I’ve reported here that there is no recession recovery globally as advertised. The US stimulated by over a trillion us dollars printed to make the economy rise and inflation rise – is myriad in deflation. The cost of everything is crashing world wide. The trillions are lost policy. Milk over the failed policy damn. Now the world is deflating. Prices are deleveraging. The trillions in bad debt are squeezing the life out of nations let alone institutions. There is no stopping a global reset which will consume three decades in our opinion.

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More to the point factories are showing their 17 month of decline – is anyone out there watching this? China instead of growing is shrinking. The shrinking is a RUN ON THE ASIA ECONOMIC MODEL. That mens trillions are leaving markets – all of them – and repositioning. China’s economy is being hijacked to Vietnam, Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Laos, and others. Never to return actually. The Run is massive and like a giant mud slide is picking up speed.

China invests untold fortunes, more than any nation ever, ands till the deflation as a spiral is uncontrolled Asia continuous and effecting the EU and world. Even with FREE MONEY the IS UNLIMITED the most tired – old – AARP walker level recovery is under way. America is almost falling over trying to walk in the financial walker. Big firms are laying off in droves. Every performance number is now under whelming. The recovery has STALLED and is about to STALL OUT.

Planners are panicked. The EU planers require say for Greece 120 Billion to plug their capital hole for core banks. That’s impossible. But wait there are over a trillion of such holes for all EU problem banks because the EU system like the Asia system now in distress is bankrupt from BAD NON REPORTING LOANS shown on the bank and financial firms books as good assets, which is fraud. They’ll pay some small fine to get out of jail and keep on trucking. Until some one aces out the corruption and arrests the criminal speculators. Its not hard. We have all the digital tools. Just lack the WILL against the money.

The effect that no one controls is PANIC. Panic is likely as we move into the election year and more candidates tell the TRUTH. As the TRUTH is understood panic will rush in. WE call that nation to nation panic CONTAGION. Those runs on markets – any markets – sink ships. Everything halts. You have to reset and start over. The debt – trillions and trillions that can never be repaid – is the problem.

Or wait.

Can it be repaid ? If we use the one last asset tool we have? We can take two steps:

  1. Merge Central Banks into Treasuries and print future money without paying criminal interest to third party contractors ( THE FEDS ) who as private firms own the money printing franchise by act of congress – reverse it.
  2. Pay off the national debts with SUPER BONDS staggering interest over 200 years – where TIME resets the financial clocks of the world – within frame works of regulatory iron that moderate speculation and criminal greed.

Between now and figuring this all out – we are going to see some very volatile election year market space – and the news this week is all bad – really bad – so how does value stay up as institutions prune year end reporting and balance sheets? HOW?” Where is the value in a deflation unemployment refugee spiral down?

There is no recession recovery save what we create ourselves in trading spaces like CEO SPACE. I’d register for Dec 13th as one safe harbor to protect your future prosperity – its what CEO SPACE lives for – our entrepreneur well being.


Berny Dohrmann – Proud Founder CEO SPACE