So lets look at the arithmetic as you plan your future. We have said to business OWNERS and practice professionals – anyone remember what the depth of the worst recession in 70 years was like? Too ancient history for ya – say three years ago? Banks may fail stuff like that? Can’t remember. Better take those memory pills as the worst is yet to come …and you know what you know THAT at some level don’t you?

Now magnify that hard times globally  by times ten.

So the EU is a house on fire ( economically ) with zero fire escape. The trillions in debt that spending 160% of GNP for say 20 years – creates – can not be repaid in the majority of EU nations. The pension lies, the legal theft, the unsustainable financial model – the failed math to continue social services like clean water and garbage being removed – are all about to come to a halt. When such things halt world war commences. The politicians who brought you Channel 69 never get it in their ass just the people of the world take it in theirs – as they whip up false blame. They will lie. They will create violence and wars. They will use politics to spin sand into your eyes so the truth is hidden related to who should be “off with their heads” and who should not. The rule of Law will become full on police states.

So lets look financially at the world today. The EU is a vital engine that when it collapses takes the world with it. The entire world. Asia has had a first financial crises. Why? The corruption of Competitive socialism communism and competitive capitalism. This created buddy lending with  trillions in bad loans to insiders – never to be repaid. Rather than bankrupt the institutions giving us those bad loans and putting the crooks who made the profits in jail everyone got a GET OUT JAIL FREE PASS and the tax payers tried to work out these debts. TOO BIG TO FAIL was born. During the 20 years that followed stagflation appeared across Asia – growth was impossible – deflation ruled – and even with massive government printing of money they could not inflate their economies. China being the only exception. During that time China went past Japan as the number two economy as Japan simply stalled out and floundered in its criminal mess. Now Japan has irradiated its entire population who will massively destroy their economics and health care system as the tradition remains unchecked. A threat to all of Asia in reality. But the lies rule versus the truth. Today children told they are safe are showing in only the first two short years – 50 times the cancers of any like population. You can’t see radian. You can’t feel radiation. You just die from radiation and the death is horrible. The health cost to Japan will destroy the nation – impotence will soar and population growth will cease.  China used corrupt bankrupt policies of phony monetary policy, manipulated currency and markets, and sought to defy economic theory by creating new modeling. The new model has fallen and is now crashing. Why?

The economic foundation is rotten. The run on the bank includes trillions leaving Asia in general, and manufacturers leaving China forever. The quality of China made goods is now too unreliable labor cost soaring and quality can’t return to retain customer base. China is a bubble in a deflation spiral which took Japan 30 years to mange and they still are not out of the woods. Chinas is much wore and will sink the entire world – already devastating the EU with no pick up anytime when needed. China is in a death spiral financially from decades of totally failed economic policy to which they were warned again and again. The sun is setting on China.

Meanwhile in September the EU returned to DEFLATION. Why? China corrupt economics sought to manipulate prices on all commodities through wild speculation. Now the speculators have cost China 11 Trillion dollars in market support, currency devaluation, and investment commodity portfolio’s with loses that can never return. The world reserve currency account for China looks like a bloodbath in 2015 as the nation planners lose sums that would bankrupt other nations completely. You don’t recover from these permanent loses. Their currency will devalue by the market as its worthless paper – trust in China currency is like trust in Monopoly money. Its worthless paper folks. Its not worth anything because they lie.  The real market price of the goods is returning to global markets ( can’t be stopped )  and the speculation premium from the criminals is crushing Asia for decades to come.

As Asia deals with a death spiral economically, that will continue through a market in China SUPER CRASH and a even larger PROPERTY SUPER CRASH which will bankrupt the nations and the banking system of Asia. The 2015 death  spiral is not stoppable. Manufacturing returning to the USA creates the only safe harbor on earth right now within another  failed economic  model – competitive capitalism – but a less corrupt model than others – the least corrupt while still horrible corrupt and unattainable itself. Cooperative capitalism will ultimately reform USA markets and replenish the world economics – but will it take place before a world war or after?

Russia see’s the spiral to its own economy – where their POLICY  work with China as communists utterly failed – and their market manipulations now crush hope – all commodities have crashed and will crash much more – their currency is down 60% since January against the Dollar as the only trustworthy  World Reserve Currency – do you realize how unsustainable that drop in so short a time span is. Russia money is worthless today. Russia we predict will experience hyper inflation where a million rubles buys a loaf of bread due to their failed policies of today. Including war and its fantastic cost – a bankrupt nation can’t afford war.  Their only option to avoid civil war and the assassination of President Putin by his own team having lost trillions now – is war however. Politically it always distracts the people. Fear is a great tool for politicians. Phony but powerful. They lie. Always remember the lying by nations.  Putin has entered a strategy to marginalize the USA – take all the heat off he and his criminal insider team – and position Russia to take over Iraq and Saudi oil fields in partnership with Iran reforming the geo mineral map on energy supply to the entire world. Before the new President comes to office. This can occur before our elections and there is no NATO or any opposition. What are we going to do – draw the 50th RED LINE in the SAND even while ISIS uses Mustard Gas every single week? For Putin it is life or death of Russia with nothing to lose. ARE WE GOING TO SCREAM IN CONFERENCES ‘ WE WILL SANCTION YOU BAD BOYS? Wow thats it? I’ll bet Putin is unable to sleep tonight.

Meanwhile Greece can’t pay its bills. The new loans make that worse not better. So Greece won’t do what they agreed – for the 11th time only whats new is this is and will be  their last legal theft. Greece with new communist winning elections – has made their deal with Russia. They will rip the West off for as much money as possible, default, Greek Exit and be saved by Russia in exchange for bases, protection and assimilation into the Russia Union versus the EU Union. Russia gets EU positioning and huge ports and trade partnerships. Again how will we stop this? The move is a death move to the EU. The Greeks will give the finger to the EU and all that took their dignity stealing their money forever – bankrupting the EU by the ripple into markets. The crash from this move will make Putin a trillion dollars. In a month. That is for sure predictable. How will anyone stop THAT ? The Gulf strategy is preparing the way for the check moves to come.

The EU is held together by only Germany …in 2015….as France is marginalized now economically. France is basically a Muslim nation waiting for a decade of majority Muslims to vote. France will lose its culture policy and heritage by failed EU policy that tipped the scales on Muslim majority populations in the past 20 years – before the massive Syria migrations. Now with millions of Muslims moving and the full tipping point of demographics reaching France the ability to grow, create jobs, expansion and growth revolves around France doing business with  RUSSIA and IRAN. Again the USA and West is marginalized. France can’t undo the voting shift taking place next and every Muslim in every nation knows this for sure. France will end up a Muslim nation without a shot being fired. There is no way to roll back this population shift – too many millions later. France is screwed.

Germany is the only EU banker left. Germany just saw the LARGEST SINGLE DROP IN EXPORTS in DECADES. This is a huge drop. This is a fast unexpected drop. This is a SUPER SHIFT a SUPER DROP just the last month and that trend is continuing with VW breaks stopping entirely. WOW. Think about this statistically.  This reflects Asia crises and global slowing at a pace worse than 2007. Add in the largest German economic machine VW which is doomed. VW can’t be fixed. You have a brand that is run by criminals. They cheated nations and all their clients. Now the cost to fix the crimes is beyond the company to survive – just in warranty repair. No one will reward buy or trust a firm run by criminals in our lifetime. VW is done and Germany is done.  The 66 Billion in recall cost is just the start the criminal fines and law suits globally will consume the remaining time of VW’s life until VW files for bankruptcy – which it should do TODAY. The sooner the less pain. Germany now has a perfect financial storm – enormous loss of business – massive immigration services for a city of over one million that must be taken care off – until loss of capital to Greece and EU and no recovery short of decades to rebuild and the collapse of its biggest economic machine VW utterly GONE like on a dime. There is no short term recovery for Germany. This combination sinks the EU for sure. The house is on fire. There are no fire escapes. Economically speaking. The fire will burn it all down. There is no banker left in the building folks – they can’t even fund remaining Greek rounds that is HOW BAD It really is – they can’t fund the refugee problem – they are BANKRUPT in the EU folks – the rest is mirrors and lies. You get this right?

The EU unwinding will bankrupt all nations in the EU but for Germany France and the bulk head the UK ( which should leave the EU now versus later ). GET OUT UK and lead the world as you always DO. We need you whole and sound. America can not save the world alone. WE need the UK by our side to begin the new world order from these failed global policies. REFORM and REVOLUTION are coming. Trust that.

Keep in mind America is the one and only nation that can: feed its entire population forever – be energy and economically self sustained – and needs no one or anyone for anything. IF we stop buying off shore – if we merge the Fed into the USA Treasury – if we only buy American goods and foods – the economic outcome is a balanced very profitable budget with debt management that is the envy of the entire world. America is for all the right reasons the ONE and the ONLY Safe Haven. Plus America is the one and only real super power on earth. Really.

Russia has entered World War III with Iran – the war began with digital warfare on our markets in 2007 and has continued digitally with hacks theft of IP and tradea digital damage and sabotage to US industry and Government agencies – which is only heating up. The digital war is unrelenting and we are loosing this war. Again read GAME PLAN by Kevin Freeman to become fully informed – adviser to the NSA CIA and DOD. READ THIS BOOK so you KNOW the truth.  China tries to play both sides but to survive at all China must soon chose sides. One of the other. In any forward view the USA wins. After World War III our ability to sustain our economics is beyond the others collectively and our war machines are unmatched against the entire collective machine – the world has not seen the real weapons the USA has at its disposal. Take on the USA directly? Duck folks. There is one safe harbor the USA…only one. Bet upon the others and your done. So whats your plan?

So what do we plan on seeing  after German exports fall like off a cliff this past month….like OFF A HIGH CLIFF screaming in the wind….

  1. EU break up ( no other possible outcome )
  2. Super Crash Asia ( coming )
  3. Escalation of Russia military action ed
  4. Super Crash in world markets
  5. Move to Global Cooperative Capitalism before or after real world war

The time line? We believe Russia and Iran will move the agenda forward rapidly now to secure their objectives during a last year lame duck administration trusting President  Obama will do NOTHING really – wishing to make history on the way out the door and dumping the rising crises  to the new team – a safe sound political bet – such that before the new administration is in office the worst is yet to come. The Super Crash from the next digital weapon ( read Game Plan and read Redemption the Cooperation Revolution ), will create distraction Russia having fired that weapon to profit on the loss taking place -Putin  will use to ramp up his Gulf domination. Israel will step up inside this time line  commencing the World War III Cycle. Israel being the only awake to what is really taking place nation in the Region. Russia is now as close as New Jersey to New York as Syria is to Israel – can’t be a solid feeling for Israel. Their trust in the USA at rock bottom in only eight years.

Russia has so much to gain.

The USA has already lost its leadership role, its prestige, control of the agenda, an ability to take action, effectively marginalized by the biggest policy failure since Adolf Hitler rose to Power. We all know that cost. The phrase that fits American policy makers from the movie Dumb and Dumber is STUPID STUPID STUPID as it has been so avoidable. The tea leaves are clear. No one in the USA has their reading glasses on.

World trust in the USA has never been LOWER Faith in the USA has never suck lower. Why? The policy of our government republican and democrat has failed utterly. The lies we tell – like the Hospital bombing was an accident over hours of telephone begging to stop it – is just that – seen as it is – lies. You can’t have confidence in a government o criminal who cheat steal and lie anywhere in the world. Putin seems more credible than the USA today. Thats a hoot historically.

