Ask your security attorney. However expect different answers. Why? It is their opinion. As this is all so new. We use Locke Lord and Marlon Paz on faculty to guide CEO SPACE curriculum to its most consecrative posture. We will teach CEOs who lead firms all about the new rules just passed hours ago by the SEC – thats NEW folks. All the rule sets at state and federal level are still in flux by staff at all levels – state – SEC and FINRA everyone working hard. Expect some nice and take on these rules. Generally you can proceed to:

  1. Construct an unaudited quick and dirty 504 up to 5,000,000 dollar first development round and proceed for operation expansion rounds with safe harbor 506 D – Section C.
  2. While you CAN now use CROWD FUNDING up to 1,000,000 the rules and the cost are so much of a firewall the 504 options, we feel, are most cost effective in this new regulatory landscape. Although not even covered by the JOBS ACT the 504 surprise rule relaxation we feel addresses many of the core issues. Crowd Funding rules we feel the regulatory community OVER SHOT and has put a burden to entry that is too costly in time and too costly in money.
  3. This same firewall of rule costs and in time and money has shot the REGULATION A modifications the Jobs Act sought to relax and federalize, so start up development shops and ventures ( smallest business ) an easily open development round funding to launch job creation and venture creation. Now the borders to cost and time are so high that the 504 looks more affordable to the venture development round planners.

The master skill for any venture owner, at any stage, is the CAPITAL OPTION using new rules. Capital is not debt. Capital propels development of brands to market space. Develop brands takes years and lots of venture owner hard work. There is no micro wave capital. Generally early stage capital is relegated to angel investors – circles you must develop. CEO SPACE developed fresh circles for you every sixty days by virtue or our business acceleration program, thirty years perfecting these processes. Now with NEW LAW the master skill will be well taught to our customers Dec 11th through the 13th.

I can think of no more powerful reason to reclaim year end tax withholding and apply that resource to your own skill in CROWD FUNDING as you learn the NEW LAWS four weeks from today. I would register to the Lake Las Vegas WESTIN RESORT where President Obama stays and join the BIG HOLIDAY SPACE – best value of any year. Click and see a short video…



The best lowest price of any year – Dec 13 to Sunday – trading a slow week for an extraordinary week of Acceleration bringing the entire family as everyone is to the Holiday youth and adult CEO Program folks wait a year for. Now with new laws the training is worth triple the small tax transfers to own the asset of CEO SPACE LIFE TIME MEMBERSHIP in the most prestigious entrepreneur CEO Club in the world today.

Now serving 140 countries…and most important….


Berny Dohrmann Proud Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL


PS: IN this new law area asked your security law expert – we will have expert legal teams on site to address your question as only licensed experts in this new law area can give you advice.