When a business seeks Acceleration, a variety of issues rise to the CEO thought process. The CEO must consider strategic sequences, brand touch points to all consumer contact points, WOW factors in pre sale, closing and post sale processes, customer retention repeat buying and referral marketing tools and tactics, ( the three R’s ) , as well as budget and time line issues to effect prediction and control for future income growth ramp up.


CEO SPACE is Forbes # 1 ranked Conference world wide attracting CEO customers into the most prestigious CEO membership club in the world. The Club is unique in the value proposition area, as CEO SPACE remains thirty years mature, the one and the only institution that includes families. Programs that make it fun for family members to attend with their partners advance the notion that BUY IN PARTNERS at home, share the sacrifice and rewards of entrepreneur life styles. Inclusion of entire family groups creates a “missing SAME PAGE” in the home space that directly effects production in the C suite and work space.


The Formula for family inclusion is itself an invention perfected by CEO SPACE planners with the help of countless Chief Executive Officers some billionaires, some millionaires, some in development ramp up space, but all sharing similar issues. As memberships are lifetime there have been hundreds of instances over our thirty years where a CEO experiences an untimely illness of death, and the family now members of CEO SPACE are able to manage the venture, market the venture, and or start their own independent venture operations. Advancing superior buy in and family support for Entrepreneur lifestyle and decision making, is a missing support mechanism CEO’s highly value as a CEO Space exclusive benefit. CEO’s rank this value at the extreme top of their profit equation for CEO SPACE membership. On the day a CEO suffers the unexpected their family inclusion plan becomes itself a PRICELESS asset for the loved ones of each CEO family seved.


CEO SPACE subsidizes lifetime membership for life partners and spouse memberships, subsidizing the major % of lifetime membership cost ( set in 1988 and unchanged to this day ). CEO’s are encouraged when joining CEO SPACE to bring their entire family. Ask about the programs for children including Kid Camp and Teen Feast programs, both amazing and so much fun.


Acceleration – scaling up a venture – typicaly requires expert help. The three vital tactics CEO SPACE has witnessed over thirty years the CEO requires to speed up a venture include:


  1. Continued enlargement of their core cooperative trading market communities – enlarging those communities of customers quickly.
  2. Skills the CEO lacks to sustain hyper growth advancing such growth immediately and sustaining that growth over time lines.
  3. Expert Mentorship by those who have success histories in scale up for venture space and who tithe their services to CEO’s during CEO SPACE “business growth conferences” five weeks annually spaced every sixty days apart. Dates through 2018 appear on our web site under Conference Date Tabs.


CEO SPACE is a technology designed to get the CEO new member, profits on their investment. Approximately 1100 business training firms are offered in the market place. All of them are designed to get their customers their money’s worth. All of then hard up sell from the strage during the conference time line. CEO SPACE is designed to get the member investment BACK, huge difference in program architecture. CEO SPACE permits no up selling from the stage. The others take percentages typically, up to 50% and more – of each sale from stage. FTC rules require such promoters to offer disclosure sheets to the guest describing the up sell profit splits of their money. Most fail to comply with the law in this area. CEO SPACE allows no upselling and takes no back side revenue from anyone – ever. This conflict of interest zone appeals to ever wiser CEO consumers who want VALUE without being inappropriately commercial.


The 1100 are pay each time you go.

CEO SPACE is a lifetime membership – come back free for life. No one offers that value. Along with Forbes # 1 ranked conference for QUALITY in all 140 nations we serve today.


Said another way, it actually costs money to “miss” CEO SPACE as a profit acceleration opportunity. The novel networking between CEO’s inside each CEO SPACE event, is called SUPER NETWORKING. CEO’s have laveld the process THE ULTIMATE RELATIONSHIP MIXER ON THE PLANET TODAY. By mixing quality relationships between CEO’s helping one another, cross mentoring one another, being one another’s alliance partners and buying customer groups, all in cooperative cultures versus competitive cultures, creates new HIGH INTEGRITY market spaces in which to conduct years of forward new trading.


CEO SPACE is a pay raise for the business and for the CEO. CEO’s report in our on line testimonial  films by untold hours, that CEO SPACE is a superior skill transfer program for the boss. For the owner of ventures  or practices – CEO SPACE uploads more hard skill currency to the BOSS than they might otherwise acquire in ten years. CEO’s report that CEO SPACE expands trading community into a thirty year network over a week of time. CEO’s further define staying home when CEO SPACE is being offered is a critical decision error, when comparisons are strictly made on an economic review basis. The time at CEO SPACE is so much profitable than the time at home and that opportunity threshold is large enough to steer an oil tanker through.


If you are a business owner or practice Boss and your task is to accelerate your business growth, consider time is not your friend. Ask yourself the one strategic question – DO YOU NEED HELP to ACCELERATE YOUR BUSINESS GROWTH?


If you know you need “HELP” to accelerate your business than the money cost ( a tax transfer ) into CEO SPACE membership, and the time saving to reach goals for growth make CEO SPACE a financial equation that bottom lines – DO IT NOW. Do it NEXT.


Business acceleration requires:


  • Improved plans
  • Upgraded teams
  • Growing trading communities
  • Expanding resources – capital human and expert


CEO SPACE shrinks the money cost out of the owners pocket and lowers the time line by typically YEARS to reach the owenrs growth goals. It always takes longer and it always costs more without CEO SPACE as a resource.


CEO SPACE is endorsed by Woman of Wealth Magazine, Fraser Net, Power Teams International, Secret Knock, Woman’s President Organization, Peak Potentials, Sharon Lechter, Les Brown, Lisa Nichols, Bob Proctoer, Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen, Harv, John Lee, Franklin Tan, Tony Robbins,  Ambassador Byron Blake, Congressman Jerry Chang, Dan Clark, Mark Victor Hansen, Michael Beckworth, John Assaraaf, Greg Reid, PSI World Seminars, Landmark Education ( on historic faculty ) Guerrilia Marketing, Forbes and thousands of CEO’s on testimonial films on line. Most of the endorsements ( far too many to name them all here ) appear on video in our on line web sites, at http://www.ceosapceinternational.com


Short videos define the value for any industry category service or product world wide.


CEO SPACE remains the oldest, the most highly ranked and regarded, the most award winning, over the largest geo footprint over the longest time line ENTREPRNEUER CEO SERVICE INSTUTITION in the world today. Marketing remains strictly “word of mouth” where our members invite in new members, with a sprinkled CEO membership that find us digitally on line. City Club Presidents all continuously trained provide the highest service standard of local support to the CEO new member exploring CEO SPACE membership.


Call us anytime at the number on our web site and inquire as a new member exploring membership of information ideal for your requiremenrts. Our money back guarantee removes all risk from the CEO joining the membership in our next Business Growth Conference. IT COSTS MONEY TO MISS these income building conferences as a CEO. Nothing during same period at home will match opportunity acquisition provided on site during each of our five programs.


CEO SPACE is designed to serve as an ON GOING business process platform, used five times annually by the BOSS, to accelerate business growth in phases and stages over short term time lines. CEO SPACE is all about bottom line results. CEO SPACE is not a seminar or a work shop. CEO SPACE is a “business building machine” a missing mechanism with a tool box the CEO has been seeking but unable to find until now.


Again our CEO’s tell our story best. Allow us to show you proof’s so you can know before you go?


If your seeking SPEED to accelerate your core results, than CEO SPACE may be the ultimate solution for you in the market today. Think of CEO SPACE as:


  1. The world’s largest super store for the business owner – where everything you require is in one space – for less time and cost – always with highest quality. Nothing you can request is beyond the 30 year old SUPER STORE to provide to you.
  2. The ultimate mentorship access.
  3. Access to the leading companies of the world.
  4. Access to new customer networks and affiliation firms.
  5. Access to investor capital.


CEO”s pay for new customers, markets, access at various levels and mentorship they can’t acquire anywhere else at this quality level.


We invite to share this blog posting if you know entrepreneur business owners or professionals in  practice who simply need some help to grow their ventures faster. Our slogan trhirty years later says it all:


…we just will NOT quit until YOU win………


True in 1988. True today.


May we help you to join our membership sooner than later?


Berny Dohrmann – Proud Founder of CEO SPACE INTERNAITONAL


PS: Our next CEO SPACE is Dec 15th – featuring Family Holiday Space – four days of FREE bonus training optional holiday value offerings – the big richest one of any year. At the Westin Lake Las Vegas resort.