Dec 13th Sunday to Sunday CEO SPACE saved the best of its five to thrive business acceleration conferences for December. The Super Star Line up is a true HISTORIC EVENT featuring:

Bob Proctor РSuper Star of the Secret and New York Times best selling thought leader Рif you have not seen Bob Proctor LIVE you need to Рin your life time 

Dan Clark – world famous Key Note at stadiums and the White House unmatched

Sharon Lechter – Author of Rich Dad Poor Dad – Outwitting the Devil and Think & GROW RICH FOR WOMAN

Greg Reid – Three Feet From Gold – Thoughts are Things – Stickability founder SECRET KNOCK the # 2 ranked Forbes meeting – with CEO SPACE being # 1

Hyrum Smith – Founder Franklin Covey and author of the new smash book THE GAP

Jeff Flam Founder of EYEQ the whole brain development application sweeping the world today

Michael Drew – promoter of over 100 New York times best selling authors never misses

Stuart Levine – Best selling author and world mediator on conflict resolution

Locke & Lord Law Firm – Washington DC

Eve Hogan Chicken Soup and best selling author – leader of TEEN FEAST this Holiday

Adam Markel – CEO of Peak Potentials largest training firm in the world today

George Fraser – His Spring DC Conference features me President Obama and Hillary

Linda Clemens – the Lisa Nichols Key Note Speaker that challenges Lisa for first SPACE

Dave Austin Super Bowl and World Series athletic coach to the stars – founder BEAST trainings

Our entire regular enormous faculty will also be on site leading the mentorship of the largest richest CEO SPACE in a long while. Parents have waited a YEAR to bring their TEENS to the Holiday CEO SPACE it will be THAT amazing for you all.

You will never have a line up of the celebrity thought leaders all at one time all in one place again in your adult life time – not like this – and not up close and personal as it will be for you this Holiday. OUR THREE DAY ( FREE ) CAPITAL CLASS Begins as a bonus extra on Friday to Sunday just show up…it will blow your socks off.

If you want to accelerate YOUR business or professional practice in January February and March this is your opportunity to explode your networking and do just that. PROFIT.

If you want the LAST CHANCE this year to RECLAIM ( legally) Tax dollars and put those tax dollars into a LIFETIME MEMBERSHIP – to secure skills that will propel you into 2016 – skills to navigate election year markets and prosper – and contacts you can’t imagine you really can’t – just do your home work and get your entire family IN. Six year olds are starting their fourth business at CEO SPACE December ….we have the tree up for all faiths and all belief’s this Holiday. ENRICH your Holiday and enrich your families and enrich your LIFE.

The biggest brands call CEO SPACE simply the SUPER BOWL in the development world today. Forbes ranked CEO SPACE the one meeting you can’t afford to miss this year – and the December conference is the BEST of FIVE to THRIVE for you and your entire family. What a tax Holiday and gift to ramp up 2016 – not to be missed for serious business planners.

Grads can return at member rates or staff the lowest package fitting every budget.

New Members get the best of the year and after tax as your refund is weeks away – you get so much back before your credit card bill is even due just from tax savings – smart really smart.

WE invite YOU to accelerate your business with the # 1 business acceleration process in the world today. Our faculty will one on one as leading mentors listen – understand – care and then provide what no one else does – deliver CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS to YOU – just to YOUR NEEDS and the best news – you simply do not have to WAIT for that growth you wish for.

Our money back warranty protects every entrepreneur.

Register at and its so easy using the pull down menu’s. We’ll help you just phone us from the web site.

Thanks for reading my blogs.

Berny Dohrmann Proud founder of CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL