Lets see if we remember. They are less than 10 million Isreali’s largely women and children surrounded by 80 million Arabs who wish them all to die horrible deaths in a holocaust to end them all? Could it be their friend and partner has lied to them, abandoned them, and worked to help the Holocaust become more near term?

They have seen the west allow atomic weapons and delivery systems rise up in North Korea. Oh we said there were RED LINES. I forget how many RED LINES but we have brought our serious counter punch – we screamed and yelled for three decades – hey we will sanction you.

We have let Syria – say where Road Island is from New York City – gas their own people and use Barrel Bombs and other Holocaust weapons on their own people but they so engaged in civil war are collectively united in their hatred for ISREAL.

We have seen our Gulf Policy go from success under General Petrarus – whom we shit can over an email – removing the greatest leader of our time for what ?  – loving some one ? The result is Iraq dissolved – now never to unite – ISIS has become a nation of power money and growing terror – Iran has risen in stature and is now so close to Atomic Weapons it is spitting distance while we stall to give them trillions they violate UN sanctions and launch ballistic rockets than destroy America let alone Israel – and we have said once again – wow – RED LINE – hey RED LINE IRAN there is a big red line you can not cross now that you already crossed it. WE call this leadership.

Israel calls this leadershit.

Why do they prefer RUSSIA now to protect them? Why because Syria and ISIS are in New Jersey and they are across the bridge – ( ever been there ) ? Russia IS protecting them and we ARE NOT. In 2016 no nations trust the USA and its RED LINE CREW. Its sanction screamers. the world thinks we are a joke. Israel does not have the ability to laugh at the humor. They face an absolute holocaust of their peoples – every man woman and child and its quite real.

They have daily stabbings – where woman and children are one minute in joy and the next bleeding out on the street. Why? For no reason. Insanity. Day after day their security and safety has been taken from them as the war reaches their door. Because the USA policy has allowed the mess to exit grow and prosper into a world so much more unsafe so much worse than 9/11 because our LEADERSHIT created a world of SHIT. All sides. They all failed. Everyone of them.

Russia has taken over Ukraine ports and billions in infrastructure now more firmly controlling its gas supply to all of Europe. Russia is now securing Med ports in Syria forever – and possibly will bail out GREECE as it leave the EU – Russia may help IRAN take over IRAQ and not too far along Saudi – and the entire Gulf – in exchange for a hands off policy in Israel placing the US out of the policy and future for the remainder of this century. How enormous is the cost as Russia see’s the EU collapse and NATO dissolve?

America remains but the shadow of what we once were. WE are seen as criminals – financial crooks – morally corrupt – socially bankrupt – and unfit to lead the future new world order. We alone in our old ancient cocoon have some antique notion of who we are. 300 Million in the insane fantasy – while 7 billion have it right – their mind set about us defines the reality not the other way around. Can we fix it? Is it too late? Putin with Syria went Check Mate – and all the Kings Horse and all the Kings men ( say Kerry for one ) can not put Humpty Dumpty ( US ) back to together again.

We can go to war. We can’t win hearts and minds doing that.

Ah did we not just bankrupt our unborn generation doing two decades of just that ? How’d that work out for our people? And the world? Anyone up to saying I”M SORRY WORLD?

Who wants to accept the America political system as a moral ethical contagious idea free of corruption and elite influences with a justice system that is the envy of the world? You? Who thinks the highest incarceration ( prison ) of innocent people – non violent no victim prisoners per 100,000 of population on EARTH is a contagious place everyone wishes to GET INTO. Why is Canada or Australia not ten hundred times better than AMERICA in 2016?

The only HOPE and PROMISE of America is our capacity to roll back freedom – roll back the very concept of AMERICA – our ability to swing this pendulum back. Its going to require two things:

  1. An informed electorate versus a manipulated electorate
  2. Massive turn out and voting by all of us who can and should and must

Never element an incumbent – not one – not ever. THAT would be a huge start and fresh beginning.

What is ISREAL pissed off about. Their best friend hung up on them and no longer answers the phone. Plus they no longer believe in the voice mail messages. They prefer to talk direct to President Putin who answers the phone and talks plain and then delivers on what he says.

We did that once. When was that again?


Berny Dohrmann – Proud to Support Israel in every possible way while remaining friends across the Gulf


PS: THE WORLD ORDER CHANGED FOREVER THIS YEAR – PERHAPS you were watching the walking dead?