The DOD announced North Korea could strike the Home Land with a long term atomic weapon. They also confirmed they were highly confident they could knock anything that North Korea sent our way out of the sky before it struck. They are ready 24 hours a day. Keep in mind we never threaten North Korea we simply DEFEND South Korea. However we are ready to VAPORIZE the nation if they should strike the USA in any manner. The amount of fire power aimed at NORTH KOREA as a retaliation for their war on the USA or attack to the USA will be total and absolute. The world can count on that irrespective of the politicians in power – the USA MILITARY charged to DEFEND the American People will not permit or allow any such act to go unchallenged and to forever take away a future attack privilege. While we try to secure joining NORTH KOREA to the FAMILY of NATIONS in the end it is up to their leadership to be open or closed. The FEAR used by despot rulers to unite their people – like Hitler and all such wrong minded leaderships – is sad and out dated in a digital shrinking world. We all want to celebrate what is different about one another and stop punishing it – cooperation vs. competition.

Guarding against mental illness remains the rule of law for leaders united against the insanity – sanity vs insanity – cooperation vs competition – you shall know them by their works.

The politics of all this are a mess. We’ll rest behind our shields and war response technology which if understood would represent self termination for the insanity of attacking the USA but there you go – never rely that the other side is sane. NEVER.

The one virus on human thought remains competition in all its forms. The virus removal tool is cooperation in all its forms.

Berny Dohrmann – Keeping a light on for you