We caution our readers – be vigilant. The Earnings Recession is here and year end balance sheet will be managed moving into the election year. We see lots of uncommon volatility ahead and the financial storms we have been suggesting and SUPER CRASH – no pundit knows the WHEN but we feel for all the reasons we have reported – IT – is coming – IT only needs one shove from outside the nation in 2016 – which we feel China Iran and Russia will provide that shove – as they have this ONE WINDOW – this ONE LAME DUCK PRESIDENT WINDOW in 8 long years – and if they don’t take the lead now when will they have that stature in the future….?

Best DOW day in a long time though – and that makes people feel better. Going in to year end and its busy retail season. It can and will turn on a dime and keep in mind we keep telling you what to watch out for – stay on the news. Financial news.

Read those tea leaves carefully if you stay IN the markets.

Berny Dohrmann – Use Caution rules – don’t be fooled by what we call sucker rally’s – the market is fixed and speculatively manipulated in our opinion….so duck !