CEO SPACE is helping business owners and professional’s get the DOWNLOADS essential world wide – to prosper in a global election year economy. We have written that the indicators we track which include investment banking economics that define:

  1. Money velocity or circulation is the lowest in all record keeping EVER no sustained recovery can be built upon that statistic. Not one ever.
  2. The base of stock buying supporting the record high prices is at low point since 1973 with the narrow base of buying removing  any wiggle room that  can derail the entire market.
  3. The bull market is seven years two years passed any normal crash and correction.
  4. Free money has leveraged the market such that few buyers with massive leverage have taken ungodly risk building up share multiples from a historic average of 16 x earnings to almost 30 times earnings which is not sustainable. This stat always ends with a crash.
  5. Credit bubble collapse from free money as interest rises will create historic bankruptcies and globally as the dow moves to 6500 a 70% down turn and a housing crash of 30% as retail home prices are way above the markets ability to buy those prosperities – today’s price is a factor of enormous institutional block buying of real restate at huge leverage all about to burst as bubble two the FED allowed comes crashing home. Thats how WE see the future and we are calling it specifically. A growing number of economists echo our conclusions which you can read about on line if you just click.

For this reason we continue to lobby for the Fed to be MERGED into the US TREASURY a model for all nations to follow. Paying interest to print money is  wrong minded policy in transparent real time digital fully reporting market space. The antique role of Feds is now constituently  hurting us versus saving us. We can’t afford the boom bust cycles where the only folks getting rich are the financial institutions causing the system abuse. How simple is THAT to appreciate folks? Folks the Fed systems are a broken model robbing nations. It is time to make a correction on economic core policy before it is too late. The profits being made are so large any policy change before the crash is unlikely. This is what elections and those running should be talking about. BRING IT UP.

While the economics of easy credit fuel growth we wish to maximize our customer profits in the good times. At the same time we wish to construct SAFE HARBOR for our clients when the crash hits and IT WILL hit there is no wiggle room on that. Only WHEN is the issue. We suggest soon after rates rise and free money stops. Real economies are not forged on mindless leverage with free money bubbles. That is a phony economy. Fools gold. A false market place.

We have advised our business owners to explore diversified insurance investing. Deleverage RISK. Get out of stocks  all markets  as well as hard asset and bonds. Get into insurance protected investing and make more than ENOUGH without any risk of principle loss. Nothing else makes sense folks. Check it out with a top tier insurance professional noting your brokers will not agree with RISK OFF and protection investing because they loose all those trading fee’s. When its too late you won’t move over without huge loss. It is not too late TODAY. But tomorrow could be.

Give up fear of LOST PROFITS and protect all your savings and resources. BE SAFE and be secure and be glad. Spread the word. Timing is everything. In the future this Blog is going to be a financial prophesy folks will praise. You’ll see. If the market races up before the SUPER CRASH you own’t care. You’ll be safe. You’ll be protected. You’ll be secure. You’ll have all your savings and wealth. You’ll make ENOUGH. More than enough. Safely. Check it out folks.

Most small business will prosper in ANY MARKET if you have to the tools required to do it.. Where do you get those KEY  tools? As the market is now a SUPER CHANGE market how do you get the tools that make you prosper in ANY MARKET SPACE? You WILL  get those tools from CEO SPACE ranked by Forbes On Line as # 1 in the world for this mission for small business. Click our web site and get video information so you have a far better week next week at CEO SPACE in Vegas. Save taxes and make a lot of money. Results are guaranteed.

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While the good times continue CEO SPACE will help you MAXIMIZE MOMENTUM.

When the crash appears we will SHIFT you into prosperity during the crash period with tools ad tactics you need then but not now. Get plugged in and be ahead of the financial storms brewing. Thinking leaders want the EDGE.

The Edge is CEO SPACE Dec 15th.


That is the safety net you have been seeking.


Action is how you get protected.


Learn earn and RETURN.


Berny Dohrmann _ Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL