Like them or hate them they are 72 % of all Consumer buying in the USA and in many other areas. When their earnings are UP and surpassed expert expectations and consumer buying and gas pricing down – impacts markets – you can see why the Fed WILL stop zero based money supply and return to economics and market rates. The world is ready.

ISIS is fueling a war. That is good for economies actually though sad for the world. Look at history.

Through year end big firms are downsizing and cleaning balance sheets for year end. Watch market cycles as firms dump and buy and reposition by the trillions. 34 million smaller businesses are hiring.

The SEC just passed JOB CREATION capital new rules this last month and the flood gates for small business accelerated growth are now WIDE AND FULLY OPEN. The new relaxed 504 rules becomes the actual CROWD FUNDING accessible to every entrepreneur. CEO SPACE Teaches the first class on the new rules Dec 11th Dec 13th and Dec 15th as a bonus option to those joining our REUNION OF THE DECADE program for our membership in 140 nations this Dec. Every business owner should save taxes and get the updates.

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We see small business prospering in all the cycles coming while we caution investors to be safe as the 7 year bull market historically must end soon and the bear market moderate values for a time. Don’t be caught short. We’ve painted the information on the risks in our blog as we see them in our own opinion.

We anticipate a Holiday BIG EVENT both from Isis and TO ISIS from Russia. Watch for those events. In fact we believe terror has declared and started a world war. The world is now at war with terror. We are in WORLD WAR III and as with past war it is truly easier to see the war is good against evil. Terror is not the good.

Looking at history, we all have to step up and be counted. In these times coming TOGETHER is the cure for what illness we see. COME TOGETHER at CEO SPACE and your Holidays will be forever enriched.

That is our promise this year and we are sticking to it.

God Bless and Keep you one and all and

Berny Dohrmann





First, failure to merge the FED into the US TREASURY and stop interest payments for printing money but keep all the rest of Fed powers under the US TREASURY where the work is accountable and federal versus via a private company contractor where the banks self regulate the world at impossible tax to American futures – a failed policy – the FED. Not accountable not transparent and opaque a terrible idea in 2016.

Isis has stated it will attack WASHINGTON DC. In doing so the SUPER POWERS Bin Laden said were to the insane POOF – with his hand gesture – will become reality. The prestige of the West is being broken by this cult group of insane satan worshipers. The entire world needs to declare full war and then Nuke the capital – so that – the insane see the consequence of dealing insanely with the sane – the sane will use insane tactics to wipe out the virus on the human consciousness – why have our people die – while they slaughter our innocents? Why let time go by before Putin uses one nuke and takes ISIS out at the source – just one – five minutes from this minute – and we have a new world order – back again. For the unborn generation war is for them and we didn’t bring it we just end it. Why are we waiting? Why did we wait with Hitler? And what was that cost again. This from Reuters see their web site for full features on the topic:

Islamic State warned in a new video on Monday that countries taking part in air strikes against Syria would suffer the same fate as France, and threatened to attack in Washington.

The video, which appeared on a website used by Islamic State to post its messages, begins with news footage of the aftermath of Friday’s Paris shootings in which at least 129 people were killed.

The message to countries involved in what it called the “crusader campaign” was delivered by a man dressed in fatigues and a turban, and identified in subtitles as Al Ghareeb the Algerian.

“We say to the states that take part in the crusader campaign that, by God, you will have a day, God willing, like France’s and by God, as we struck France in the center of its abode in Paris, then we swear that we will strike America at its center in Washington,” the man said.

Isis will strike in multiple locations. These will cause financial markets to spook out. The effect with one more push will be SUPER CRASH and WORLD DEPRESSION and WORLD WAR which is what ISIS Wants. Rather than have world war – nuke them. Why claim super powers if you never use your super powers? Is this not the moment?

We know they DO WHAT THEY SAY. They threaten France with MORE the EU with MORE and now WASHINGTON say when at Christmas time with our babies shopping? When? WHEN do leaders ACT? WHEN? George Bush understood you either bring it to them or they bring it to us. How complex is that concept? Having lived and worked in the Gulf for decades I can tell you the fringe of evil that has hijacked the Muslim Faith is either expunged by the faithful or by the people of the book  ( us ) – NUKE THEM – which resets the world order in countless ways for decades to come. SUPER POWERS use your SUPER POWERS.

FOR THIS IS THE TIME ……we didn’t bring it ….we end it.

Nothing would secure the world like one Nuke on Isis capital and the full on wipe up and mop up after with boots on the ground – of all ISIS outposts. They will not recover. Why are we waiting? How many more have to be slaughtered? How much more of history wiped out forever? How much more insanity before we say to a cult gang like the crips and bloods – its enough now. You have no place upon the earth. You are 20,000 years the insects will inherit your land. Why are we waiting?

I just don’t see how those managing the entire world futures are thinking of plans to have so many die in battles with the insane versus simply making one insane decision to remove another insanity because the trade is worth it – the end does and will justify the means. Leadership requires stepping out.

I understand President Obama wishes to exit 2016 the historic President in the history books. Step out the door as a lame duck doing a final celebration election year helping his party as he is able to do so. However the CRISES IN LEADERSHIP GLOBALLY related to ISIS is simple math:

  1. ISIS is bankrupting the world order – financially politically and emotionally.
  2. ISIS is an eye dropper of pure evil under Satan’s competitive thought form versus the Holy Spirits COOPERATIVE thought forum ( virus removal of satan ).
  3. The leadership of the world is allowing slaughter with its lack of decision.
  4. WHY Is terror not blocked from on line access by all providers and routers in all forms and all terrorism – why does terror have access it should be against all laws?
  5. The CRISES IN LEADERSHIP is a failure to Nuke ISIS in their home base – a five minute permanent solution in a  language the enemy hears and understands as there is no other language they understand or appreciate – there is none. They understand BOOM.

The world needs to appreciate who the SUPER POWER IS. If President Obama can not lead out front on this item as he did with Bin Laden then Putin should lead out front on this item for all the rest of us. IT IS TIME is the WHY. Every minute ratchets up the cost in dollars lives lost and all war related damages. IT IS TOO BIG A BURDEN TO PAY FROM HERE FORWARD. Not one more minute folks. LEADERSHIP act and close your eyes and do what needs to be done. Say a prayer for innocent deaths knowing it stops here – it stops now – five minutes – it stops. And the untold deaths of innocents stops HERE AND NOW as the insanity is removed from the living.

What are we waiting for?


  1. A bio attack?
  2. A dirty bomb
  3. A purchased nuke on us
  4. Untold death
  5. Untold damage to the world order

THERE IS A CRISES IN LEADERSHIP. The truth will set you free. As always. Note how media is not talking about anything like this when you KNOW it is being discussed in closed smoke filled rooms you KNOW THAT ? Right?


Because they used their SUPER POWER.

The penalty of LEADERSHIP is not subtle or without enormous cost to the responsibility. Ask Truman. However, the result is the peace that follows a single decision.

A SUPER POWER Loses its status when it refuses to use its SUPER POWERS. Confidence in leadership softens then shatters then becomes a crises. Which is where we are today in globally divided societies due to a crises in leadership. A crises to resolve jobs, education, and related core issues in favor of playing it safe as leaders. WE ARE AT WAR we need GREAT LEADERSHIP NOT good is no longer enough within this crises of leadership at this critical moment.

I remain convicted ISIS is a product of a CRISES IN LEADERSHIP and failed global policies by the entire G 20 that is a leadership of SHAME to the peoples of the world and to the unborn generation.

Vote as never before because the CRISES Of LEADERSHIP is our only problem globally. Cooperation is the future where all diversity is celebrated. Competition where all diversity is punished – is a failed thought forum – is pure evil – and increasingly is seen as the cause agent of pollution ( first in the mental software ) and then upon the earth – and until we remove the virus of the mind ( competition itself ) and remove MIND POLLUTION as the first pollution – we shall have no peace.

Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION with its call to thought political and religious leaders to follow a MASTER BLUE PRINT to take us all home to safe harbor.

Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO SPACE




If Mohammed where alive, I’m convinced from studying his work for years, that HE WOULD KILL EVERY MEMBER OF ISIS in short order. The mark of the HOLY SPIRIT is pure and true to the word of the book. ISIS is not a religious movement. As Vice President Kerry said today ISIS is a brain washed mis led group cult and gang, following psychopathic monsters worse than HILTER in so many contextual ways. ISIS is a religion of SATAN and is under SATANIC FAVOR for you will know them by their words. Do not be fooled. Do not fall for SATAN using divine work and then distorting that work as SATAN always does so that actually you no longer have the HOLY SPIRIT you have pure evil.

ISIS made the largest mistake of their life. For dividing the world and inspiring a Muslim Christian great war – is now an item where very Muslim who is of God and of the HOLY SPIRIT see’s ISIS as an arm of SATANIC FAVOR and all Muslims of the book now wish to delete ISIS and its insanity from the energy field we call earth.

Those who follow Satan are following the GREAT LIE the GREAT LIAR who is insane – and the result is destruction – suffering and unimaginable betrayal – insanity – which is what ISIS is. AN INSANE ASYLUM. Those following ISIS are insane. The sane will now delete them into the insane asylum God has prepared for them we call HELL. There is only one future for ISIS hell on earth and hell on the other side. HELL is the place you hold insane souls for eternity. PRAY For those who can be saved to flea and leave ISIS as they wake up from the spell of SATAN and satanic influence. That defines ISIS. A state of satanic insanity.

How do you bring every faith together in today’s world? Only ISIS could do it because SATAN is insane and fails to see THE UNINTENDED CONSEQUENCES. Ultimately Satan is stupid.

Ah. It is not attacking woman and children and slaying by intention the innocent, which those of God only sometimes do by accident, ISIS does by willful intention. No it is not THAT.

The mistake is they slaughtered wonderful French families going to a music concert or to a meal.

No it is not THAT.

They have crossed the one line they can never crawl back from. They committed suicide ! For they intentionally attacked WORLD SOCCER. Two billion of us relate to going to a soccer game and watching these games. THEY ATTACKED that which you may not violate. They attacked the innocent going to a SOCCER GAME FOLKS to a SOCCER GAME ! That is not war that is evil. That is not of God. That is of Satan. Soccer is played in heaven and Satan is not allowed in the stadium. Not today. Not for eternity. His insanity pass prevents it. THOU SHALL NOT PASS.

Now the world IS  fully united. THEY ATTACKED WORLD SOCCER.

Folks even the Muslims are now united – in all sects  – for only SATAN would attack SOCCER. There is no Holy Spirit involved. The HOLY WAR has begun and ISIS committed Suicide last week in France. For every injury and death they will simply be entirely deleted.


It is the only recourse for the children of a divine GOD.

The Holy spirit and its children are sane.

ISIS and the children of Satan are insane.

You shall know them by their works.


Berny Dohrmann

Chairman CEO SPACE – deleting ISIS








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The Master Key Entrepreneurial Skill: Accentuate The Positive and Illuminate The Negative

by David Corbin

David Corbin
An entrepreneur never likes surprises that can upset or damage their business or life. Yet, surprises show up, and sometimes they’re pretty lousy game changers.

The good news is that these challenges can be predicted, mitigated or eliminated.

David CorbinAccentuate The Positive and Illuminate The Negative. These are actually two separate concepts: Accentuate The Positive and Illuminate The Negative. Placed together, we call this the Illuminate Model; an entrepreneurial skill used to stave off many painful ‘surprises’ and achieve greater results.

Take a look at the bookshelves at the major book stores –  There are literally thousands of books and chapters on the subject of Positive Mental Attitude (PMA) and for good reason; there’s a high correlation between a PMA and happiness, success and achievement. It’s a no brainer.

Now look at Illuminate The Negative. Why on earth would anyone want to do that? There certainly aren’t volumes of books and chapters on that concept.  What could this possibly mean and what’s the value to the business professional?

Let’s face it, negatives pop up in life and that’s a fact. Like weeds, they need no watering to grow, no care and attention to thrive, they just pop up and take on a life of their own. So, what do we do?

If you are like most people you probably try to avoid them like the plague. But nowhere in the PMA literature does it suggest that we ignore, suppress or eliminate the negatives.

Fact is the more you keep the negatives in the dark, the more likely they grow. Like mushrooms they seem to multiply faster in dark environments. And that’s the breeding ground for issues and challenges to grow up large enough to jump up and bite you where it hurts. And that’s where many of these ‘negative surprises’ come from.

Yet when we illuminate these issues as they come up, we’ve found that, like a Vampire, they often disappear when illuminated in the light of day.

Hence the name – ILLUMINATE!  Shine the light on the negative situation or issue and confront it head on. Rather than turning your back on it, point your nose at it and face it- literally.

In life, in business, in relationships, chances are that ‘we can’t solve everything we face and we can’t solve anything unless we face it”.

Since time immemorial a common thread running between those who succeed, innovate and achieve their dreams is one word: courage.

The courage to face fears as well as the courage to face the unknown. And why do people shy away from addressing these negative issues? Having worked with thousands of people over the years, we’ve observed that most seem to shy away from negatives because they just don’t have the resources to ‘solve them’, ‘cure them’ or ‘make them go away’.

The Illuminate The Negative Model has three simple steps; simple but not always easy. Your effectiveness with these steps is a function of your courage, confidence and comfort with vulnerability… especially if you don’t immediately have the resources of time, money or knowledge.

Illuminate the Negative is a three step model for entrepreneurial success.

1. Face It

When confronted with a negative situation, challenge or threat, take note of it and assume that it’s real. It might not be… but that’s for you to decide after serious consideration because it’s data. And it’s always dangerous to dismiss this information without consideration. The risk/reward equation here is enormous.

If you manage or supervise others who bring a ‘negative’ issue to you, you’re strongly advised to take it seriously. Face it. Acknowledge it and give thanks to the bearer of this information. Be open with yourself and others. If you don’t agree, for example, that the negative observation is valid, be honest and say so. Then, commit to following up and considering it care-fully… and, for goodness sake, do it! There is no greater way to demoralize and disenfranchise an employee than to placate them.

One creative entrepreneur we worked with created and memorized the following statement for this situation, “…and while I don’t see it that way right now I hereby commit to considering your viewpoint very carefully because I really respect your opinionSo let’s regroup on this on…..”

Create a habit in your life to allow for and even ‘celebrate’ the realization, recognition and awareness of these seemingly negatives issues because they can be the starting point of a significant breakthrough.

2. Follow it

Play a game of investigator and follow clues as to what caused it, what and who it effects, what’s keeping it alive and whether it’s worth the deployment of time, attention and other resources to mitigate.

3. Fix it

Here you want to put in the systems that address the issue, to reduce or eliminate its impact and influence. And it’s not always a ‘fix’ per se, it’s often a calibration of the impact. Either way, it’s a significant improvement as you go on your way.

Start right now. What are you in need of illuminating? What might be holding you back right now? Ask yourself. Ask your confidants. What is it that might be a sticking point for your desired result right now?

So now when you or one of your confidants discovers an area where there may be some avoidance or denial in your life…. situate yourself in a quiet place, get out a notepad, break out your new entrepreneurial skill and Illuminate away; Face It, Follow It and Fix It.

The Master Key to Entrepreneurial Success? Maybe it’s an overstatement. But count on this; when you put this model to use…Illuminate the Negative in a Positive light, and do it courageously, honestly and with vulnerability, you will expand in all areas of your business.

David Corbin is a legacy faculty member of CEO Space; he’s a keynote spkeaker and trainer.

You’ll have ample opportunity to dine with David as well as have private meetings for one-on-one consulting with him at CEO Space.