The Fed who has brought us one crises after another since the 2000 Dot.BOMB melt down, has done it again. Merging the FED into the US TREASURY is so long over due for congress. What an antique and failed agency.

Chairman Greenspan was a leader. He understood OLIVE BRANCHES to calm markets. Or derail bubbles as he attempted to do but lacks ammo the Treasury has alone. The Fed is dead.

Today Fed planners failed to provide an olive branch. The markets sunk 200 points. So much wealth wiped clean because of another missed opportunity. If they had indicated that watching FACE BOOK Double its earnings – they see such foundational strength from China to the EU globally and developing nations are set for a huge rebound – they would have becalmed the waters. The commission – the absence of GUIDANCE leaves the APPEARANCE FACTOR.

The appearance the FED DEAD. The Fed lacks tools and tactics to stabilize. The Fed is powerless. Worse the Fed is in disarray. The Fed is eating itself. The Fed is in panic mode. The Fed has nothing left. This APPEARANCE has market planners moving to: I’m taking my profits now and waiting this out. This is becoming a global sensation lacking any leadership from national officials or Fed’s globally.

China has been worse. Their lack of guidance has left the APPEARANCE they are lying about their numbers – real GNP is around 3% and falling into a depression hard landing deflation like the Asian Crises of the 1980’s. That crises is still not resolved decades into now.

As we have reported the crises today is the CRISES OF LEADERSHIP. No one will get out front of the panic rising. This self feeds – panic self feeds in a digital click world. Leverage – ungodly debt – is unwinding. Debt to buy market holdings now must be paid as MARGIN CALLS on the debt from collapsing markets spirals – into sell off’s that are required to repay debt calls and the spiral is unstoppable. Delivering is unstoppable.

Experts suggested for years the Fed global policy of FREE MONEY would have the unintended consequence of channeling trillions into non economic growth via wild speculation. The speculation is now loosing trillions and this spiral is advancing under its own deflation weight. The worst fear of all Fed planners – DEFLATION ECONOMICS. The seed cause of all depressions globally followed by world war.

We believe despite the failed FED policy – that – the market will self correct. The market has over shot. The core economics globally are better than the market is ceding credit for. As the profit takers become bargain buyers the upside in this market is enormous. We have predicted impossible swings as market STABILITY is now GONE. We see wild crazy cycles all year.

Don’t get swept into SUCKER RALLYS as your computer powers are not sufficient to out trade the pro computer software making profits all the way up and making profits all the way down. Cycles make profits for the inside teams. The market is a mess. Stability will not return until new leadership and elections are OVER in our opinion.

What do you think?

Comment here for us all.

Berny Dohrmann

Feedback appreciated on your views Todays crash was avoidable – what a shame and missed opportunity by Fed Policy markers MERGE THE FED Into US TREASURY and re-invent the stability.



Should Leadership Development Eliminate Weaknesses or Exploit Strengths?

By David Gruder


The importance of leadership development in business success is no longer debated. Leading leadership consultants like Ken Blanchard, John Maxwell, Stephen Covey and Marshall Goldsmith agree that top-notch leadership development is essential for seasoned executives as budding talent, when building and sustaining high performing organizations.


Of all the executive development areas, EQ (Emotional Intelligence) appears to have become the most universally endorsed. And for good reason. As Travis Bradbury of Forbes puts it, “EQ skills empower people to deal with anyone, in any situation.” As a clinical and organizational development psychologist who has been a leader development mentor and trainer since the 1980s, I agree with him.

The question is, which EQ skills are the most useful to focus on in leadership upgrade initiatives? The most obvious answer is, whichever skills a particular leader would most benefit from developing. But what’s the menu of EQ stills development options? And even more to the point, is it better to focus on developing a leader’s weaker EQ area or on exploiting their EQ strengths?

