OPEC was killed by really stupid short sighted religious motivated, fringe activists, whipped up by even more stupid religious fringe leadership in IRAN, who attacked without any cause the Saudi Embassy. Iran, who slaughters 1000’s each year, and literally gets away with MURDER, now seeks to frame Saudi for acting within its own sovereign laws. Saudi, charged one of its own citizens with violent crimes, judged them under Saudi Law and carried out its sentence as it does in Saudi tradition. To then attack the Saudi EMBASSY on some grounds Iran is HOLIER THAN THOUGH is so hypocritical nothing in Heaven is amused. Rather the dark side of the FORCE continues to be well seen by this leader of the AXIS OF EVIL. You shall KNOW them by their works.

Saudi, reacted as it should and as it must. But in the process IRAN has fatally killed OPEC. The OPEC “club” of oil producers is now a NON ENTITY due to:


  1. In fighting between its now totally divided membership.
  2. Inability to agree on anything by its now hostile membership to one another.
  3. Massive supply that makes OPEC as a unit irrelevant IF it could agree on say PRICE.
  4. OPEC doesn’t matter any longer due to lack of compliance among the membership.
  5. OPEC has broken up and only the brand exists today which means nothing to the market space – as seen by the market itself. OPEN IS DEAD DEAD DEAD. Failed brand.

Iran Killed Opec. Your all invited to the Funeral Held on January 5th ON LINE. This Blog certify’s MAY OPEC REST IN PEACE. It was a bad idea who has been worn out completely by TIME. The Antique concept to capture control and MANIPULATE prices for the ENTIRE WORLD INDUSTRY is shattered by say – AMERICA out producing OPEC in its entirely.

The market is moving away from oil. Natural Gas can replace almost all oil use in transportation and power consumption at much cheaper prices at no environmental cost and at a price point that makes OIL obsolete. New finds in 2015 provide 5000 years of NATURAL GAS replacing oil entirely and then some. As the earth is farting natural gas this RENEWABLE CLEAN BURNING Fuel is replacing OIL at such a future pace, that oil itself is going to remain a GLUT. Even at a GLUT no one wants OIL.

Houston CEO’s at Conoco – EXXON and Chevron are out at the ports with signs saying =- WILL WORK FOR OIL – as they just can’t sell their oil anywhere at any price. Buyers are waiting for 29.00 oil or 22 dollar oil. No one has a clue how low oil will go.

The speculators have lost trillions. The First BK in this space may be coming in six weeks as long term financing is not extended – we won’t name the firm that starts with the letter “S” but watch for ripples as the BK hits banks hedge funds and private equity and the ripples bleeds into the market.

Folks – OPEC IS DEAD. You may wish to play THE SAINTS COME MARCHING IN and do your best dirty dancing at the FUNERAL.

Lets all do the happy dance. For the world.


OPEC like the WICKED WITCH IN OZ is now DEAD killed by IRAN which fell upon the wicked witch and broke OPEC to bits.

January 5 2016