We’ll see. From Allied not Russian bombing in the past 24 hours. The senior command of ISIS has been killed. In various targeted bombing. It is so odd. In today’s world. The world wishes to CELEBRATE diversity of faith and politics versus PUNISH diversity. The primodal impulse to KILL what is not precisely like your tribe – is dying as a thought forum. Competition as defined by the global best seller REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION is influencing world leaders across the Globe – President Obama and President Clinton have quoted from the book.

CEO SPACE has been advancing COOPERATION THEORY to the Board room and heads of State for 30 years – as ground zero for the thought leaders wishing to acquire COOPERATION ORGANIZATIONAL SKILLS.

ISIS just is odd. Killing young children and older senior men and grandmothers for absolutely no reason. Being a MASTER FAITH in which God wants to kill immoral spirits God created. The notion God told men to write – like Daniel – that WHEN the savior of man kind comes the unicorns will return to the earth? Say of the billions of trillions GALAXIES – created – this one little important ball ( earth ) in this one little important Universe far in the outskirts of creation – has the market of everything suggest – say to Moses – what stones should be in the breast plate of a vest worn by a priest seems more like Moses than maker of it all.

We suggest all the Religions of the world are RIGHT as are all the religions of the earth wrong. They are all right. They are all wrong. I believe God is laughing if we celebrate what is the SAME about all faiths in the world. I believe God is yawning and falling asleep when we punish what is different about various religions of the world – that is always WRONG. In 1,000’s of near death replays over 30 years of reporting – those with perfect memory uniformly report the amazing experience of asking the Guide upon graduation – but WHY are their so many faiths on this ball of creation – and the humor and laughter rolls reporting – because “their soul needed it at the time”.

When free will was sequenced – the eternal conscious being – was required to make FIRST CHOICE – for STATE of being – as free will – SANE OR INSANE. INSANE is First Competition with God. I’m separate from you. I have my own light. I want equal billing. And your energy banishes you to the insane asylum. Competition is INSANE in all forms. The only virus of human consciousness. Competition is not good. Competition is not sane. Competition between immortal spirits is INSANE. There is no religion that is RIGHT and all the other Religions are WRONG. All Religions are right. All religions are wrong when they punish diversity. A UNITED NATIONS OF RELIGIONS the UNR would usher in the truth, morality, and a return to sanity. Read REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION a manifesto for future human thought.

ISIS is the ultimate thought form of insanity. First they can never kill an immortal soul. Second their creating pain and suffering is not from God it is from the insane one. They are expressing the energy of what many call Satan upon the earth. This is not the energy of God and the marker of our souls. This is the energy of evil masking itself – lying as it always does. There is only one virus on the human landscape – COMPETITION as a thought form. Everything else is symptom. Once you know you have this virus you can relax into God and the holy spirits forgiveness and protection and guidance. Without it you drift back as a DRIFTER ( read OUTWITTING THE DEVIL ) into the control and thought domination of the insanity. You have free will and competition as a virus is as contagious as Ebola – insanity is contagious.

As cooperation expands globally – politically – religiously there is less and less geography for the insane. All things die hard. Thoughts are Things ( as Bob Proctor and Greg Reid’s new book defines ). Competition is a thought. It dies hard. Cornered as ISIS is over ever shrinking real estate- surrounded by the West ( US ) and Russia on both sides they will fight to the death – unless they wake up – the thought form they are guided by – the idea of a MASTER FAITH with brutality – so much pain and suffering upon the babies to the grand parents is as far from GOD as the Light is from the darkness. They are blinded and their ego’s control their inventory of liturgy to create a MASTER FAITH that is not God’s will – that is Satan’s will. They are the religion of the insane – but insanity is highly contagious. We need to get this information out to the children of ISIS to win some back as a virus removal tool – for the TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE.

God’s religion is CELEBRATE ALL DIVERSITY OF THINKING AND SOULS ON THE EARTH AND STOP PUNISHING DIVERSITY IN ANY FORM. That is the truth. Man made religions inspired by divine downloads but the information was incomplete and flawed by the hand of man making their own insertions to control peoples through fear. Christ and Buddha invited people into LOVE that was unconditional.

All thought leaders advent CELEBRATE DIVERSITY do not punish it.

Those that insert – this is right and everything else is wrong – write words not of God but of man. Man in fear. Contaminated by the impulse of the insane completion. All Faiths are wrong and all faiths are right and the true faith will be the UNR and the United Nations of Religion where in what is the same in all FAITHS is Celebrated and what is difference is reduced in discussion on any basis. God is in joy as we come together on this principle…then and only then do all of us HAVE IT WRITE. The MASTER FAITH is all the faiths not one faith over another. How could God be schizophrenic ? Satan is mentally ill God and the Holy spirit are pure conditional cooperation and sanity.

ISIS therefore fails because insanity fails. Sanity prevails. Always under God’s plan. To think otherwise is insane. Which means that ISIS has no future and will be removed from the earth. To the extent Iran punishes diverse culture and thought they embrace the leadership of the insane. To the extent they CELEBRATE diversity globally they embrace the future and sanity. identity competition as the SOURCE of all pain and suffering on the earth as well as pollution including mind pollution.

SEE IT FOR WHAT IT IS !!! The TRUTH shall set you FREE.

So we advent that all these views are right and they are all wrong and we advocate CELEBRATION and COOPERATION between all diversity and a cease of the insanity of punishing differences in all forms. It is time for sanity to become the new normal.

We love everything that is pain and suffering – evoked in the name of God.

Berny Dohrmann – Thought leader author of REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION –