Entrepreneurs should study this blog – make a favorite – share it – and stay ahead of information. You should profit from the speculative bubble as long as it lasts and be enabled to reset quickly when the bubble bursts. We are inside a bubble. Its exciting when it is expanding. It grows fastest just before the end – like dot.bomb crash like 2008 crash. It will crash. All bubbles do. And we have told you WHY.

Investing in insurance based investing is a growing trend for the wealthy because you earn guaranteed returns during the crash and reset. You avoid buying at all time peaks and then going into the crash at peak. Have we learned nothing?

Fear of being left out is an oxymoron during suckers rallies. The multiples for todays asset classes are crazy.

The cost of everything ( Oil ) is moving to 30 dollars to assure we remain oil based economically – using Shale versus deep sea oil ( which is unlimited but costly ). As the cost of everything is down 70% the deflation of everything going down has a chilling effect on commodity speculation. Trillions are being lost. More when the bubble bursts.

In China with entire cities empty how can real estate remain in its bubble? It can’t. No bubble is forever no matter how manipulated phony economies that lie to you about their real math are. Speculation and managed economies are doomed and we told you WHY.

Just stay tuned.

Information is power.

Be and remain informed.

You will have safe harbor in the process.

I’d register at year end to the most important CEO SPACE retreat week for CEO’s at the top on earth – Dec 15th.  You won’t regret that as we forge safe harbor all around you as the election year storms clouds begin to seriously gather.


You soon will be.

We’ll tell you WHY.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE