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Berny Dohrmann SAFE HARBOR MASTER for CEO’s in 2015


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Lets see if we remember. They are less than 10 million Isreali’s largely women and children surrounded by 80 million Arabs who wish them all to die horrible deaths in a holocaust to end them all? Could it be their friend and partner has lied to them, abandoned them, and worked to help the Holocaust become more near term?

They have seen the west allow atomic weapons and delivery systems rise up in North Korea. Oh we said there were RED LINES. I forget how many RED LINES but we have brought our serious counter punch – we screamed and yelled for three decades – hey we will sanction you.

We have let Syria – say where Road Island is from New York City – gas their own people and use Barrel Bombs and other Holocaust weapons on their own people but they so engaged in civil war are collectively united in their hatred for ISREAL.

We have seen our Gulf Policy go from success under General Petrarus – whom we shit can over an email – removing the greatest leader of our time for what ?  – loving some one ? The result is Iraq dissolved – now never to unite – ISIS has become a nation of power money and growing terror – Iran has risen in stature and is now so close to Atomic Weapons it is spitting distance while we stall to give them trillions they violate UN sanctions and launch ballistic rockets than destroy America let alone Israel – and we have said once again – wow – RED LINE – hey RED LINE IRAN there is a big red line you can not cross now that you already crossed it. WE call this leadership.

Israel calls this leadershit.

Why do they prefer RUSSIA now to protect them? Why because Syria and ISIS are in New Jersey and they are across the bridge – ( ever been there ) ? Russia IS protecting them and we ARE NOT. In 2016 no nations trust the USA and its RED LINE CREW. Its sanction screamers. the world thinks we are a joke. Israel does not have the ability to laugh at the humor. They face an absolute holocaust of their peoples – every man woman and child and its quite real.

They have daily stabbings – where woman and children are one minute in joy and the next bleeding out on the street. Why? For no reason. Insanity. Day after day their security and safety has been taken from them as the war reaches their door. Because the USA policy has allowed the mess to exit grow and prosper into a world so much more unsafe so much worse than 9/11 because our LEADERSHIT created a world of SHIT. All sides. They all failed. Everyone of them.

Russia has taken over Ukraine ports and billions in infrastructure now more firmly controlling its gas supply to all of Europe. Russia is now securing Med ports in Syria forever – and possibly will bail out GREECE as it leave the EU – Russia may help IRAN take over IRAQ and not too far along Saudi – and the entire Gulf – in exchange for a hands off policy in Israel placing the US out of the policy and future for the remainder of this century. How enormous is the cost as Russia see’s the EU collapse and NATO dissolve?

America remains but the shadow of what we once were. WE are seen as criminals – financial crooks – morally corrupt – socially bankrupt – and unfit to lead the future new world order. We alone in our old ancient cocoon have some antique notion of who we are. 300 Million in the insane fantasy – while 7 billion have it right – their mind set about us defines the reality not the other way around. Can we fix it? Is it too late? Putin with Syria went Check Mate – and all the Kings Horse and all the Kings men ( say Kerry for one ) can not put Humpty Dumpty ( US ) back to together again.

We can go to war. We can’t win hearts and minds doing that.

Ah did we not just bankrupt our unborn generation doing two decades of just that ? How’d that work out for our people? And the world? Anyone up to saying I”M SORRY WORLD?

Who wants to accept the America political system as a moral ethical contagious idea free of corruption and elite influences with a justice system that is the envy of the world? You? Who thinks the highest incarceration ( prison ) of innocent people – non violent no victim prisoners per 100,000 of population on EARTH is a contagious place everyone wishes to GET INTO. Why is Canada or Australia not ten hundred times better than AMERICA in 2016?

The only HOPE and PROMISE of America is our capacity to roll back freedom – roll back the very concept of AMERICA – our ability to swing this pendulum back. Its going to require two things:

  1. An informed electorate versus a manipulated electorate
  2. Massive turn out and voting by all of us who can and should and must

Never element an incumbent – not one – not ever. THAT would be a huge start and fresh beginning.

What is ISREAL pissed off about. Their best friend hung up on them and no longer answers the phone. Plus they no longer believe in the voice mail messages. They prefer to talk direct to President Putin who answers the phone and talks plain and then delivers on what he says.

We did that once. When was that again?


Berny Dohrmann – Proud to Support Israel in every possible way while remaining friends across the Gulf


PS: THE WORLD ORDER CHANGED FOREVER THIS YEAR – PERHAPS you were watching the walking dead?




SO do we learn nothing? Nope. Until they REGULATE the WORLD MARKET the global market is a CASINO capitalism, where the super rich manipulate and speculate to FIX prices in criminal betting that wipes out the wealth of the masses – to their stacked favor. Do they go to JAIL no. We should empty the prisons of all pot users and smokers and put in jail every local state and federal elected official – every regulatory agency team – and everyone with a net worth of say ONE BILLION who is speculating in the market directly or indirectly starting with say GEORGE SORO’s the master CRIMINAL of our age and time. JAIL. Prison. Clean house.

So tea leaf readers whats got me pissed off today?

The Venture crowd has reset STRUCTURED ASSETS. They are not investing in start ups and pre public and public firms, that have zero value. Countless firms with trillions in stored wealth are holding book value at 90% less than the market cap rates and no regulatory oversight is corrupting this. Further trillions are fully bankrupt with no assets or operational foundation at all. So did we not learn from the DOT.BOMB melt down the brought us SUPER CRASH 1999?


We made a worse mess. Today the speculator using words like nano – crowd – cloud – and super tech – and social – have invested trillions in worthless crap. They hold this worthless crap on their books lying to their investors and taking in more money making new side bets. They are betting. The odds are better on a Vegas crap table than in this venture crap. Invest in any start up yourself and you’ll do a better job – way better in our opinion.

When these balance sheets adjust – and they will – the panic and the SUPER CRASH will sweep across the world. This Dot.Bomb factor is worst in Asia – than EU – then North America but it includes every nation. Iceland may be exempt this time – way to go Icelanders. Norway may be ok. A few learned.

Without a GLOBAL regulatory NEW FRAME WORK these “new market” regulatory issues are not fully transparent – reportable – monitored – accountable – and secrets provide advantage to elite money. Thats a crime folks. Market manipulation is a crime folks. Only no one goes to jail. The biggest crooks – criminal banks and investment banks – pay the crime team a big fine in cash, and they continue to have a warm view by their ocean windows as they plan to take us all to the cleaners once again. A cost of business now paying off criminal prosecution – you just add it in. Its a line item folks. A single mom goes to jail for 11 years working two jobs trying to support her kids in a private school for smoking a doobie to unwind and her kids go to foster care. One joint. Surrounded by states where its legal.  Thats a crime by criminal judgers prosecutors and a system that is criminals doing the labeling. Tony Sappran’s the prosecutors. Nice play on crime. CRIME DOES PAY.

Those who plan to make trillions dumping shit into our crops – water – and markets when caught pay a little slap the wrist fine and go legally steal some more – from all of us. The waste has bid the cost of everything up so high WE CALL CAN NO LONGER BREATH.

Gasoline should be 75 cents.

Water should be FREE.

Power should be two thirds the cost.

Coffee should be 80 cents a bag not 3.00 bucks.

A while ago there was over sight – price gouging Panals – today there is pack money and no problem manipulating prices – price fixing – and from charms to anything really – taking the consumer to the floor board – and removing the engine that drives the free world. As America retires into a decline and the rest of the world becomes and returns to third world status – who wins? 5700 SUPER WEALTHY? They win? How? They have crime – less real estate to profit – and a hatred of their status as legal criminals. HOW?

Social investing is the future.

Criminal investing is the past.

The reform has to come following the VENTURE SUPER CRASH from the legal criminals – with jail time and justice reform. A Global RETHINK for a international economic platform that protects us all – a set of rules the world and nations can sign on to and fully enforce – will change everything. Entrepreneur laws with reporting and honor and integrity and transparency. WE can have all these things when the laws change to make crimes crimes and good conduct and fair pricing is rewarded. Profits that are anti social need moderation to social policy so all nations have balanced budgets. This model is no longer sustainable – is frankly insane – starting with FEDERAL BANKS who globally manipulate the money supply by charing interest they profit from. PAYING INTEREST TO PRINT MONEY FOR NATIONS IS A CRIME and should be a practice we revise with new laws first.

Stop seeing manipulation as anything but a crime.

The source of the financial pain that is coming – is betting in financial markets via speculation instruments that should be OUTLAWED in the first place. Where is our regulatory protectors? They are legally obsolete. WE need a new global regulatory agency for financial markets with full criminal authority and a set of laws that are clear social and honorable. Can we get them ? Not with a lobby controlled legislature and the financial lobby being the world’s largest. No way. I’m part of it believe me I know. NO WAY. NO FREAKIN WAY. We need economists and no lawyers to create a national ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION over three years – 1000’s of them in Hawaii – setting it forth for all nations in the G 100 – where the nations adopt the laws because we vote in law makers who are LEADERS versus puppets. Vote. Vote for candidates who are FREE of being bought. They are running. Chose free versus puppets.

My suggestion – never ever elect an incumbent – period. EVER again. You’ll have your nation back.

Meanwhile – we’ll keep a light on for you – but the venture world is phony money – failed financial models – lies and no video tapes – and the SUPER CRASH they have created will sink the entire world. Until the regulatory frame work changes – as a people – 7 billion of us all – are simply put – FUCKED !

Berny Dohrmann – Proud Father of the solution – the one revolution you can join and DO SOMETHING about all this – CEO SPACE – Dec 13th a gathering place of CHANGE LEADERSHIP For the WORLD representing the UNBORN GENERATION. Join us. Its good for business.




The run on the China Bank falls into the following categories this year:


  1. Trillions of sovereign nations fund dollars to prop up a phony worthless currency and stock market.
  2. Trillions more to prop up a hopeless Real Estate Bubble like its a fantasy land.
  3. Trillions leaving the banks nation and investment portfolio – run on the banks all sectors
  4. Trillions of manufacturers leaving for other Asian Nations featuring better prices quality and far less hassle and corruption – its OVER for China – never to return
  5. China stimulations from military spending to foreign nation policy fall to 1 to 4 here and trillions of losses in off shore investing and commodity price manipulation that back fired and lots more money than all the crash years combined together. No recovery possible.

China is riddled with Trillions in Bad debts never to be repaid. If the banks holding this paper wrote the notes off or down the banks would be BANKRUPT. The phony accounting won’t protect the nation from the reality of economic destabilization. It will take generations. It will consume decades. China is looking forward to a one out come zero sum game:


  • Super Crash is coming in China
  • Contagion will spill across the world
  • Deflation will continue a 30 year tap root into China economics coupled to deleveraging over decades.

The pain will express itself in Super Crash – depression – massive unemployment, civil un rest and Regional wars. War is the only way out for China and Japan knows this …..

Think of this box top rule:

  1. China is a ship taking on water so fast they can not remain afloat.
  2. In crises they devaluate their core currency.
  3. That fails to work so they lower their interest rate in utter panic.
  4. Lover interest stimulates overall markets – who fail to moderate this lower interest means the nation is in serious decline and trouble.
  5. Now think – why does the STOCK MARKET go UP in Asia and globally on the bad and wore than bad China news?

There is no GOOD china news. In desperation they offer banks chapter money but no one is buying that one. No one is buying at all. China is a ship everyone is running from to deboard into life boats. People and investors are not taking in the facts we present here before they plan in Asia – we have suggested GETTING OUT. Now. And why.

China is coming to a very hard landing.

How hard remains anyone’s guess.


