SO do we learn nothing? Nope. Until they REGULATE the WORLD MARKET the global market is a CASINO capitalism, where the super rich manipulate and speculate to FIX prices in criminal betting that wipes out the wealth of the masses – to their stacked favor. Do they go to JAIL no. We should empty the prisons of all pot users and smokers and put in jail every local state and federal elected official – every regulatory agency team – and everyone with a net worth of say ONE BILLION who is speculating in the market directly or indirectly starting with say GEORGE SORO’s the master CRIMINAL of our age and time. JAIL. Prison. Clean house.

So tea leaf readers whats got me pissed off today?

The Venture crowd has reset STRUCTURED ASSETS. They are not investing in start ups and pre public and public firms, that have zero value. Countless firms with trillions in stored wealth are holding book value at 90% less than the market cap rates and no regulatory oversight is corrupting this. Further trillions are fully bankrupt with no assets or operational foundation at all. So did we not learn from the DOT.BOMB melt down the brought us SUPER CRASH 1999?


We made a worse mess. Today the speculator using words like nano – crowd – cloud – and super tech – and social – have invested trillions in worthless crap. They hold this worthless crap on their books lying to their investors and taking in more money making new side bets. They are betting. The odds are better on a Vegas crap table than in this venture crap. Invest in any start up yourself and you’ll do a better job – way better in our opinion.

When these balance sheets adjust – and they will – the panic and the SUPER CRASH will sweep across the world. This Dot.Bomb factor is worst in Asia – than EU – then North America but it includes every nation. Iceland may be exempt this time – way to go Icelanders. Norway may be ok. A few learned.

Without a GLOBAL regulatory NEW FRAME WORK these “new market” regulatory issues are not fully transparent – reportable – monitored – accountable – and secrets provide advantage to elite money. Thats a crime folks. Market manipulation is a crime folks. Only no one goes to jail. The biggest crooks – criminal banks and investment banks – pay the crime team a big fine in cash, and they continue to have a warm view by their ocean windows as they plan to take us all to the cleaners once again. A cost of business now paying off criminal prosecution – you just add it in. Its a line item folks. A single mom goes to jail for 11 years working two jobs trying to support her kids in a private school for smoking a doobie to unwind and her kids go to foster care. One joint. Surrounded by states where its legal. ┬áThats a crime by criminal judgers prosecutors and a system that is criminals doing the labeling. Tony Sappran’s the prosecutors. Nice play on crime. CRIME DOES PAY.

Those who plan to make trillions dumping shit into our crops – water – and markets when caught pay a little slap the wrist fine and go legally steal some more – from all of us. The waste has bid the cost of everything up so high WE CALL CAN NO LONGER BREATH.

Gasoline should be 75 cents.

Water should be FREE.

Power should be two thirds the cost.

Coffee should be 80 cents a bag not 3.00 bucks.

A while ago there was over sight – price gouging Panals – today there is pack money and no problem manipulating prices – price fixing – and from charms to anything really – taking the consumer to the floor board – and removing the engine that drives the free world. As America retires into a decline and the rest of the world becomes and returns to third world status – who wins? 5700 SUPER WEALTHY? They win? How? They have crime – less real estate to profit – and a hatred of their status as legal criminals. HOW?

Social investing is the future.

Criminal investing is the past.

The reform has to come following the VENTURE SUPER CRASH from the legal criminals – with jail time and justice reform. A Global RETHINK for a international economic platform that protects us all – a set of rules the world and nations can sign on to and fully enforce – will change everything. Entrepreneur laws with reporting and honor and integrity and transparency. WE can have all these things when the laws change to make crimes crimes and good conduct and fair pricing is rewarded. Profits that are anti social need moderation to social policy so all nations have balanced budgets. This model is no longer sustainable – is frankly insane – starting with FEDERAL BANKS who globally manipulate the money supply by charing interest they profit from. PAYING INTEREST TO PRINT MONEY FOR NATIONS IS A CRIME and should be a practice we revise with new laws first.

Stop seeing manipulation as anything but a crime.

The source of the financial pain that is coming – is betting in financial markets via speculation instruments that should be OUTLAWED in the first place. Where is our regulatory protectors? They are legally obsolete. WE need a new global regulatory agency for financial markets with full criminal authority and a set of laws that are clear social and honorable. Can we get them ? Not with a lobby controlled legislature and the financial lobby being the world’s largest. No way. I’m part of it believe me I know. NO WAY. NO FREAKIN WAY. We need economists and no lawyers to create a national ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION over three years – 1000’s of them in Hawaii – setting it forth for all nations in the G 100 – where the nations adopt the laws because we vote in law makers who are LEADERS versus puppets. Vote. Vote for candidates who are FREE of being bought. They are running. Chose free versus puppets.

My suggestion – never ever elect an incumbent – period. EVER again. You’ll have your nation back.

Meanwhile – we’ll keep a light on for you – but the venture world is phony money – failed financial models – lies and no video tapes – and the SUPER CRASH they have created will sink the entire world. Until the regulatory frame work changes – as a people – 7 billion of us all – are simply put – FUCKED !

Berny Dohrmann – Proud Father of the solution – the one revolution you can join and DO SOMETHING about all this – CEO SPACE – Dec 13th a gathering place of CHANGE LEADERSHIP For the WORLD representing the UNBORN GENERATION. Join us. Its good for business.