When Dad got “cancer” in the 1980’s I put the stock in my broker firm in a trust and put the firm up for sale to take care of Dad. I began taking over his duties and helping with PSI World of which he is was President and his corporate training customers. By the time he passed I was head of CEO SPACE and completely out of the Brokerage business.

Now a funny thing happened on the way to the Forum so to say.

Five years after I had left the brokerage firm – my best friend from age four – now a retiring Federal Assistant Prosecutor in San Francisco, indicted me ( I lived in Alabama ) for $ 87,000 dollars related to a junk bond that was sold years ago by the brokerage firm. As I was not an officer director or able to vote shares held in an irrevocable trust voted by two outside attorney’s – I didn’t see as a non control person how “I” could be held liable for anything the broker firm did during that period of time. Also the junk bond in question was paid in full at the time the brokerage firm was sold and payments continued under new ownership – an attorney head of a large investment banking holding firm out of Chicago. Really San Francisco would not even be the jurisdiction for this firm but they locked it down just for me. It looks years. I would not plead guilty. I lost at trial as I learned how the most powerful nation can slam your money end up with the third court appointed attorney and simply learn earn and burn. It was interesting.

I ended up thanks to my buddy in Chain Gang Alabama where I would coach those left behind by our society from am to pm until they said – gentlemen lights out Mr. Dohrmann will coach again tomorrow. Decades later the compassion I learned from all unfair prosecution has focused my work in justice reform and prison programs, both of which I might have never labored upon had I not followed a new gospel – GODS PLAN FOR OUR LIVES IS FAR GREATER THAN OUR PLAN COULD EVER BE …….plus my child hood buddy retired so happy – he WON which is what he desired most in life – I give him total forgiveness as an instrument of God’s holy plan actually for our mutual lives. It all works out. So many hero’s from Saint Paul to Mandella to Ghandi to Martin Luther King – were in jail more than once for unfair prosecutions. Shift happens folks – its a process for leadership really I’ve come to appreciate. You can’t change what you have not experienced.

Today we operate the worlds largest most prestigious most awarded ( Ranked by Forbes the # 1 Conference in the World Globally in 2015 and 2016 ) for our achievements with CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL. We help untold numbers of CEO’s and Presidents of companies ( as well as professionals ) to accelerate their business goal objectives. For 30 years we have helped them in 140 nations to reduce time and reduce cost to reach growth goals. We have fostered enormous brands – M&A’s and IPO’s over such  wide space of time and global out reach.

In 2013  after decades of service I stepped down, from operational management. From the start CEO SPACE advocated for FULL PARTNERSHIP for lady leadership in the C suite. I stepped down and the board transferred the CEO title to my wife September who had been running the operations for years. Her all LADY LEADER SILO manager team, has re-tooled the global process matrix, updated everything – upgraded the core product – won the Forbes highest ranking in our INDUSTRY two years in a row – and carries generationally CEO SPACE into the future. She has also made CEO SPACE a MILLENNIAL leadership zone for the future leaders of the world. Ladies lead at CEO SPACE as we move forward in the world.

When you create real LEGACY you are satisfied with your life.

Today I work increasingly with nations. I’m advising Presidential candidates on their runs. I’m working with nations globally on their economic reforms. I’m working with CEO’s on prospering in todays SUPER CHANGE MARKETS. I’m always writing books and always producing films to change the world. My latest REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is being read by a growing number of world leaders including our own President who has quoted from it – more than once.

Having parented 9 children through the mine fields of becoming great adults – adopting a number as well as Step Children – they are all pretty close and just great children. Spread all over the nation. I could not be more proud of them all.

My final years of years of contribution – focused on conditional selfless contribution to the world community. We lead a social revolution for organization theory for humans coming together in:

  • Family
  • Community
  • State or Nation
  • Corporate or Institution
  • Not for profit or NGO
  • Or sole entrepreneur to professional practice to Fortune outreach

Though CEO SPACE we advance a revolution in work place culture REFORM. We excel at moving cultures from Competition as an organizational theory – one we advocate is obsolete and inefficient – and truly at core “insane”. The ONE virus on human consciousness where every other issue and problem is symptom versus “cause”. Competition itself as a thought form is pure insanity between immortal souls.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool. Cooperation Theory uncorks virtually unlimited creativity and work space performance gains. Cooperation makes families like Paradise versus hells on earth. Competition makes families crazy and work space cultures insane.

Todays problems have outgrown competitive theory to resolve.

Cooperation and Collaboration are the only process to resolve todays complexity of issues.

Leading this revolution of “THOUGHT” for 30 years has now reached more Fortune Board rooms, nations, the UN and thought leaders everywhere – than any revolution in human history. And we are still just beginning. As my wife September says – You will receive a NOBEL PRIZE just about 300 years after your death -your so far ahead of the markets today.


My prize is the well being of the unborn generation of this planetary community.

I’m having FUN and my life thrills me.

On my birthday February 7th in the year of the Monkey ( Happy Chinese New year to my friends world wide in their holidays ) and on my birthday.

I wish you all thrilling lives and hopes this note on my Birthday is a take away for you – of the only thing that counts in spending your life like a river of time flowing away from you. YOUR LIFE MATTERS – when you make it matter maximally your own life THRILLS YOU. The trick is that you never have satiation from what you GET in this life you spend like a river. No. You enjoy peace joy and bliss from what you GIVE AND CONTRIBUTE in this life you are spending. find a way to give maximally to everyone who comes in your presence and your life treasury will be simple – your life WILL THRILL YOU…as well.

I wish you all THAT – as your legacy – on MY BIRTHDAY 2016.


Berny Dohrmann – Chairman Founder CEO SPACE


PS: For those who wish to learn more about my famous father – read PERFECTION CAN BE HAD the stories my father told his children in the 1950’s – life enriching read.