China has a run on its economy. The run includes:

  • Trade partners moving manufacturing as a trend to other more easy to work in nations – without the corruption cost and politics
  • Runs on the stock and bond market – endless spiral down
  • Runs on cash investment and banking reserves
  • Runs on brains and people leaving at the top
  • Runs on core economics – creating Super Cash and Deflation
  • Runs on currency as the currency goes down and down
  • Cuts in interest this month means China is panicked

But they have cash and money reserves – that is all they have. To secure a future they are investing over seas versus internally – 46 Billion to buy Great Britan. Never in the 100 year relationship has England kowtow’ed to China – but they fell all over themselves this month.

Premier Li – was hosted in the Palace by the Queen – every red carpet was pulled out – no mention of dissidents locked up ¬†harsh justice and human rights causing violations – none. Just “we do anything” for the MONEY and values are now hostage to cash.

China is setting up the NEW WORLD ORDER in financial markets in London – bought and paid for to offset US and Western Power. China is not winning financially the USA is winning – our way of life is winning. The problem IS and remains our policies are not winning.

Failed policy is fueling a new world order.

As Abraham Lincoln so often spoke to – there is no GIANT from afar that will challenge the peoples of the United States of America. Our sun will only set from WITHIN as we devalue our unity and soul. America needs to re-invent its value to the world and to ourselves and this POLICY must become our FIRST PRIORITY.

Our mentorship – vote – as never before – find your candidate and VOTE and we all need to VOTE – all of us to show WE ARE AMERICA. THAT is the real restart for US.

Berny Dohrmann Proud and Hopeful for AMERICA