Translated: by Brother Al Delarosa from the Latin

By: Alan G. Dohrmann – To his nine Children…



The Nine:

Nine little faces, sat  around their famous father, who was sitting in his red flannel pajama’s this Christmas Eve. His over weight giant elf man was more like Santa than the helper of all the Santa’s he always thought was “his day job”.  His piercing blue eyes could see through a lie and tarpon an exaggeration faster than a bullet as he scanned his family left to right, five girls four boys reflecting Micky Mouse Holiday cheer in various outfits and bed clothes a half moon round Dad.

Now boys and girls listen up the great sage began. As you know Santa Clause is only going to come to our house if all  nine  of you – that is all nine –  not oe left out – where all nine as I said are on Santa Clauses  nice and not naughty list. Even your parents do not know which list your inside of,  only Santa Clause Knows who is on those lists to the very last hour. Such is the magic of the Santa Clause Power.  Also Santa clause must  pass us all  over if each of my nine and also so nice, each one of you babies one and nine all,  yes all  of you are not not fast  asleep when Santa Passes over with presents he can give or he may keep. Do you all understand the truth of my words.? Do you each  agree to have sugar plum dreams so Santa Clause will come for one and for all? Raise your hands now? Higher so I can see them? Let me see – one to three four and five six seven eight yes NINE we have all nine a 100% good job – no  -wait and  well i’m now  10 counting mom’s hand is up as well – so ten for then in this light it is so hard to tell. Ok.

Well the important thing is to get you off to bed.  But wait now just Before you shall  go let me tell you a little Father’s Story on Christmas Eve Night . Do you think that’s  alright?

We all scream – yes Daddy, YES DADDY……its ALRIGHT ! .

As he awaits total silence in his  room until breathing seemed like large noise filling the living room end to end. It was then the wizard  began.

Children it was terrible cold that winter with its blast. I never thought one storm could forever it last.  It had been years since I had visited Santa Clause weight up at the North Pole. It was almost Christmas and I had a present FOR SANTA. A present that he that  would already having everything, may still  hold dear I believe I believe. Something for Santa where he just can’t give back. That something I no not even that I lack. For fools are free but wisdom’s not free and thing we all weight is the exchange of the fee.

As I crossed onto his property, which requires some  magic to even approach , my guides and I flying high across the boundaries  across the great mountains, rested upon the Gigantic Eagle Sagittarius we made slow descent over the ice valleys and mountains, and high ridges and low  canyons, and open fields and frozen meadows with caves and fractures to great to recall. . When of a sudden the lighted endless parameter walls and guard towers make a miracle in time and space as Christmas explodes like fireworks on end. , SANTA’s VILLAGE at the North Pole, just one phase out of time is illuminated forever with the Holiday spirit and pure love abounds.

So as to be invisible. To eyes that do not know magic …..

As the great Eagle departed and we shook off the ice and the  snow I was immediately guided by colorful elves holding each of my hands under the awning and bells,  with its holiday lighting into the famous Door to Santa’s Work Shop and Home. The Butler a gnome.

The elves took me right around the workshop on the high ground, and over to the stairs and landings  up to Santa’s enormous den, with  fire place roaring with Christmas music being played by a live elf  band in the corner. I was escorted to a chair next to an enormous Red Thrown  that I dreamed must be  Santa’s if I had KNOWN, as it was closest to the fire to keep old Santa’s Glow WARM.  I was starring at  the walk in fire place you might roast a Dragon on such a fire place and perhaps once they had. They all seemed so glad.

When in came Santa all happy and jolly with his HO HO HO and Laughter like Holly,  spreading joy all the way his personality so infectious its hard not to catch your childhood in just one of his winks to your eye. He grabbed an egg nog as if it was sport, and sat in his chair with his enormous  great port, snuggling his back and resting his head, he nodded and with his deep voice  said, “what Alan are you seeing when “YOU”….. LOOK AHEAD…?”

And as i turned my head to his point as I’m trying to  grasp,  then inhale a surprised  gasp, for what was not there, with lights and magic presence so  awesome to behold, and before now and truly  covered Santa’s  door, and from ceiling to floor,  lighting a circle around Santa and I, when I gasp out my lost  WHY? For Santa had a Christmas Tree.

But no ordinary Christmas tree …was this. Oh no.

It was for sure an rare an honor that not many see, for he had invited a private moment for me, as the one he had chosen to see Santa’s TREE.
For Santa Had a Christmas Tree…


I tell you Children ( as our father leaned closer and came down lower and over to us as if in a conspiracy direct from Santa’s secret lair ) and we leaned in as well…..for the story he would tell….