Miranda Kennett of Management Today talks about “a seismic shift in the leadership development world away from concentrating on weaknesses (or ‘development opportunities’, as they were euphemistically termed) to focus on identifying and exploiting our strengths.” This trend is based on the belief that developing weaknesses isn’t a unsuccessful strategy, but that focusing on our inadequacies is depressing. Kennett goes on to assert that “since we can’t build on weaknesses we’re better off spending our energy on making the most of our strengths.”

Her position parallels the Positive Psychology movement’s position: accentuate the positive, eliminate the negative. Don’t go delving into dark waters. Keep your attention on the sunny side of the street.

Yet, other leadership experts, such as my colleague Hugh Ballou, stress the importance of discovering your leadership gaps because those gaps limit leadership effectiveness at best and create damage at worst. Ballou’s position has parallels in the field of psychology as well. In fact, one of my long-time sayings is that “leaders lead at the level of their psychological limitations instead of their business’s highest intentions.”

So, which is it: “Illuminate the negative” as my colleague David Corbin puts it, by understanding and fixing the behaviors that are holding us back, as Marshall Goldsmith’s best-selling book What Got You Here Won’t Get You There is all about? Or focus on the “power of positive thinking” as Napoleon Hill advocates in his classic book “Think and Grow Rich,” and his many adherents passionately advocate?

Since I was a teenager I have been fascinated by our tendency as human beings to turn both/and into either/or. Whether in politics, religion, or personal development. Similarly, with leader development is it truly prudent to play to our strengths and sidestep our gaps?

All of us have natural strengths, acquired strengths, acknowledged gaps and hidden gaps.

Natural strengths

Acquired strengths

Acknowledges gaps

Hidden gaps

My experience is that the leaders who become the most effective and fulfilled are the ones who pay attention to all four of these areas:

They have taken ownership of their natural strengths, they make the most of them, and they look for opportunities to further refine their capacity to utilize these.

They have the courage to uncover the leadership gaps they didn’t know they have and they make strategic decisions about which they will turn into acquired strengths, and which they will make sure that others on the leader team have instead.

Kennett’s notion that it’s not a good idea to address our weaknesses because doing this is depressing is, from my perspective, a kind of EQ deficit. A leader who can’t look honestly at their gaps without getting depressed lacks self-esteem. Leaders with self-esteem deficits tend to be ineffective wimps or ineffective egotists/tyrants. In other words, a leader who can’t look upon his or her deficits with open eyes, and yet without shame, will never become sustainably effective or sustainably happy in being a leader.

So, yes, leadership development is absolutely vital to business success. Yes, EQ skills are absolutely essential to leadership effectiveness. And yes, EQ includes becoming masterful in how we utilize our natural strengths, in how we turn well-selected gaps we have into acquired strengths, and in who we surround ourselves with that have the rest of the strengths our business needs to succeed.

Stop paying attention to the “experts” who advocate ignoring your gaps. Don’t settle for those who lack the expertise to help you further upgrade the usefulness of your natural and acquired strengths. And don’t waste your money on ones without the wisdom to help you discern which of your gaps to fill yourself versus which ones to bring others onto your team to fill.

You wouldn’t have made it all the way through this article unless you’re truly committed to your leadership effectiveness and your business’s success. You’d therefore be wisest to insist on utilizing only those leader development resources who can brilliantly help you in all of these areas, not just with some of them.


David Gruder is a legacy faculty member of CEO Space; he’s a keynote speaker and trainer.

You’ll have ample opportunity to dine with David as well as have private meetings for one-on-one consulting with him at CEO Space.


2015 and 2016 IN THE MARKET


Investing aggressively in the markets has resulted for professionals in loss or flat investing. The cycles which will roar up and roar down all year – as we predicted and other experts call for – results in DELIVERING. We have presented the details on the issues in these blogs.

We have reported diversifying insurance investing moderate appetites for UNREALISTIC high returns with risk of loss – to safe investing with high returns with zero risk of loss. We advised repositioning since last summer.

We also advised long term holders to play golf relax and stop micro viewing every trading day. Look over three years and this market will seem like an odd blip. Oil will decouple from the market and it will roar back when it does. Still it will roar down with global events. Watch.

Huge cycles is the new normal and believe me this short term election year is not investing for the faint of heart.

We have reported VENTURE INVESTING with diversification strategy inside CEO SPACE is ideal for investors. Come build your own venture and spot superior opportunities inside CEO SPACE as a SAFE HARBOR in these financial storms.

We have sea walls and bulk heads March 6th Sunday to Sunday for the boss and professionals in practice – ranked # 1 in the world – in 2016 with a 30 year performance record serving 140 nations. Click CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and see a video for your industry sector. There are films for everyone including professionals – just pick yours.

There is INSURANCE for lifestyle and CEO SPACE is what you may be seeking. Explore and see.

Berny Dohrmann




In my book I outline the 5000 repeating history of competitive capitalism as an antique outdated totally non modern elitist organizing set of rules for economics that has failed us all. Competitive capitalism historically leads to prediction and historically repeating misadventures globally that never not EVER varied historically speaking, which include these old patterns:

  1. 1% own more wealth than 99% of the population base with rapidly disappearing middle classes. ( reached in 2006 ).
  2. Melt Down moving from cooperation globally to distrust and negotiation within increasing national competitions. The forgoing is not sustainable economically.
  3. Trade war – with nations seeking to rebalance their own “every nation for themselves” agenda – creating huge imbalances – volatility – and capital flow dynamics that further destroy the entire world systemic order ( economically ). Reached in 2016.
  4. Super Crash driven by an unpredictable and unforeseen contagion event, China wars in China Sea – Forces war with Iran or Iran with others – North Africa heats up – Russia reaches out of its borders ( again ) a digital attack – something – its coming. It always comes. Terror. Something else. Its coming folks unless we cooperate massively.
  5. World War to reset  the core economic global  instability and systems and the only tool nations have to move from global deflation and depression into a new multi decade of inflation. Old antique box top rules for a financial system.

Is this cycle avoidable? Only within a new model of economic order forged on national cooperation at the G 100 level. We have for years advocated in our books and on this blog for a G 100 Constitutional Economic Conference to reset rules for global economics that are self correcting:  cooperatively and preclude unwanted speculation elitism corruption in system secrets and imbalances. Without such cooperation the 1 to 5 are in play and we are ending 3 now. The imbalances are now massive.

What does TRADE WAR look like? It looks like the break up of OPEC. It looks like China and the trillions lost in commodity speculation in the worst market opening in any new year in 100 years is what it looks like. It looks like taxes, tariff’s  currency devaluations all within fully digital and transparent markets with no breath catching between structural instability which is growing. It looks like nations defaulting on debts in dominos patterns and escalations. No one can fix the debt bomb’s of nations and central banks – no one. . No one can hide the trade war in 2016 the cat is out of all the bags globally. Mexico nailed it fully in January noting the global trade war was ON.  One nations acts in defense,  and others REACT. The spiral rises. Currencies cycle wildly. Markets cycle wildly. The old our of precision and control has failed. There is no new order to return stability or prediction and control. We no longer trust one another. Competition shatters trust. Cooperation requires trust.

In 2016 the smallest % of market participants manipulate all market prices,  at fantastic leverage, criminal globally in 1999 and once again made legal by bad law. This hyper gambling in markets with borrowed money is a false market and is not a real global market in any way.  The bad law until revoked permits speculation at a level in which one institutions computers against another make central banks and nations powerless to stop the tides of oceans of trillions  of dollars moving at a click performing “side bets” in a fully unregulated casino capitalism. Today the market is not economic base line but gamblers doing side bets one agains the other. All way too big to jail – with zero regulatory oversight. The market today is dark pools shadow banking and unregulated CLICK TRADERS.

