As the world falls back into full DEFLATION the Central Banks can rest on two achievements;


  1. They failed to spot an prevent the largest melt downs in each economic model in history – from DOT.BOMB to SUPER CRASH in 2007 – they have armed us with DUH WHAT ‘S UP DOC?
  2. Their policies since have utterly failed world wide in all nations.

So why do we keep listening to THEM – the looser society? Why not reform the system? Why not merge all central banks back to their national treasuries – there is only cost to delay that step and reduction of cost to speed that step up?

Today the world is moving back into full on DEFLATION. As we do, the tools nations have to fight Deflation revolve around trade war. Which leads to real war. Increasingly nations compete versus cooperate which creates volatility.

Since August we have seen confidence head for the hills, and volatility become the new normal. Wild swings and fluctuations are expected now even anticipated. Bad news for market stability now or any time soon. The market is sea tide changing and the present is a rip tide.

Now add in earning recessions. Firm after firm missing expectation. Every earnings measurement a disappointment. How does the market go up facing bad news? Because of speculation and manipulation. Which makes for blood baths on the way up and on the way down except for those CAUSING the volatility. Legal casino capitalism until the global regulator frame work changes.

As we watch the move into the Presidential Election year in the USA we see nothing to think a bull season is upon us. We see historic evidence the bull died back on the prairie and the bear is reared high with arms ah waving at you suckers all about to loose so much money.

We’ll keep you posted but measure the earnings and see if this earnings season the WISE WORD is not EARNINGS RECESSION as we have been reporting as a caution to you.

We’ll keep a light on for ya.

Proud Creator CEO SPACE

Berny Dohrmann