EU markets all lower than US.

Asia Markets CRASHING no end in sight.

Government loss and support in CHINA massive as 100’s of billions lost by central bank trying to stabilize currency and markets – both to shallow avail. Failed POLICIES that ARE NOT WORKING is one reason.

Another is that 10 years of living off inflated FREE MONEY from Central banks has in 2016 fired their final SILVER BULLET. The multi trillion dollar markets are now aware the CENTRAL BANKS have no more ammo. This MEANS that turbulence and volatility are the NEW NORMALS. Also it MEANS that it will take much longer to recover real fundamentals i economics for credit abusive and speculative abuse players and markets including and especially sovereign wealth funds.

How much Global WEALTH was wiped out completely in only 8 short New Year Days?

2.8 TRILLION has been wiped out in ONE WEEK. That LOSS EFFECT is now rippling into the markets – like dominoes. Free money credit to buy hugely speculative positions, like the 100 MILLION DOLLAR BET FRIDAY to short FUTURE ETC POSITIONS in EQUITIES by a single trader is coming to an end. DELIVERING AND “DEFLATION” Is now rampant in the world, the Central Banks worst nightmare = as they have not tools and tactics to get OUT of deflation – the seed of all SUPER CRASHES and ALL GLOBAL DEPRESSIONS.

If my readers share and hopefully convey this blog to their circles, scroll, and review the MANY reports of hard data over months on the developing world deleveraging, credit bubbles deleveraging – such that a REAL ECONOMY from a SPECULATIVE ECONOMY arrives – which requires a REGULATORY GLOBAL COOPERATION – without which speculators create systemic volatility. Today is not the 1920’s.

Today we have an interconnected and dependent global market lacking a regulatory frame work. Regulations are all LOCAL and trading by speculators are in the CLOUD. Today speculation investing manipulates all markets and dominants money % in the market. So the problem IS:

  1. Central banks are out of ammo today
  2. Speculation lacking a GLOBAL REGULATORY FRAME WORK controls the markets which is of course not a REAL MARKET PLACE defaulting to CASINO GLOBAL CAPITALISM.

Looking forward, the new normal is TURBULENCE as we have never known, until and if a regulatory RETHINK OCCURS. If it does not the RISK of a future Super Crash and global depression to DELEVERAGE over decades of deflation – currency modification – and potentials in such climates which is historic of real WORLD WAR to reset asset base is a continued risk.

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My hope for CEO’s who are investors, and planners and leaders, is that my blog series helps to keep you CURRENT. As a retired investment banker economists best selling author, my objective is to use my circle to give you CRAMMER like detail on the markets, and forward understandings for WHAT THE HECK IS GOING OUT THERE IN THESE CRAZY SUPER CHANGE MARKET AND WHY?

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Please share any blog with circles you think have interest, in our market space anthology of unfolding predictions, action steps to be safe harbor in your investments and in your management. As you know we predicted this NEW YEAR financial market and our readers who took action lost zero and were fully behind seawalls of SAFE HAROBR from the developing never ending financial storms.

My final point given how MUCH SUPER CHANGE has happened in the first developing January of 2016, is that I believe:

  1. China is the first.
  2. Greece is a risk and I’m worried on its systemic effect.
  3. The EU melt down is likely and another risk, will the UK exit as well as others.
  4. Oil patch firms ( huge brands ) will BK lacking capital holding power to forward meet sustained long term deflation, creating a rippling financial deleveraging further pressure to financial markets – Swift being on radar as one.
  5. The system interdependence lacking a GLOBAL REGULATOR FRAME WORK remains at very high instability for future market normalcy.

I have suggested a Global ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION between the G 100 needs to be developed over a three year ECONOMIC CONSTITUTIONAL CONGRESS – I suggested by hosted in Hawaii to moderate politics and unwanted influences by CHARTER. If some form of COOPERATION vs. competition does not materialize risk is higher versus resolvable. Just the announcement of this PROCESS as a new fresh option to nations would vastly becalm troubled financial waters TODAY in my opinion. Look for candidates who understand these core MOTHER OF ALL ISSUES so that the REFORMATION of a GLOBAL REGULATORY consensus occurs.

Bill Clinton adverted on various media including Meet the Press, having read my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION as has thought leaders including President Obama, THAT – ” its simply really we either learn to cooperate or we perish -its reached that point.

CEO SPACE is ground zero for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM, social investing now sweeping all markets, and a defeat of the insanity that competition is anything other than EVIL. Folks we have all been hoodwinked as the later ROGER ANTHONY instructed at Universities. Competition is a failed model for any organization of humans. CEO SPACE suggests as does my book REDEMPTION that the core problem – not symptom by causation for all humanities issues in:

  • Families
  • Organizations
  • Cities, counties states and nations

Remains COMPETITION. Competition is a form of insanity.

Cooperation is mental health and wellness for humanity.

Cooperation CELEBRATES all diversity of faith culture tribes and every form of diversity from education to physical appearance. Versus the INSANITY of punishing diversity between humans in any form. As you WAKE UP to walk away from symptom and resolve the competition inside your own circle and life – you begin to prosper in every aspect of your short earth walk.

May we show you the way?


Happy New Year to all my readers – be confident fortunes will be made in the SUPER CHANGE markets – upgrade your KNOWLEDGE AND SKILLS of LEADERSHIP and advance all your stake holders into growth in 2016. Truly CEO SPACE can show you the WAY and our axiom remains YOU JUST DO NOT HAVE TO WAIT.