Whats more – we who are MAD AS HELL NOW – are going to by pass our regulators and punish banks – abusers – environmental crooks and social criminals – by withdrawing our wallets from those market spaces. Beyond regulations THEY HAVE NO POWERS FOLKS – we have ALL THE POWERS.

The new Ghandi movements of the world are digital and on line. WE HAVE ALL THE POWER.

Join the movement ..BOYCOTT VW BRANDS and media attention is so welcome – happy to do sound bytes just for your brand. Media who pick this up are socially responsible and are punishing real criminals by joining the MOVEMENT.

You shall know them by their works. US as well. TAKE ACTION.

If you own a VW brand and you delay – your value is going to go down and your going to be trapped financially. Don’t say we did not warn you – get out by year end.

THE VW GLOBAL WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT IS NOW GOING TO PICK UP STEAM as you select all – copy – and share this blog or its URL with your list walls and boards. Twitter and retweet and not just once for months make it regular and consistent – they never failed for years to advance their crimes and their cheat s lies and false reporting world wide to all nations – now all nations have a responsibility to in public – punish the crime. As Global Regulation has failed us all – we will SELF REGULATE crimes and punish them ourselves.

For we have reached a global turning point – and we all say to the criminals – WE CAN”T BREATH !!!

This boycott is for the UNBORN GENERATION FOLKS….join the movement for those who are unborn and who deserve a better world than we have inherited – this is our watch – we alone stand on the watch tower of the unborn generation – as we gaze upon their arrivals – we must make them safe again.


Thank you for denying VW a get of jail free card – fines are a joke – WE THE PEOPLE will now deny VW market access:

  1. Turn your brand in today
  2. Buy a better car from legal manufactuers
  3. Never by a VW brand used or new till 2030
  4. The market value of a VW will go to zero – no one will wish to buy them
  5. Society will hate YOU if you drive one and own one and keep one ( watch )

Fully public – fully transparent – out in the open – free – illuminated – cooperative – where VW was in the dark – secret – not transparent – elite – fully competitive ( evil ) versus cooperative ( holy ) – so we the ( holy ) will place our light not he crime as tens of billions evaporates from their world market space.

The movement has begun …


PS: Reward legal car manufactures with your business – trade crook away to criminal free zone – and do it NOW. Speed is the need to send the message to the Criminals – your day of punishment has finally and truly arrived. Your worst fear has come upon you – and that fear is US your loyal customers who have abandoned you for all the right reasons…..