Lifetime Members across 30 years of time, and 140 nations of service footprint, are being asked to return to CEO SPACE’s December Holiday business Growth conference. Our Platinum mentors are being encouraged to all return. Everyone is asked to bring teens and young children from their family groups. Its only four days of work for such a high profit to you. Read about the value built in to this decision.

Once in a decade do we ramp up for the REUNION OF REUNIONS of our vast CEO membership of professionals and business owners globally. New members get such an advantage when we host a REUNION program.

We have price plans for every level of participation. Staff price plans are the lowest for our members so every budget can afford to come. We enrich relationships – family – and we accelerate business growth. The last chance to reposition a tax dollar into a refund is to register into Dec 15th ( or four days of bonus classes Dec 11th to the Dec 20th huge value )  CEO SPACE in 2015. It is so smart on dollar and cost value benefits reviews. Here is why.

15 of the THOUGHTS LEADERS OF THE CENTURY will create historic events you will share with grandchildren for the remainder of your lifetime. The DEC CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL business growth conference ( # 1 ranked by Forbes ) is the program of the decade – the GREAT GIFT you reposition tax dollars to acquire for yourself. Bob Proctor Super Star of THE SECRET ( 1.5 billion readers ) and Greg Reid Global best seller THREE FEET FROM GOLD and host of THE SECRET KNOCK trainings – Adam Markel CEO of Peak Potentials largest Training institution on earth – Sharon Lechter Author of RICH DAD POOR DAD – OUTWITTING THE DEVIL – AND THINK & GROW RICH FOR WOMEN live and in person – Michael Drew – Linda Clemons – George Fraser of Fraser Net – Emma Fraser double Harvard Post Graduate mentor – Jeff Flam – Dan Clark world famous Keynote to Fortune institutions – Dave Austin celebrity athletic coach – and more – all on the same stage at the same time never to repeat – the mentors of the century for the REUNION of our membership.

Lifetime members must realize opportunity is knocking but you must BUILD YOUR OWN DOOR to open the doorway and  to answer this opportunity  call. YOUR MUST MAKE A DECISION that is hugely profitable to your life and future.  This is why so many never walk over the threshold of accelerated success. Success IS a learned behavior. Success requires new tools and new tactics every leader must acquire on an on going basis – a lifetime education journey to stay at the bleeding edge. CEO SPACE delivers with superior mentorship – tools and tactics that make YOU a far better leader and all the resources in one place at one time you require to accelerate everything. Improve your core game. Invest in success accelerations.

Give yourself the GREAT GIFT. If you are a first time new member, you will simply get MORE for your life time membership. More high value contacts. More new customers and alliances. More tools and tactics. The best of our decade all this December. What a better use of time and options for any business owner. LIFT OFF ON DEC 15th OR EARLIER WITH FREE DAYS OF HOLIDAY BONUS CLASS OFFERINGS FREE FREE FREE AS A PRESENT THIS HOLIDAY.

If you are a lifetime member, please share my blog about the DEC 15th reunion FORUM   with your CEO SPACE member community letting them know you are returning for YOUR REUNION class. If you join us Dec 11th you will receive four full days of BONUS training FREE if your registered for the full Reunion Class. The price is discounted for members returning to REUNION not to be repeated in 2016. The classes open with me teaching you personally, all the new relaxed rules on capital raising for venture space passed by the SEC at the end of OCTOBER just days ago. THE ONLY TRAINING IN THE WORLD ON THESE NEW RULES IS CEO SPACE CAPITAL SKILLS TRAINING FOR CEO’s DEC 11th. Itself worth the entire decision – I’m GETTING THESE MASTER SKILL SETS as a business owner or professional. Reunion gives you MORE.

Enrich your Holidays.


Enrich your Family bonds.

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Safe harbor inside  the developing election year storms, sure to hit shore in 2016, ( based on historic data )  is CEO SPACE for that safer harbor for your business, within  a much larger all cooperative trading community. Your future income is a feature of a combination between the boss acquiring new skills on TOOLS AND TACTICS in an increasingly inbound digital marketing environment – acquiring larger cooperative trading communities – and working with higher level mentorship to resolve business challenges of the moment and the future. CEO SPACE delivers on all of that like no where else on earth.

Do you want a safer more protected future?

Do you want an accelerated income?

Do you want to shrink time and lower money cost to reach GROWTH GOALS you set anyway?

Do you believe the future election year markets will be more turbulent? Do you want to lower risk to our business model?

Do you believe you must do some things differently to secure different results?

Do you want to reclaim a refund impossible without registration to CEO SPACE to secure those dollars back?

Do you want to lay in a safe harbor protection against turbulence in the market before the financial storms reach shore?

Do you want your families and relationships to have a 10 Christmas or Holiday Season and New Year versus anything less than 10?

Receive all those values knowing the only cost is the opportunities you miss out on if you remain at home.


After all its YOUR REUNION to hook UP….

I’d just DO IT.

Phone us off our web site ceospaceinternational.com and ask for current Member and staff family pricing plans all subsidized for new members and grads for the REUNION BIG ONE.

Share my blog if your a member and thank you.

Proud Chairman founder CEO SPACE

PS: Share our blog – once in ten years YOU GET SO MUCH MORE – make Dec your divine appointment with your much bigger future.