So is it economics that Facebook is 30 times higher than its multiple in earnings in 2007? Is economics driving the market ? What is creating the expansion ? No one knows. Why is the recovery so tired and anemic? No one knows. The Fed experiment was to place 4 trillion dollars into the economy in five years almost one trillion a year. Would you expect higher inflation? A more rapid recovery? Why is nothing working as planned?

The truth is..the Fed has lost all control of the economics. Deflation is running the market and all the printing presses and all the money mommy can print will not put humbty dumpty back together again? Why?

Because the market is rigged. The market is manipulated. The market is not a real market. The market is now unregulated and in the cloud. The market is marching to unbridled GREED & SPECULATION. The market of 2000 forward is a market space of CASINO CAPITALISM.

The first bubble crash almost sunk the world economic model.

The second bubble crash will sink the world into daisy chain bank closures, financial too big WILL FAIL like dominoes, and the deleveraging of ridiculous credit, will come home to roast. The result will be world war following the GREAT DEPRESSION of 2017 or there about.

The claims on economies – say Russia in Syria – during its sanction melt down at home – the Gulf in oil price speculation melt down to real market pricing – ( deflation ) – the EU unwinding due to the debt burden no possible model can suggest repayment for – and a contagion event from Greece, ISIS, North Africa, in the USA, in the EU, in Israel, in Iran, in China or in the China Sea, it is coming – it IS COMING and you can all feel THAT. The fragile nature of the world economic scene can not stand it though because all the speculation in the bubble crashes when the bubble crashes. Contagion creates panic and bubble crashes. This bubble which is the speculation into the cost of EVERYTHING via structured assets that are unregulated – the same problem of sub prime but now its SUB COMMODITY – where when this bubble breaks there is no there there – there is no place to GO into. We spiral into a feeding chain of implosion economically as the bubble crash self fuels. Deflation feeds off it.

The real USA unemployment rate has dropped from almost 20% to just under 10% in the last part of 2015. This unemployment is not a stable platform and is made by temp jobs and cheap jobs where the high paying jobs have all left the building in the last crash. The SUPER CRASH will create global unemployment of 35% which spawns world wars. Always.

WE are not out of the CRASH of 2008. We have postponed the mandate that too big WILL FAIL and MUST FAIL to readjust delivering speculative credits between nations and institutions. The bankrupt still walking – the walking dead financially – are “walkers” all over the world. You have to stab them in the head to put them down. The burst of the Bubble will do that.

The nations of the world lake the tens of trillions needed to pay off the bad credits.

Until these bad loans are fully written down in real economic terms there is no economy that is real.

Until the wild speculation in structured asset is made a crime once again as it was the past 70 years there is NO REAL ECONOMIC RECOVERY. Everything is smoke and mirrors.

We exist inside a false bubble. The bubble is global and will crash. China Real Estate will Crash. Currencies globally will crash. Trade war is continuing and will continue until the bubble crashes.

This credit bubble ( free money from central banks world wide for ten years and longer ) must readjust. The bubble must burst.

Finance 101 – everywhere manufacturing is declining in real terms. Productivity is not rising as we predicted in real terms. The shrug off of the markets to RISE on bad news is an indicator of a fools rally. A technical manipulated SUCKERS RALLY.

Don’t be fooled.

Monitor this all very carefully.

Yes you can miss a fools rally ramp up but you also miss the fools rally crashes – where the cycles come closer together – are ever more volatile and unpredictable and no OLD model works in this new speculation market space. This is a pure bubble folks. All the real brains know that.

We have suggested given the scope of the blood bath coming that you invest in diversified insurance investing. Find a licensed professional and explore that safe harbor. If you remain in the markets during the bubble – all loss is on you and keep in mind you WERE given the truth – you were warned early to be able to avoid the blind rush to the cliff.

The indicators are rising.

The recession is coming.

The 7 year bull market is at the end of its run.

The destabilizing move to burst the bubble and deleverage is one contagion event in a fragile non recovery global economic away.

Without merging Central ( criminal ) banks into their Treasuries nationally – stopping interest on printing money – and revising national debt moving forward in the process – fiscal policy as it is remains in the bumbling hands of those who missed all the bubbles, brought us the dot.bomb crash, brought the global crash in 2008, and now ranked 4 trillion of free money not the system for no result we can see in what is yet another failed policy. Why again do we let them continue?

We reward failed policy and crooks.

Whats real about THAT ECONOMY?


Wake up folks. Read the financial tea leaves.

There IS a tea party for a reason ….

Berny Dohrmann Proud Truth Speaker