No ! Children I tell you from top to bottom  and all in between, this Christmas tree of Santa’s  was a world all alive.

Now what do I mean by this word all ALIVE . The eyes can not lie. What you see IS what you GET.

The feast for my eyes, seeing a miracle in time and space, was beyond the mind to take in nor explain to you nine YET. . The Base of the tree  was a village of green and lush fruits and things of the berry like Rings  and fruits of the  vine, as if all were mine, for the base of the tree was and remains PARADISE as the eye can not lie. Seeing IS believing. And I believed that day in Paradise Children. I see where it is. At the base holding up Santa’s Great Christmas Tree which I come to learn supports call that can be. . Its blue rivers and clear lakes celebrate the fish leaping in praise and the sea birds resting their gaze, slowly rising off the waters. Of Paradise. can you see it my Children ….can you SEE IT . ( He often said this in my father’s stories ).

Now the Tree Trunk is enormous, wider than two man holding their own arms together round like this ( and he showed us )two men with the this and the that – we could visualize how large the tree trunk and the tree trunk was fat. We got that.

As my gaze went up and up I began more to  see the branches which were not branches but living villages with some serving tea. All forms of creations, now upon the earth and yet also upon the earth once upon a time, Wooly Mastodons and Unicorns too, there where enormous things up into the sea and winged things that flew and flew. It was all of creation one branch at a time. Every animal upon the ark, and long before, to the dinosaur park, the creepy crawling things and all  the things that borrow, and wiggle and giggle on legs six and eight. I saw all as equal and all as so great. I saw only perfect without flaw of the divine. Save for the insane which one regarded without blame.

Cooperation and Holy Spirit where like fog on the tree and I saw all that can be and should be and would be in time, and it was lifetimes of living and all of it fine.

Some where in  Mid tree a miracle begins as babies and humans delight all the lands. From caves and  in the mountains to tents in the sands. There were babies that came and none where the same with colors that ran. Some where Chinese and others where Dark, some where island pale and all different shades, some in the Gulf and some across land, and always the tapestry of cultural belief’s filled God’s fan. Celebration for differences in pure love divine, I saw Christmas in in Santa’s branches of pine.

Every faith every  tribe and  rainbow of human  too, was rising to the top where as we rose the difference between colors as if they were gone, became only white light and all equally shown. There was no difference between souls in this  light, and only the lightbulb containers and housings,  made different each  sight. The love these beings had for each other, was so palpable to the heart that it the separation between souls  was a spell that  was broken…. forever apart, such that each soul could be whole and return to its goal and never apart as one never done.

Then looking from the top, with the Ark Angel Micheal with high illumination draw to the peak, of all wisdom we seek, as my gaze wondered down as from the light of the crown, angels had appeared, to surround each tiny village, on every fiber of branch, where sat a great angel, with candles in hand, singing with praise, to Santa’s great band.

The music rose like smoke to the Thrown Room High  Above, hovering over  Great Angel Michael, like a circling white dove….drawing attention to God ‘s endless love…..

Each Angel had grace like wisps in the air, rising  to the next angel sitting on the branch just above….. as if the Santa’s Tree was enriched in such  love –

Angel Love

Human Love

Animal Love

Green Plant Love


From Top to Bottom

From Bottom To Top

Rising like joy in smoke of pure grace which created a fog all over this space….

Engulfing us all in Celebration of Love …Celebrating what is different as the joy of our joys…learning and unfolding creation for souls…..mending the splits of each tiny hole … the tapestry of joy arranged for every girl and for every boy……can you see it children can you see the cooperation and celebration fog of love surround us like a white christmas tree of pure lights and grace …see it rise right over this space….can you see it Children ? The two trees?

And when I turned my head  back and away,  there was my Santa holding his head on his glove,  over his enormous great knee,  – and to my surprise Santa was staring at me….As my gaze fell into Santa’s Eyes, I saw only myself inside his great tree that size,  and I saw the family and spaces where  I came to be, I saw all my life and my children and wife, it was clear to me like a cut of the reddish with a razor sharp knife across time I could see and all I could be it was coming to me as Santa showed me. ( Dad rolled a reddish and from his sleeves and  then a razor sharp knife clunked to the floor – nine startled children all huddled back on the warm  hard wood floor).

I could see myself and my life,… and all of you too…. clearly inside Santa’s Great Christmas tree po that night. It was like all of you were the light of my life, the only thing that i needed was to see by your light. Your children are bright. I saw you that night. Inside Santa’s Tree. And I saw all that each of you could be. I could see. And I know you won’t fail Santa or me.

( nine heads nodded as one….of course we won’t daddy of course we won’t as no words were spoken. No one was about to see the story broken ).

