We’ll your HERE are you not. You come and make a favorite or subscribe to the blog to get INFORMATION. You are in charge. You pick. No one intrudes in your busy world to beat you into their message or content. You connect.

You come to get value based information for free. Financial information to help you explore investment with more data. Tools for business. Tools that are free and that you can use immediately. You use sites that are of value to you. You opt in. We treasure our readers and use your feedback to give you more of what you most want. So comment.

In bound marketing is about taking strands – a strand of interest and another strand of interest and connecting those dots. It is all about connecting. Its all about creating community. The CEO SPACE community is 140 nations – of CEO members over 30 years of non stop service. Our community is cooperative versus competitive. Those that want a larger trading community that is cooperative versus competitive opt in to CEO SPACE as their community.

Attempting to get busy adults to stop their agenda and allow your intrusion to define their agenda into yours is a ME marketing era that has completed and is now a WE marketing space that is unleashing. Read Micheal Drew’s Pendulum the most important marketing book of this decade for any CEO or practice professional. Hands down.

Today you want to entwine into the WE agenda and never wish your customers to shift from their own agenda. CEO SPACE always asks our customers as inbound strategy – what are YOU doing and how may we SERVE YOU in what you are seeking NEXT ? We help our clients unconditionally and without any intrusion. They by large percentage but not always ask – but what do YOU DO.

We reply: that  we accelerate business for business owners or practice professionals who wish to accelerate their bottom line and who KNOW they need help to get that acceleration in place.

If the WE generation identifies their agenda is in fact your agenda they connect. You don’t force the connection. You reply to their inquiry. You serve them better. You serve them faster. You are generous. You are kind. You offer tons of FREE STUFF first. You help the client without any investment required from them.

As they experience value – versus are told about value – they themselves self enroll to get more of the value you are already displaying. You are creating inbound marketing buzz. The tools of inbound marketing include new and old skills CEO’s must acquire in the new WE market come from and which embrace:

  1. SRO and positioning on line and off line in brand space
  2. Consistent brand messaging with clarity missed by most
  3. Off line brand marketing – making your nets connect
  4. Follow up tools that connect and add value
  5. Approaches for connection versus intrusion

In bound Marketing is mind set dominating the WE generation for decades to come. Companies failing to adopt their marketing from the old “I” or ME generation of marketing to the new “WE” social generation of marketing fail to use HUB SPOT for example. Companies that GET IT are all using hubspot.com and you must or soon will. Tools of INBOUND are essential and attending the HUB SPOT inbound marketing events is a MUST for any CEO SPACE member in all 140 countries. Look these opportunity events up and bring your teams. HUBSPOT is one leader of INBOUND MARKETING and CEO SPACE is another – a live Hubspot so to speak.

To change your results and accelerate your overall profits with missing prediction and control you must change your thinking – you must change your mind. THATS THE WAY we have ALWAYS done it is the killer mind set for this critical adaptation. Inventory minds that hold that killer mind set. Help install new mind sets.

The first pollution is always MIND POLLUTION – buggy old and bad software on the brain that needs upgrading. Thats all.

Todays educated leadership must embrace the new qualities of real education – the capacity to learn to unlearn and to relearn. That is inbound intelligence in the SUPER CHANGE Inbound Marketing space.

The connection tools coming to us are beyond any Facebook or concept you had in mind. Microsoft and Apple are developing collaboration technologies the world of a Dick Tracey wrist watch never conceived possible. Our ability to connect in a STAR BUCK line or any line will now enlarge by applications coming in the next several years. In 36 months the digital landscape will change more than any time since the development of computers.

Wearables will replace PC’s and early generation pads. 3D augmented realities will become smaller – unnoticeable and be ubiquitous to what we wear – how we interact in all interface – and connection will be at a new impossible to imagine level. That is just 36 months folks.

Everything is moving to INBOUND opt in marketing.

What is your strategy for INBOUND?

Lack one? CEOSPACE is the space you develop and execute with one on one world leadership – helping you individually as a CEO venture owner. Everything else – EVERYTHING ELSE is a stage seminar workshop for groups and non specific to your exact needs. You have to go hire the consultant mentor expert in space.

At CEO SPACE fifty ( yep that is correct 50 ) of the best alive mentors donate their time – one on one – just for you – day after day – building out what would take MONTHS OR YEARS – all included – no fee or charge for the power of this CEO support – missing today. You opt in for the expert you wish to work with. You can opt in for one or all fifty. You can opt in for teams of three to five. You can spend as much time capital as you need to go NEXT. Until your full.

Inbound slogans are like CEO SPACE’s – “we just will not quit until YOU win” ….and we mean it. What is yours?

In the future SUPER CHANGE Markets – the landscape is shifting faster than the CEO can adapt. The new currency in the C Suite is CURRENCY itself – becoming and remaining CURRENT. For this reason CEO SPACE designed the only platform for CEO business owners and self employed professionals – to get and stay current. The program enrolls lifetime members versus event marketing. The benefits represent an continuous on going value proposition to the member – a process not an event – so that in stages and phases the management team can become current and remain current. Each program is adjusted fresh to quarter with the adaption to the market space. Our burden is to bring our CEO membership fully current to the coming quarter of options – and to keep the opportunity matrix current to the CEO skill set over time through continued program use.

In the WE market members want to belong. Is Starbucks the best coffee? Is Harley the best motorcycle? Is Apple the best phone? Market share dominance occurs in the WE SPACE when customers connect and feel their belong. When we hold a Starbucks coffee we belong to a four dollar coffee community Рit stays something about US. Ditto when we ride a Harley or bring out the IPHONE PLUS S. Ditto for Microsoft 3D wearables. Kudos to reinventing Microsoft from I marketing under Steve Balhmer last of a generation to WE MARKETING under a mil lineal  leader who brings Microsoft Current and Keeps them CURRENT.

Ask yourself HOW DO MY CUSTOMERS CONNECT? What kind community is my customer experience creating and building? How can I foster greater connection and INBOUND value to your brand. Don’t know? Get expert help in INBOUND Marketing and market sure your experts KNOW truly document results so you go with the flow.

Refreshing brand experience from I to W and from old antique marketing manuals and principles to INBOUND are the new business capital. Does your CEO have that capital skill? They must acquire it if they lack it presently. Time is the new hemorrhage of asset value. Protect time the essential skill acquisition. See a HUBSPOT film on inbound marketing – which will blow your mind and expand your possibilities…as one of the leaders in this space endorsed by CEO SPACE world wide.

What content do you offer clients before they buy? What wow factors do you have that make them go WOW before during and after the sale? Lack WOW spots – you need to develop them in your brand space. Yesterday is already late. For the CEO getting all this.

Explore CEO SPACE films on our web site. Five Business Growth Conferences “build business acceleration with a money back guarantee” – who else does THAT. That is a WOW factor. With 30 years results and track record for major brands to start up brands. Why did Forbes rank CEO SPACE the # 1 business acceleration conference in the world in 2015? The one a business OWNER can not afford to miss? That is a WOW FACTOR. What are yours?

If all this makes sense I hope you begin to read, explore and become skillful….in INBOUND MARKETING. I wish that for you and I hope this content is worth sharing to your list of business associates suppliers and brand partners even customers.

Our joy is helping you.

Berny Dohrmann Proud Founder CEO SPACE

PS: Next CEO SPACE retreats Westin Lake Las Vegas Oct 13 and Dec 13 attend one or both – register at the door. INBOUND is a decision.