The only back bone unaffected safe haven market left  is VENTURE SPACE and professionals in practice . Owning your own small business. Here you can forge cooperative alliances and create your own new cooperative capitalistic and new  economic box top rules. You can prosper in any market while the institutional market is at digital world war III. Monopoly was developed in the heart of the great depression. Even a simple board  game can make millions inside a depression. ENTREPRENEUR SKILLS are the master adults skills that keep you prosperous in all markets. CEO SPACE is a market of CEO’s coming together to forge ever growing every larger world wide new  COOPERATIVE trading communities all established on cooperation rule sets. REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is required reading for any social change leadership seeking to leverage their own “making a difference” for a better improved world order. CEO SPACE is venture owners helping one another opting out of the CASINO capitalism hamster wheels.

Why repeat 5000 years of history if you are offered a better smarter way.  A way that insures your life style against the financial storms others are creating in their competitive war fares. Why use war again – is not war  a tired lower conscious way of solving anything? In fact is not repeating failed modeling  over and over itself simply insane? Have we not reached a time when the majority of sane brains can over come the minority of insane brains and opt in for a BETTER WAY FORWARD? CEO SPACE believes yes and we are building a global trading community with entirely new box top rules within a digital market space. Digital cooperative market space is a level playing field for all of us as WE SHOW THE WAY paying no attention to any beltway. They have no effect on the new Cooperative Capitalism which opts out of insanity. The sane are playing together. Thats all. Its safer. More fun. Exciting. And peaceful.

Lets prepare the unborn to arrive one CEO at a time, one venture at a time, one dream at a time, all with new better BOX TOP RULES for how to conduct our entrepreneur affairs. COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM is here. We the people of the global village, billions of us, are coming together in the world change agency market place, CEO SPACE ranked # 1 by Forbes the CONFERENCE BUSINESS OWNERS CAN “NOT” AFFORD TO “MISS” IN 2016.


CEO SPACE leads as the most prestigious exclusive club for entrepreneurs an professionals to join with a one time life time membership with a full on money back warranty. We get you CURRENT as a leader and we keep you CURRENT. That itself is financial life insurance.

You make money so much faster in cooperative capitalism.

You make money far more securely over time inside cooperative capitalism.

You are never alone inside cooperation capitalism.

You are drama free and happy and your lives THRILL YOU inside cooperative capitalism.

Competitive capitalism as with all insanity is raw in its depletion toxic to reside within and always a war fare that itself is between and among eternal beings who never were born and who will never die – displays of  an insanity that why would those awake continue playing within that insane rule set? Competition is a form of pure ignorance. The source code of all problems for human kind. The solution is COOPERATION. The virus removal tool.

Competition is the one virus on human consciousness everything else is symptom. You know that are some core level. CEO SPACE wills set you free forever. The virus will be removed. Forever.

Cooperation is educated and peaceful.

The gateway to world peace is COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM.

The system that brought you all wars is dying.

The new system that promises all futures with none of us left behind is rapidly arriving globally.

All living things grow or they rot.

Competitive capitalism is rotting.

Cooperative capitalism is thriving.

Venture owners are prospering in 2016 and growing and pay no attention to a small number of institutional traders cross computer trading the market way up and way down. It means nothing to us. It does not effect anything we live within. Our customers. Profits. Strength of business. The phony markets are rigged and are not reflective of what is GOING ON OUT THERE any more and everyone knows it. So no one now is effected. Consumers pay no attention. A new world order is being developed by US – WE THE PEOPLE. We have little time for nonsense.

In deflation all prices are dropping. If it continues wages will drop. All prices will spiral down. For business that ride ahead of deflation they will profit enormously. Stay tuned. Today the sea change of inflation and growth or deflation and recession is at war with institutional trading and larger institutions at war with their core modeling and the failed policies of nations – all of them.  If they don’t change as institutions, moving from competition toward cooperation systemic change,  they have such suffering to experience  from certain Contagion, SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR always follow the contagion. . Small business will make fortunes either way. The pattern of competition ever varies.

Unlike any and all past wars the weapons today, conventional and strategic are so fast at killing massive sums  of innocent folks – moderation to use them and move into UNPROFITABLE UNWINDABLE  war affords hope for all of us. For the first time the insanity of making huge profits from war is not present as war destroys the core assets of financial base institutions – infrastructure – knowledge itself – and rebuilding takes centuries not decades. No one can profit from future wars. So the insanity is moderate by the GREED RESTRAINT. War no longer resets the system – a first.

The forces CEO SPACE pushes upon  in 140 nations to COOPERATE at head of state levels, is taking huge root from sane leadership adopting new box top rules we are bringing to illuminated leadership at heads of state. . Cooperation is breaking out everywhere. Israel is making alliances with the entire Gulf but Iran and may with Iran in the end. Cooperation is power. Competition is force the far weaker energy and insane.

North Korea can be secure and an example if they appreciate the cooperation modeling. If they remain competitive they perish. We all cooperate or we perish. The higher thought form will always win. Cooperation IS A BETTER WAY. Korea is one of many nations who can example COOPERATION system improvement over competitive antique economic system modeling which has no future. A fact.

READ MY BOOK so you have the bleeding edge information.

Today the wide cycles means nothing to venture owners. Its all predictable as the competitive capitalism system is melting and molding and merging into the new GLOBAL COOPERATIVE CAPITALISTIC system we have adverted as investment banker economists for 30 years.

March 6th at CEO SPACE we will place CEO’s of any size venture and professionals right in the middle of the Cooperation Revolution to their accelerated 2016 earnings and profits. If you don’t you won’t. You’ll be a victor of the present instability or a victim. One or the other. Knowledge will determine which side you play on. Our money back guarantee removes CEO risk. The earlier you re-tool to cooperation the safer your future will become.

I wish you victory.

Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO SPACE




As we noted the forward markets are new frontier. No historic data will predict cycle trends in this wild new crazy fully digital fully globalized market space. In and out flows of massive capital will produce wild swings as one institutions computers trade against another institutions computer with no small fry’s in between.

We have said – Children – if you failed to get out last year as we asked you to do over and over – just hold. Think 2018 and don’t panic. You invested for long term gains. Hold your asset and this will all seem like a blip when it sorts out. Sans long term deflation when all bets are off on wealth protection.

Next think about VENTURE INVESTING. Venture investing is a time machine to move lower share price investments, in growth firms, forward in time, to multiples no other sector can promise equal measure to. Use CEO SPACE to review more quality venture deals all better supported on fundamentals than is common in any market space – Forbes # 1 recommendation. Always diversify risks. If your going to invest 100,000 in venture space invest 20,000 in five industry offerings and channels. Diversify your risk across a spectrum of venture offers versus concentrating risk investing into a single bet. Diversified Venture Investing may be just the safe harbor for large returns you are seeking.

Venture investing also typically has short term income investments paying high returns on cash flow. Mix em up. Venture INVESTING is your time machine for higher return investing options . CEO SPACE presents a market of continuous support for the CEO’s of hyper growth ventures, so that your risk bets have greater discipline in this super high risk investing return with its super high return potentials.

CEO SPACE is like a play ground for investors to invisibly review 100’s of ventures Tuesday to Saturday and deep dive into the investment – with multiple law firms on site to advise you free before you invest – such that your due diligence is more complete, and your risk diversification far more exciting. Better deals, better managers and just better. A growing appetite from Private Equity and Hedge fund investors to use CEO SPACE for superior deal flow is taking place across the world.

Consider for the coming election year parking money in a hyper growth high return TIME MACHINE of DIVERSIFIED VENTURE INVESTING where capital is moved forward in time at high returns in the VENTURE SPACE MARKET. The market with the superior potential in any crazy market space where fortunes are made today by smart venture risk takers. Be one.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman

PS: Don’t panic children from the wild swings gong on in 2016 the new normal  – it is all going to be all right – some serious grown ups are working on he solutions for future stability globally.