Here’s a thought – no one can give to a nation HONOR but if a nation HAS real honor no one can ever take that honor from that nation…..

Here we report the truth. If your press is owned by the VW crooks they are reporting about how would one have a FREE Press really? Will we get the truth from the Press? In a spin and sound byte world? I mean really?

So what do you do – as you can now watch the tea leaves with a more clear set of READY GLASSES. We just gave you the latest prescription lenses you may wish to share with your group list – spread the blog link around the world and the press. Wake up a few thinkers.

There are some left.

First it is all financial. Follow the money. The market of manipulation and greed is super crashing folks all in a death spiral. You can feel it if you don’t understand it.

Second you need a LARGER COOPERATION BASED TRADING COMMUNITY to get through the financial storms in a safe harubor you create yourself.

Third – you need to remain ahead of options and opportunities to prosper in any market including being ahead of crashing markets.

Fourth – get out of markets entirely and invest in diversified insurance products to preserve asset base and sleep like a baby. The last possible safe harbor and act soon folks – don’t be fooled by manipulated price rises by speculators. The market is not REAL folks.

Fifth – vote for Candidates that talk about Cooperative Capitalism reform and Justice Reform and avoid the rest. Talk about candidates that opt for a STRONG USA MILITARY as we need to ramp up now down our fortress at this time of pure ultimate THREAT.

Next play book? China threatened with Super Crash unfolding will increasingly opt for war in its own regional areas. Japan will ditto that. India and Pakistan will be the first nuclear exchange in our opinion and Iran will go next. In our view of the unfolding likely sequence. Russia will remain on the side line with the USA fully launch ready on one another – which may occur ( takes two hours folks ) – or may not as they carve up the rest of the world. IF we take out Iran Russia will take out Saudi and so it will go. You will not get Russia out of permanent base and influence now from Syria and Iraq next – they will work with Iran to take over Saudi and the Saudis know this – only with a leadership to oppose this plan will the plan be delayed or blocked. The cost to Russia has to be so great it will withdraw the benefits – today the benefits are so great one can’t see a cost to stop them – at least I can’t see it – financially.

Markets will be so volatile money making in a phony speculation market is a joke. Only safe haven insurance investing appears real to me until the new G 100 regulatory frame work is put in place. Without such  frame work the world system is terminally broken and can never be normalized. Central Bank policy is a comedy club routine and has failed utterly – the criminals who stole more money than anyone – the crooks who failed us in all policy for five decades are still in power at Central banks WHY? All Central Banks need to merge into their national treasuries in a digital transparent real time world and central TREASURIES need to print money without interest premium to CROOKS who steal public money and return failed policy bankrupting world economies for insider elite wealth. This global system is criminal insane and clear when your reading with the right prescription lenses. The problem is the lies. Telling the truth form the lying.

They kill the Truth speakers ( like me ) and they have warm meals in the Hamptons and never go to jail or pay the price. However long after I’m gone my words in Redemption the Cooperation Revolution will change the world – I’m secure in my Nobel prize even after my untimely death – which is no accident folks.

Courage one drop greater than your fear can save the world. Hero’s display that courage. Are you a hero for the world today? Or is your head staying stuck in the sand.

If you don’t get ahead of whats coming you perish financially. Most will lose everything.

Many will prosper.

CEO SPACE is a community that breeds safe harbor – keeps member business OWNERS informed – and ahead – so you can take right opportunity action. Without a better bigger information gathering and community of like minded men and woman how will you prosper in the coming financial storms?

We suggest CEO SPACE is about business acceleration as markets hold together and when they don’t hold together CEO SPACE is life and death financial survival. If your like minded with that check out our dates and making joining a priority. Time is not on your side.

We’ll keep a light on for ya folks – we remain number one in the world for a reason – we call it the TRUTH.

We tell the truth here as we know and read the tea leaves. Which is our opinion.

Form yours and stand up heroically for one another.

Berny Dohrmann Proud Founder – CEO SPACE