Berny Dohrmann – Proud Father of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL




There “IS” Safety in NUMBERS. From all over the world Business OWNERS are coming together at the Westin Lake Las Vegas to secure a more promising safer future inside financially turbulent markets. Forging larger trading communities is the answer to the EARNINGS RECESSION taking place right now. New media fails to read the financial tea leaves.

Mark my words: The world Industrial Sector is in full on recession. Earnings are down for the first time since the recession years ( again ). Cut backs in spending range from 10% to much larger. Work forces are being pruned and will be slashed by year end. The election year will see UNEMPLOYMENT SOAR.

The full scope of the EARNINGS RECESSION will be visible this week. Next week the market will crash substantially representing the worst single week of this year. We have suggested investors move out of equities – bonds – markets – commodities – hard assets – and move INTO safe haven INSURANCE MIX PORTFOLIO’S – using these high return – principle guaranteed investments – as a TIME MACHINE to move assets from TODAY into seven years from now – when new markets will have stabilized and matured. THERE IS NO PROFIT IN THE MARKETS OF SUPER CYLES THAT WON”T BE WIPED OUT BY THE CRASHES. In our opinion of current economic theory. Today we exist in the markets we have long promoted and labeled in my blogs  as the new markets of  SUPER CHANGE. There is to be no new normal. SUPER CHANGE “IS” the new normal and the speed and depth of highs and lows will become legend and sensational. There is no economic guide book for a world depression caving in from an over indulgent of bad loans and free credit. Such false speculation driven economies only SUPER CRASH into world war. This pattern is historic and we past the point of no return during the Obama Administration. It is now too late.

There are too many trillions of dollars in bad loans that will never ( not ever ) be repaid. The nations and banks holding these BAD FAILED ASSET classes on their books as GOOD LOANS are simply crooks and criminals lying to all of US to prevent panic in financial markets. The system is bankrupt. Globally. The banks are bankrupt. Period. Nations are bankrupt. Period. The pain this will all cause as its sorts out economically – for finance is a force of nation that can to be damed or walled up forever – eventually the TRUTH will flow through the markets ( bad loans will be written off )…and the depression versus recession will be here. Who is to blame?

Crooked law makers who were bought off and failed to fix the system.

Criminals who bought them off.

A system so flawed it can’t be fixed and requires a REVOLUTION to develop a new system. Financially speaking. The blue print for how to fix this mess appears in REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a manifesto for the World Bank and national leaderships globally. Many are reading it for the multiplex of times perhaps you should as well this Holiday. Give Redemption to your family as stocking stuffers because this book is the HOPE OF THE WORLD.

Still crooks must go to prison and with their having purchased the justice system it is unlikely they will be held accountable for their thefts. Their economic pollution is the only item worse than the earth’s pollution a by product of economic crimes.

Entrepreneurs as a class are the only sector hiring and creating jobs globally. Institutional firms are cleaning their balance sheets, downsizing their risk, laying off personal, and battening down their hatches. The majority are reporting a RECESSION ON EARNINGS which is the canary in the mine for the REAL RECESSION that hits you in the face to follow.

CEO SPACE is the leading business accelerator for entrepreneurs. Forging global compressed exploding  ever enlarging TRADING COMMUNITIES five times each year – CEO’s have options and opportunities others simply lack. In the EARNINGS RECESSION to be followed by worse than recession – options and opportunities are the entire safe harbor for business. Lacking currency, current information – the Captain of Entrepreneur ships will likely steer their vessel into rocks and one another. CEO SPACE is the business owners radar. With better maps you accommodate better steerage. Your destination is SAFE HARBOR from the financial storms developing.

