The run on the China Bank falls into the following categories this year:


  1. Trillions of sovereign nations fund dollars to prop up a phony worthless currency and stock market.
  2. Trillions more to prop up a hopeless Real Estate Bubble like its a fantasy land.
  3. Trillions leaving the banks nation and investment portfolio – run on the banks all sectors
  4. Trillions of manufacturers leaving for other Asian Nations featuring better prices quality and far less hassle and corruption – its OVER for China – never to return
  5. China stimulations from military spending to foreign nation policy fall to 1 to 4 here and trillions of losses in off shore investing and commodity price manipulation that back fired and lots more money than all the crash years combined together. No recovery possible.

China is riddled with Trillions in Bad debts never to be repaid. If the banks holding this paper wrote the notes off or down the banks would be BANKRUPT. The phony accounting won’t protect the nation from the reality of economic destabilization. It will take generations. It will consume decades. China is looking forward to a one out come zero sum game:


  • Super Crash is coming in China
  • Contagion will spill across the world
  • Deflation will continue a 30 year tap root into China economics coupled to deleveraging over decades.

The pain will express itself in Super Crash – depression – massive unemployment, civil un rest and Regional wars. War is the only way out for China and Japan knows this …..

Think of this box top rule:

  1. China is a ship taking on water so fast they can not remain afloat.
  2. In crises they devaluate their core currency.
  3. That fails to work so they lower their interest rate in utter panic.
  4. Lover interest stimulates overall markets – who fail to moderate this lower interest means the nation is in serious decline and trouble.
  5. Now think – why does the STOCK MARKET go UP in Asia and globally on the bad and wore than bad China news?

There is no GOOD china news. In desperation they offer banks chapter money but no one is buying that one. No one is buying at all. China is a ship everyone is running from to deboard into life boats. People and investors are not taking in the facts we present here before they plan in Asia – we have suggested GETTING OUT. Now. And why.

China is coming to a very hard landing.

How hard remains anyone’s guess.


Berny Dohrmann – Proud Father of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL