CEO SPACE accelerates business in the most exclusive insulting protecting safe harbor a business can acquire in the world today. For a small tax saving at year end entire families – children teens and partners can attend the adult play ground for CEO business leaders – CEO SPACE at the WESTIN LAKE LAS VEGAS. Where 1100 programs not ranked by Forbes as # 1 in the WORLD THIS YEAR deliver your money’s worth – only CEO SPACE with 30 years of unmatched service to the business community of leaders – offers LIFETIME MEMBERSHIPS to entire family stake holders – address support from the bed room to the board room where leaders reside. Only CEO SPACE as a program is designed to return the CEO’s investment BACK versus their money’s worth. Business acceleration means you put up a dollar and earn a huge profit back. HOW?

  • New markets
  • New trading community of CEO’s globally
  • New access to all distribution in b to b
  • Improved branding strategic auditing
  • Improved systemic modeling
  • Alliances and affiliations that are critical
  • CEO Skill advancement remaining current in SUPER CHANGE
  • Fun renewal and recharging of the CEO as no where else
  • Full on family support for the sacrifices made to the venture space
  • Holiday enrichment
  • First options to accelerate Jan Feb and March while others sleep

CEO SPACE is the LAST chance to tune up the CEO at year end while using the LAST tax lowering ( lifetime membership ) option available Dec 13th. CEO SPACE is the FIRST FINANCIAL OPPORTUNITY to accelerate the New Year business harvest while other CEO’s sleep.

CEO SPCAE is the HOPE and PROMISE of pure SAFE HARBOR ( read some of the blogs on this topic ) insulating your venture from the developing financial storms. THE SECRET TO PROSPER IN ANY ECONOMIC CONDITION is to enlarge the CEO to CEO TRADING COMMUNITY. You will make that leap and enlarge your ten year trading community in a week this December – now so close in time as a pure financial opportunity.

Knowing as blog readers do – what is really taking place on your risk barometer – CEO SPACE becomes the SAFE HARBOR ESSENTIAL OPTION – the DO NOT MISS IT event. WE encourage all CEO’s to use our three day bonus program Dec 11th for capital skills upgrading within new laws just passed this year. You need to have this core skill for planning future safe harbor. Its free for our members.

Our Holiday teen and kids camp are award wining – more CEO’s attend the Dec CEO SPACE with their families than any of our five programs of the year. Its the big one.

Why are the thought leaders of the century showing up – Franklin Covey Founder Hyrum Smith? Jeff Flam? Bob Proctor? Sharon Lechter? Greg Reid? George Fraser founder of Fraser net. World famous Dan Clark? Linda Clemons the other Lisa Nichols? Dave Austin celebrity sports SUPER STAR coach. Adam Markel CEO of Peak Potentials largest training firm in the world? Really – all at once – all together – all this Holiday – just now for SAFE HARBOR for your business? How important do they think HOPE AND PROMISE ARE – as that is what they live for. Academy award winning film producers -= super stars with your teens and teen leaders in TEEN FEAST ( we subsidize families spouses and teens this Holiday ).

The hope and promise folks is US. For we are the Entrepreneur leadership back bone of any nation – the future – the solid ground – the high ground – when we come together we change the world.

There will be billionaires walking around with mere millionaires. Mentors like you will never acquire in your lifetime. You will improve everything in your A game and have a far better holiday. Run things from CEO SPACE. Plan as many days as you can. BUT DO NOT MISS BRINGING YOUR FAMILY GROUPS TO THE FAMILY VALUE HOLIDAY FORUM THIS DEC 13th.

Consider if Hope and Promise might have your financial future depend on building your safe harbor BEFORE The storms fully arrive on shore. What your seeing today is turbulence only. The full storm power is ahead in the election year…watch and trust us.

The pivotal time for your improved future is DEC 13th – and financial stability prosperity and GPS through these bad weather economic days that are coming is a relay race – all you need to do to WIN THE RACE is register into CEO SPACE.

I would.

Just DO IT…its smart to reclaim those tax dollars.

Why are you leaving them ….?


Berny Dohrmann SAFE HARBOR MASTER for CEO’s in 2015


PS: Check out our web site at CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL and phone us – ask for Ron Lober our National Marketing Director he’ll serve you with information you can trust.