Dec 13th is the critical period to allocate a tax dollars to a SAFE HARBOR plan. CEO SPACE is returning the world thought leaders who advise Fortune firms from all over the planet. We are moving into a period where just having some UPLIFTING tools is really a blessing for your future game plan. To stay home and miss:

  • New ideas
  • New trading communities
  • New customers
  • New alliances
  • New profit centers
  • Better branding impacting reduced impressions to get clients
  • Improved marketing
  • Expanded teams
  • New income
  • Lower taxes
  • More skill for 2016 markets
  • More options
  • More opportunities than others will have
  • Safe HARBOR others lack
  • Continued growth others will not enjoy
  • Smarter better future executions
  • Improved family relationships this Holiday
  • Teen and Youth Programs
  • Special pricing

You will begin to see the confirmations of all that our blogs have  been writing to you over the past two quarters as to  the lies you are receiving related to the recovery and the fact that the world economy has in TRUTH not recovered. What is taking place is called DEFLATION. This means asset classes from a majority of categories are falling in value. As these prices fall they effect credit lines and lending. As profits from falling prices disappear, and debts remain, no one has money to pay debts off. The crunch begins to snow ball. This is now happening in the EU, in Asia, and is spilling over the North American market space.

Defaults by firms, bankruptcies and finally nations ( Greece and others will be back wrecking the EU once and for all with their debt bombs going off – there is no money to repay the debts folks and you can’t keep getting bigger credit cards to pay off 50 years of ever bigger credit cards – that can’t work can it? )

Earnings from companies require confidence by the consumer at year end Holiday selling time. When consumers are panicked they pull back. When they do at Holiday time the largest percentage of buying goes downward by a global number in the trillions. This creates downsizing where massive lay off’s return and millions are out of work all over again. The recovery was not a real recovery but only set up by free money policy from banks, which is not a fix and only temporarily bandages a problem now made many times worse. Nations caught in this trap with limited options go to war because they have no alternative. How little will it take DO YOU THINK to panic consumers from right here today? I mean really? Almost anything?

We have been sucked into Iraq and Afghanistan and we can’t get out. Russia is being sucked into Syria, Iran and Pakistan and they can’t get out. Neither nation has the surplus budget to afford to act as global military – there is just not enough money for that. The entire tree is about to be shaken. The Debt Bomb is going to explode. ECONOMICS 101 folks. You have to pay your bills folks  or the dancing stops. Credit stops. Opportunity stops. Markets return to MUCH MUCH HARDER TIMES. Worse on one trust one another because the crooks killed trust off. Everyone thinks everyone else is a crook. Business now crawls in a market space of distrust and suspicious negotiations that lead no where fast. The depression can last 40 years. Through an entire generation. THAT IS THE CONSEQUENCE TO FAILED GLOBAL ECONOMIC COOPERATION upon the innocent peoples of the world.

If you are not forging together in an upward vortex of every growing larger TRADING COMMUNITIES as an entrepreneur leader,  your business is going to have a more challenged time supporting you and your loved ones in 2016. The election year globally will be a nightmare for economic policy. There is no bright light at the end of the tunnel. What is the problem in the economic system:

  1. The system is corrupt and needs a regulatory global over haul – a rethink – the largest RETHINK since the NEW DEAL and the last depression.
  2. The regulations are local the trades are in the cloud – we must regulate financial markets globally.
  3. Speculation now running the markets must be made criminal once again as it was for the past 70 years – it was a crime to make wild speculation legal.
  4. Crooks at VW and other firms need to be quickly put in jail for their crimes. If crooks are allowed a fine and pass the market of criminal economics will end with world war.
  5. Public firms need to report every six months not every three weeks – take speculation out of the capital markets.
  6. Central banks must be merged into treasuries as nations stop paying interest to print money – thats INSANE and it is criminal. You made theft legal. Reverse that immediately.
  7. A Global Economic Constitution – Trading Rule Set and Regulatory Rule Set must be placed into adoption by all nations – anything less is a crime upon the peoples of the earth.

Competition is insane.

Cooperation is sane.

Competition is criminal.

Cooperation is fiduciary.

Competition punishes all human diversity in all forms.

Cooperation celebrates all diversity including laws.

Competition insults.

Cooperation praises.

Competition finds fault.

Cooperation finds value.

Competition as a thought form is itself INSANE.

Cooperation is the virus removal tool.

Competitive Capitalism and socialism are fully failed financial structures for organizing humans and trade.

Cooperative Capitalism is the cure.

CEO SPACE teachings CEO business owners how to run their ventures on cooperate systemic models versus competitive system models. CEO’s of institutions and CEO’s of development space benefit equally. Forbes ranked CEO SPACE # 1 in the world as the SINGLE CONFERENCE a business owner CEO can not afford to miss in 2015. That would remind you to attend Dec 15th -the best – the family Holiday Forum – the THOUGHT LEADER SUPER STAR HISTORIC gift you give your entire family – and the most fun at any conference you have experienced in years. Discover a systemic model that works better. National leaders especially welcome as are VENTURE FIRMS and related private equity hedge fund managers. Critical skill paths downloaded Dec 13th will SAFE HARBOR the CEO into 2016 and beyond into 2017 with the highest return on a tax dollar reclaimed at year end – in fact THE LAST CHANCE TO RECLAIM THOUSANDS IN TAX LEGALLY MAY BE CEO SPACE DEC 13th. Why leave those dollars with the tax authority when a far better use of those dollars is in front of YOU as a leader?

Now comes Wal Mart.

Wal Mart in the earnings recession leads the pack suggesting a 12% ( enormous ) profit drop in 2016 as guidance to market. The guidance smashed Wal Mart stock. Wal Mart is moving to:

  1. Remove 2500 items from its stores as it shrinks the biggest box in the world.
  2. 120,000 suppliers must give more profit to Wal Mart to stay in at all.
  3. Suppliers are now putting less weight and items into each package to achieve the Wal Mart compression of margins to the vendor.
  4. Tens of billions in lost profits by 120,000 vendors is expected.
  5. As this tricked into the market as Wal Mart effects EVERYTHING the spiral into recession – real recession is upon us.

Read your own tea leaves. If you think the best of times are coming – hey – have a great Holiday folks. The largest retailer on earth is suggesting to its 72 % of all consumers and 10% of all North American retail sales period – that – expect a huge steady down bubble all year next year and into this holiday season – down not up year to date. DOWN. What does that tell you as a small fry by comparison? If they are telling you what tea leaves look like then you and I are blind.

If you think ( like we know and advise smart planners to regard that )  financial storms ARE coming – invest in your own life style and your own safe harbor construction Dec 13 perfectly timed actually. In fact make this event registration  investment your PRIORITY. I would even say spread the word. CEO SPACE is now Dec 13th an EMERGENCY OASIS for the forward planning CEO. The math is basic and simple:

  1. Invest one tax dollar
  2. Earn a huge profit back
  3. If you don’t we refund your membership before you leave the hotel
  4. If we do you forged safe harbor
  5. Your 2016 is SOOO MUCH SAFER because you and your family joined us

Plus you’ll have so much fun. Being ahead and out front IS fun. Being a leader IS fun. Knowing the facts before others have the facts IS FUN. Sharing better information peer to peer is FUN. Cross mentoring one another this Holiday is FUN. CEO SPACE is the most fun making money you will ever have.

Safe harbor is a DECISION. Make your own decision folks. Here comes the earnings recession reports all week. Watch the news. Note the markets next week. Then register into CEO SPACE because you’ll see THIS BLOG IS LIKE PROPHECY.

After a while you begin to just expect better tea leaf reading. You rely on the news. You use this Blog and you SHARE it with those you care for – why not email your list to the blog today?

Folks, be safe. Make a decision and register into CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and join us Dec 13th – in fact join us Dec 11th for three days of FREE BONUS SKILLS TRAINING on raising capital in the forward markets. Raising capital is another consideration – another option – another opportunity to build safe harbor in a spiral down market space globally – with new laws it is so much less costly and so much easier. LEARN EARN AND RETURN.

Bring your family – we have programs for all ages and family groups this Holiday Space – the Big one the Wealthy one the one for contacts for everyone.

Berny Dohrmann – Proud founder CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL