As November began, the five SEC Commissions, only hours before the new month began, voted four to one, to enact new laws related to the JOBS ACT of 2012. Of Immediate importance, is the changes to Rule 504 under regulation D. This safe harbor well known capital structure, peroxides law firms and state regulatory agencies an ideal format for regulatory oversight. As further over sight of  private placements under new law as it is and future modifications to the law, are increasingly directing issuers that their offerings  must be digitally administrated.

“LEGAL” Portals, or digital “learning” services, who require registration with FINRA the self regulatory body of the brokers themselves. SPROUT, the “only” regulatory ACCOUNTABILITY Platform – built for OVER COMPLIANCE before new laws came down. SPWOTT is “first filing with FINRA and is already used increasingly coast to coast for private placement LIABILITY SHEDDING. An ever rising number of Security Law Firms require issuers to engage SPROUT given the liability shedding this Platform ( next generation to early stage first generation portal technology ) exceeding new law compliance minimums. Spread the word on SPROWTT.COM as your one click digital compliance automation for NEW LAW – over comply its the law.

DEC 13th – at the WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS – Forbes # 1 ranked Conference in the world this year – will host the first THREE DAY CAPITAL SKILLS INTENSIVE FOR OWNER CEO’S. The program is highly interstice. The program is the only one with a 30 year track record and “billions raised” from the auspices of this educational master skill set. Today you will require capital to GROW as every venture does, or you will serve and support other venture owners in your circle who are raising capital. In either event, CAPITAL SKILLS FOR THE CHEIF EXECUTIVE OFFICER OWNER – IS THE MASTER SKILL IN THE VENTURE SPACE.

There are basically the following investor categories:

  1. Angel investors
  2. Vulture Investors ( shark tanks )
  3. Venture investors
  4. Corporate and institutional investors
  5. Corporate Sponsors where applicable including pre orders and donor funding as with Indegogo – or KickStarter –

Angel and vulture investors finance 99% of venture start up that is not debt. Early stage ventures that use debt to start up have a higher failure rate than firms that were well capitalized.

Venture Institutional and Corporate investors represent fraction of 1% of all annual venture and start up capital flowing into venture space. The majority of ventures begin with weak plans, weak teams, and no resources to execute. They try to secure “development rounds” of funding from family and friends.

Those who submit to Venture and related Space generally lose a great deal of time and money cost to get rejection at the end. Ideally the resources of TIME and opportunity cash would be flowing to a well qualified attorney in the new law area, that can and that will, execute with low cost, your properly structured capital floor plan offering.

CEO SPACE teaches CEO’s HOW to raise capital. CEO SPACE is an endless “relationship mixer” where highly qualified investor circles meet superior projects and their management team. The most current, up to date, first three day capital intensive on the new laws, offered in the world. CEO’s will be SO FAR AHEAD if they enroll into the December CEO SPACE – our Holiday program is always best of year – for value to a new member – and lock your capital training FREE on Dec 11th – just arrive by 3:00 PM in the Westin Lake Las Vegas. Register and lock hotel on our web site – our staff will walk you right through just call us..ceospaceinternational… easy. One click…to accelerate any size venture.

Today a first time to market development round new venture, can raise up to $ 5,000,000 under the more relaxed Federal and State 504 Exemption. Until Oct 30th SEC “VOTE” the old law limited capital raising to $ 1,000,000 for 504. There remain some unanswered questions. Will the offering be able to extend for six months if face value of offering was not fully raised in 12 months? We assume the 34 “non accredited” rule will be removed from rule 504, given the new “suitability” cap levels of 10% of an investors income or net worth in any one venture in any one year – a protecting mechanism for risk containment.

In effect the new modified 504 Rules, permit a legal CROWD FUNDING given the general oscillation rule has been relaxed for Regulation D in general. At the $ 5,000,000 raise level would an offer be subject to the limit of 35 non accredited exiting rule? Or is that rule relaxed by at least ratio if not removed all together? We hope to know these and other OPEN areas related to 504, 506, Regulation A, and Crowd Funding itself, folding all that new law detail into the first professional bar level training on the NEW LAW CAPITAL COMPLIANCE CERTIFICATIONS.

Dec 13th has some draw cards that make the program every business owners favorite program of the year. WHY?

Here are some but not all of the reasons. For a more full list please visit with any of our Club Presidents operating chapters of CEO SPACE everywhere or just phone our office at the number on our web site.


  1. Last Chance to legally reclaim some serious tax withholding – refunded to you in weeks now – where owning a LIFETIME membership for your entire family trumps – leaving those dollars with the tax man.
  2. First chance to mentor and ramp up Jan Feb and March when other business owners frankly are asleep to what is really going on out there. The largest Download of core business expertise in entrepreneur CEO development, anywhere. CEO’s suggest CEO SPACE Dec is the largest most significant pay increase they have ever given themselves in their adult lifetime.
  3. Family Forum – Dec is our Holiday family Forum. Non Toddler younger ages can be entrusted to KIDS CAMP bonded and insured day care Sun to Sun CEO SPACE pays for. Teen Feast provides the leading Teen Program in the world to Teen Entrepreneurs – all with game theory it is so much fun – all for the cost of meals only as CEO SPACE Subsidizes children and life partners. Entrepreneurs require a PAYMENT from their stake holders at home – a PAYMENT that comes from their hours of endless work and entrepreneur focus. CEO SPACE HOLIDAY BUSINESS GROWTH CONFERENCE – creates a kind of “buy in” at home that is fluid natural and so helpful to the entrepreneur house hold. This aspect of CEO SPACE will enrich the Holiday of any guest while you receive higher returns on membership once a year.
  4. 15 THOUGHT LEADERS – CEO SPACE will feature for families attending a truly HISTORIC EVENT. You will participate in a line up featuring the leaders of MENTAL SOFTWARE – the leaders of the Human Potential INDUSTRY itself – all at once – all on the same stage – at the same time. You will see featured as part of this line up:
  • George Fraser founder of Fraser Net and Linda Chandler
  • Bob Proctor Super Star of THE SECRET and THOUGHTS ARE THINGS as well as BORN RICH.
  • Sharon Lechter – Rich Dad Poor Dad – Outwitting the Devil – Think & Grow Rich For Woman ( see her film or Bob’s or any named here on our web site just click ). LIVE this holiday.
  • Greg Reid – Founder THE SECRET KNOCK – global best seller THREE FEET FROM GOLD and making WISH MAN the movie of the founder of Make a Wish Foundation.
  • Cathy Lee Crosby with a surprise Holiday message for everyone.
  • Eve Hogan – Chicken Soup Author and our TEEN FEAST FACULTY super star.
  • Hyrum Smith – Founder Franklin Covey now releasing his new global smash THE GAP live at CEO SPACE.
  • Michael Drew – New York helping over 100 authors reach the New York Times best Seller list see his film. Live author of THE PENDULUM – great CEO SPACE primer reading.
  • Dave Austin – Super Star – Super Bowl – World Series to Any Series – the CELEBRITY TRAINER of the world class athletes and CEO’s in Fortune C Suites – returns to CEO SPACE.
  • Stuart Levine – attorney – world authority on agreements that don’t cause problems leading mediator for business disputes – CEO SPACE legacy faculty returning.
  • Adam Markel who runs the largest most respect human potential education firm leading the entire industry NEW PEAK POTENTIALS – will be speaking this Holiday LIVE.
  • Dan Clark who teaches at stadiums and huge Fortune 500 firm key notes world wide – from the White House to Our House Dan Clark returns to the Forum.
  • Jeff Flam, successful Financial M&A Firm flipper – in digital space – successful real estate development – and human potentials – returns to Forum Faculty this Holiday.

While we are not listing all fifteen thought leaders here in this blog, they are available on line – at any of our CEO SPACE Local or National Web sites – with short video information for CEO’s in any industry category or size of business.

CEO SPACE is a guaranteed business acceleration process. You always speed up – add speed  to grow your  business and always faster inside so much faster inside CEO SPACE than alone out there. CEO SPACE is the business owner DOLPHIN TANK – owners of the pod – helping one another entrepreneur to entrepreneur and that help is without condition – unconditional for a week at CEO SPACE – without CEO SPACE you are truly stuck in the SHARK TANK.

Folks register as CEO’s when they obtain enough data, either on line, in video’s, from members they speak to, from our Club Presidents or from our Board of Directors who they can speak to including ME as founding Chairman. Then that data adds up and says:

  1. If I buy a lifetime membership its only tax money.
  2. If I don’t have the money their fund busting or PAY PAL extended payment plan resolves it for my tribe.
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  4. Its last chance to reclaim thousands and thousands and thousands in taxes and why not?
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What if reading this blog site is a divine appointment. If you feel like several billion informed readers all over the world feel – that the CREDIT OVER ABUSED BY NATIONS AND CROOKS WORLD FINANCIAL SYSTEM – is going too reset itself – for all the Super Crash reasons my web site has been defining. IF you believe THAT then don’t you also believe entrepreneurs prosper in any and every market but they need to PROSPER the following:

  1. Ever more current information to stay ahed of shifting opportunities missing none
  2. Ever increasing the CEO’s cooperative trading community with other firms and CEO’s

CEO SPACE does BOTH right now. Your download as a business tool kit upgrade is the best of your life or we refund your membership. No questions.

Folks, 30 years of track record serving 140 nations and Forbes ranked # 1 in 2015? The biggest richest contact option during a few days NOTHING IS GOING ON BACK HOME – what is taking your business UP is the CEO SPACE trade show – it rocks and it works. Check it out.

Just on the capital skills alone issue – the skills program on capital by itself is a 25,000 dollar value – with its exercises practice sessions measurement and assessment – you KNOW how to RAISE Capital when you have that program completed. YOU KNOW. You truly and you really KNOW and that asset for a CEO lasts for a lifetime as well. Make the Holiday time work as hard for your future as you work for your Holiday. Allow the best mentors alive to serve you and accelerate your 2016 right now – while others are so asleep…..

But you are NOT….because your HERE.
Berny Dohrmann – Happy Holidays Everyone


PS: The Space everyone brings grand babies – all age children – families – brothers aunts – moms – everyone – enriches your future their future and your collective HOLIDAYS but we have no FREAKIN WAY TO EXPLAIN JUST HOW MUCH FUNNNNNNN YOUR DEC SPACE IS !!!