Do you see now why Santa’s first  list for naught and nice, is a list he checks and scurries over twice?

He see’s you all in one way or another, inside his Great Christmas Tree, every sister every brother. He has your number and he knows the truth from a lie, which makes Santa Special for you and for I. But Why? Say you why?

Santa rose up and he brought me up too, and he turned to show me the fire place roaring, and the smoke rising like white eagles soaring. He had me look up to the HUGE MIRROR that hung, just above the mantel , as if eternity had it done. And as I gazed up and crossed the great mirror frame , a sight that  was so moving if only for  me, was  to see only Santa’s  Den and just Santa Clause some elves  and then there was  Me.

There was no Christmas Tree where once it had stood,  and in its place was the sofa as a perfect replacement if ever one could.

Yes Children – the Tree was all gone and now only inside me -and all round and beside me, and yet there was magic because still  in that mirror, I could see the Great tree in the eyes of Santa has he reflected them back from inside the mirror, it was magic to see the tree was so near, and i thanked Santa for so making sure, his tree was as real, as all eight rain deer,  inside this reflection I could both see and I could hear, as if I was inside the  instead of a  distant far sear. As I blinked and Santa Winked the tree disappeared, into the great gone, of song. As all of the elf’s sang us on home, that North Pole forever was free as Santa let me learn from His Own Christmas Tree.

Children I left Santa an oracle Orb 10,000 years old, made of pure diamond reelecting both future and past, in silver and gold.

As the Eagle rose to the Sky, bundled in blankets and layered am I, they all waved me off with the love  reindeer have, as higher and higher we rose till the North Pole was a final long pass. Then hours of ice and so many mountains to go, I fell fast  asleep to the flapping so steady and slow.

I woke up when the great Eagle Cried, and I was put down  in the field, just over the lake the rainbow and spring.  I wondered on down, from the place thats not far, and slept in my room and here I am having not driven the car, showered and dressed and ready far past Santa’s test. For you children must know the story I told you , is not only true, it is also so quite  new. It just unfolded for me and for you and all that I ask is that you believe that its true and that with your sight you understand that the story of Sanda was grand as it unfolded last night. Yes you have it alright as the entire story was all done last night. It was perfect and right. In Santa Clause sight.

Do you believe. Do you and do you.

That even word of my story is true?

As nine heads nodded? All moving the same.

Like nine little angels inside picture frames.

The lesson is this and its that, which I say is about about Santa Had a Christmas Tree, and that in Santa ‘s Great Tree all the people and living with the plants and the animals too, celebrate diversity in all of its forms, as interesting paintings from God, which glories all when each head can nod. Every life  is precious and none should erase, as those who can’t see and those who don’t know, can never keep pace. Insanity attacks that which it can never  be, and adds to its own burdens having no powers to see. Sanity sings in praise and delight, at the oneness of all God’s colors and  lights. His  tapestry all  perfect from the Master’s own hands, and Santa Preserves his  creation  in his holy of  hands.

For those who can grow and who can be all you  can be, all that is required is to “SEE”  Santa’s Great Tree.

All that is required is to see Santa’s Christmas  Tree.

And thats the truth. And all the truth you will ever heed, if on Christmas Eve you chose to believe.

Now Run to Bed and Dream Sugar Plumb Dreams and perhaps of  a Great Tree…and all nine ran to bed….with villages and angels spinning in their heads.

They heard their father cry out in a very loud shout –

Berny Dohrmann ( Confirming Al Delarosa’s Translation is very close to the actual lesson to the nine from Alan G. Dohrmann ….

Spoken Live by Alan G Dohrmann to his children – 1955




As we said the Fed raised interest rates .25 basis points today. This was put forth with a message to the market to anticipate slow motion rate rises over long time frames. In effect we are ending FREE MONEY but we will keep ALMOST FREE MONEY for a long long time.


Because the market is entering DEFLATION not INFLATION as desired. As the DEFLATION ACCELERATES GLOBALLY the bankruptcies will soar. As they hit institutional firms who are held up by bandages in disguise the banks will rock and the investment banks will roll. As the contagion spreads like a wild fire the SUPER CRASH with zero will inflame the world in 72 hours.

Be mindful to watch for those signals as THE DEFAULTS ARE COMING that will be your only warning.

In my opinion.

Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE


PS: More to follow on whats worth reporting really…I mean really.




Investors seeking high interest have moved in the past decade to Corporate Bonds. CORPORATIONS driven by cheap money have acquired enormous debt largely to buy their own stock back and artificially run prices from 16 x earnings up to 32 x earnings – which Fed Chairwoman are saying is dangerous and too high.

Meanwhile quietly the market makers ( banks ) don’t want to hold bonds in this volume. Why? The bonds are hostage to:

  • Inflation – where their real returns lower
  • Illiquidity – no one can bet out of them ( 2015 )
  • A bond crash destroys value
  • New laws make the banks have to hold more cash to hold more bonds

Today the 10 Trillion in Corporate Bonds is having a hard time. Everyone wants to sell. No one wants to buy. So the bond market is soft and that is saying it lightly. What happens in the coming SUPER CRASH. The bond market liquidity will freeze and then lock up.

All over the EU in December the markets are saying there is no buyer – we try and sell a bond and there is no buyer on the other side of the transaction. What is that telling you folks and this is way before the panic sets in and the runs begin. This musical chairs market pays those who get out early and those who delay freeze up their pay as it was too late already YESTERDAY to get OUT.

Obscure clauses will allow bond holders to say no to redemptions and just sit on bonds. There will be no choice. Market liquidity is freezing up. It may well be the Bond Markets at 10 Trillion are the seeds for the Super Crash to commence the great depression.  The value of bonds is sinking in these good times. Right now. There is shrinking liquidity and shrinking values as an offset.  EU growth has substantially slowed in this quarter after massive unheard of EU QUANTITIVE EASING a phrase our former Fed Chairman pulled out of his ass for making free money liquidity for distressed markets. Even fire hoses of money have not stimulated the market to react as planned. Central planners have no tools for the developing deflation. They have utterly failed to witness inflation versus deflationary markets. Failed policy is rewarded with massive destruction of financial values as a consequence of force effected by economic powers. Power vs Force. Power always wins – which is the real market that can not be fooled by manipulation. China is letting its currency sink into never ending trade war pricing to currency of other nations. Other nations are raising interests to offset the trade war. None of this will work on either side. Trade war is the last step in the competitive capitalistic cycle before super crash and world war. Long predicted on these blog reports. As a repeat of five thousand years of financial history now repeating in 2016.

The market distortions and unintended consequences of failed Fed monetary policy globally have reached a tipping point. The future looks like:

  • A dow Super Crash to 6500 Dow levels and 20 years to recover from deflation without war so there will be war
  • A real estate slaughter worse than any we have known – prices higher than market buyers can afford slaughters liquidity and home values
  • A bond crash the like of which the world has never seen or known – in which liquidity already now extremely stressed will evaporate

Today the powers are discussing the unthinkable. WHO IS THE BANK OF LAST RESORT IN THE 10 TRILLION DOLLAR GLOBAL BOND MARKET? Answer – there is none. Not any. So when this market goes south completely the market will freeze and lock up. Corporate growth will then be impossible. Corporations with debt needs to grow will have to shrink adding fuel to the cycle and the coming SUPER CRASH and Global Great Depression world wide. China will be wiped out completely. Civil wars will ensure in China. Russia will have a revolution. The EU will break apart complete. South America will war with one another as will Africa. The USA will remain the best but will suffer enormously it won’t be fun or easy.

Is it avoidable – yes.

Is anyone doing the avoiding work – no.

Why? Greed .

Can this be fixed?

Doubtful. The political will is lacking and the financial lobbies dominate legislation required to fix it.

Why do we not develop a system that precludes this type of insanity economically? Because law makers are largely attorney and legally trained brains and lack the economic understanding of larger financial modeling to appropriately understand digest and pass holistic financial legislation.

What do individuals do? You read Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan.

You invest in diversified insurance investment offerings guaranteed with high returns and principle safety.

You move into RISK OFF and get out of all bonds funds – equities – and in my view hard assets. Own some silver and gold coins for temporary liquidity and have enough food and water for a month.

Folks if you can’t see whats coming you need to surround yourself with some one who does.

The Chairwoman of the Federal Reserve Board said today – I don’t see any bubbles forming”. As an investment banker economist I say to her with all respect SHAME ON YOU madame. You know better. Your Fed is a failed institution and needs to be MERGED into the UNITED STATES TREASURY as a model for all nations. Fed policy making and charing interest to nations to print their money is an antique notion that is too costly, does not work, and needs to be retired. Its time has come and its failed policy causes all the pain in the world. The Fed is the source of the problem not the solution.


Berny Dohrmann



PS: If your a bond holder your last chance to get out clean is this year – this minute even.




The Fed will raise interest rates. To continue the madness of FREE MONEY to fuel inflation and market growth is a failed policy. Free Money has never fueled inflation. Market rate structures must return to develop a return to sanity in financial market space. Regardless of the adjustment pains. The credit bubble globally is already so insane it defies logic.

Think that in print there are 1.2 trillion US dollars in circulation and about 70% of that is outside the USA. Now think hundreds of trillions of dollar based transactions are occurring annually. Also think of the enormous base of bank secured deposits of which 300 billion in real dollars printed in the USA is a tiny fraction – less than 10% of the digital entries of your money at banks.

Said another way – your money is not in the bank. Your money is being invested by the banks in increasingly high risk investments of which enormous dollars have busted and lost and to which the bank still reports full value on their books. This is a crime in other industries. It is wrong in any industry. It is a reason the world is bankrupt really.

Greed. The lack of regulation to control speculation.

Speculation – side bets on which way a market will go in the future – up or down – is manipulating prices. Bubbles in energy and commodities are busting now as the speculation bets were vastly wrong – the commodities went down in value not up – and the margin calls on the insane leverage bets – requires those like China holding these bets to SELL their stakes in the commodities further spiral to the market downturn – from oil to nutmeg.

The delivering of the credit speculation bubbles is crashing markets but that is just the beginning. To return to sanity will take a new regulatory frame work. I’ve been calling for just that for years.

The Fed system globally is broken. Fed’s must be merged into national treasuries. Period. Remove the biggest cost to nations – printing money – and paying debt interest on each dollar printed. That itself is an insane thought by the GREEDY against society.

Let Treasury control monetary policy and Fed systemic management internal to Treasury. Merge it. Remove the interest fee. Stop the blood letting.

If we don’t take that single step – the SUPER CRASH and WORLD WAR repeat to financial history is a merry go round we count on revisiting. We can avoid it but time is rapidly running completely out. Speculation is destroying the future of nations.

IT is a failure of global regulatory frame work nothing less.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – spitting in the wind




VW is suggesting that “yes there was a chain of ERRORS”. There was NO CHAIN OF ERRORS. There was a VW CHAIN OF CRIMES. These crimes went on for years and defrauded nations. Is a host of VW CRIMINALS going to PRISON QUICKLY? Nope. No one is arrested. Any shop lifter would have been arrested. But steal billions and you get a GET OUT OF JAIL free pass.

China is manipulating its phony money currency. Today as it loses market share on all fronts – and a run on manufacturing ( our of China which is permanent ) and a melt down of their bubbles into DEFLATION for decades – the sun has risen and has now SET upon China. It is permanent. The currency of China is free falling. China devalued it’s currency in a CRIMINAL TRADE WAR move on the rest of the world. Now they are devaluing their currency through “guidance” or financial speak – to allow effective devaluations until China goods become so cheap against other currencies – one must return to snap up those bargains. Is their criminal trade war plan. It will backfire and not work and other nations are far from amused.

The IMF conducted a criminal violation of their charter by including the China currency – phone money – manipulated currency – into the drawing rights prestige basket. Does anyone go to jail for these financial crimes. No.

Speculators who rigged the world commodity markets and then got crushed when their own bubble imploded lost trillions of wealth. Does any one go to jail for these illegal market trades? Of course not. Years from now some brokers may pay some fines to GET OUT JAIL but these institutions have become TO BIG TO JAIL.

Until criminals GO TO PRISON it is my opinion – our economic world system is rigged – a global casino with no real basis. The instability of such GREED by pure criminals manipulations markets IS a SUPER CRASH followed by world war.

Ideally the G 100 would host an economic constitutional congress to advance a global set of economic rules all nations would sign on to. This will do more for the environment and full partnership for nations than any other game plan. Unless we REGULATE UNWANTED MARKET SPECULATION and return laws we had in 1999 – that make such speculation a CRIME we have no real economic system.

Today banks in all nations Russia to the US can take your grand mother’s deposits and speculate with that money at 50 to one leverage in impossibly criminal trading schemes that add noting to economic muscle and growth – and simply are SIDE BETS on which way markets will go. LEGAL GAMBLING with investor and bank deposits where the laws are all local and the trades are all in the CLOUD and unregulated by any nation.

The LARGEST RETHINK OF REGULATORY FRAME WORK must mature to preserve the world order or WORLD WAR will reset the world order at a cost beyond imagination to think about. Greed is not moral ethical legal or intelligent. Greed must be moderated by laws and transparent global regulation.

It is smart to under take such a commission and the act of planning it will go a long way to firewall the criminals. In the end Criminals stealing this much need to go to jail.

VW would be a good start for Germany. Fast prosecutions of the bad guys.

This is not a chain of errors.

This is a well planned chain of CRIMES against nations.

Boycott firms that you know lack integrity.

We the people can start a revolution with our wallets. Be conscious consumers and watch as we take our world back for the unborn generation that follow us.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE