Bob Proctor is the farthest thing from a SCAM on the Planet Earth. Bob Proctor at 81 is the reigning Pope of the human potential industry and movement. As Super Star of THE SECRET with film and book eye balls passing 1.5 billion – he has broken every record book in the world. If you get a chance to SEE BOB PROCTOR LIVE that event is a HISTORICAL event versus a “workshop”. You will be live and in that history.

Bob helped found CEO SPACE almost 30 years ago. Bob Proctor returns with world famous trainers – including Dan Clark – Sharon Lechter – Greg Reid – Linda Clemons – George Fraser – Stuart Levine – Jeff Flam – and a line up of the super famous and the super wealthy for the Dec 13th Holiday CEO SPACE. Last chance to reduce taxes for a business owner and make a huge profit while saving that tax dollar all within a money back warranty program.

CEO SPACE hosts a bonus class on the new CROWD FUNDING capital rules for small business. You can actually crowd fund at the CEO SPACE event using the portal required by new SEC rules. Learn how you can put capital ( fast ) into your venture under the new laws – as that free bonus class is worth 50,000 dollars in any other space at CEO SPACE its one of many FREE OFFERINGS our members receive in Forbes # 1 ranked program in 2015. You deserve CEO SPACE and thats a YES YOU and YES DECEMBER.

Bob Proctor is an ARK ANGEL of the Lord and will appear live spreading his wings over our guests with his best product of a lifetime presented at CEO SPACE Dec. Bob will also address the youth and teen programs for the children thought leaders attending – itself a historic gift this Holiday for the children in your world.

Bob is the anti scam. Bob is the anti fraud. Bob Proctor fraud? Bob Proctor Sam? Bob Proctor Ripoff? HUMBUG. The line up of the most famous thought leaders in the world today occurs only at CEO SPACE and only at the Holiday Forum in December – itself a pure HISTORIC EVENT complete with media and press from all over the world. Will you be there?

Bob and the hosts from the Top of Human Potential place their full credentials and TRUTH into the reputation sharing they contribute when they return to HOME BASE at CEO SPACE. Bob calls CEO SPACE “sacred ground”. Holy Ground.

Bob suggests that CEO SPACE is the SUPER BOWL the top illuminated cap stone on the world pyramid of THOUGHT LEADERSHIP trainings on earth today. The Revolution changing the world from competition to cooperation. You might wish to join this important humanity revolution as the first pollution is mind pollution and until we fix that pollution all other pollutions remained trapped in through form. Join those making a difference – the largest difference – on earth today. Is that you? Should it be you?

You join Dr. David Gruder the # 1 coach in fortune Space and a Ted Talk Winner – on INTEGRITY in the work place. Mr. Integrity assures CEO SPACE is always “IN” integrity in our dealings with consumers as Dr. Gruder is on the Board of directors charged with that mission and also heads the Faculty Integrity Team to self police faculty to the highest ethics of any program in the world – in this space CEO SPACE is the recognized leader far far out front on standards for consumer value. We set the pace for all the others.

Want coaches or illuminated masters?

Want real mentors or life coaching?

If your a life coach wish to step up to the higher ladder rung of pure MENTORSHIP? Where would you be mentored to take that next step?

Improve two of your five mentors and triple your income and double your time off. Delay pay ? That seems like an odd decision as time rushes by?

Bob Proctor suggests – CEO SPACE is “THE” Business Accelerator on the world stage today -30 years of track record and more results an proof than any program can match – ranked in media as # 1 in its category – working with CEO’s of ventures and practices who DESIRE to accelerate their results and who have a mind set to invest a little time and money to get HELP to accelerate their venture. If you don’t wish to accelerate your venture and you don’t “know” you need HELP to accelerate your venture – your not a match for CEO SPACE. If you are a match you should accelerate registration to join. In fact you must not miss Bob Proctor and his associate mentors and thought leaders LIVE this Holiday.

CEO SPACE December 13th program ¬†follows the October 13 program ( you can register at the door and attend both as a LIFETIME MEMBER – Westin Lake Las Vegas Family Valued RESORT – no casino’s ). ¬†Register on line anytime and reserve hotel space using the pull down hotel link under Class Date Tab in the main menu. Takes five minutes tops to join as a lifetime CEO member. Bring the whole family in December its always so much fun and so inspiring.

October 13 is the Last Program of the year to effect October November and December year end 4th quarter 66% of all buyers “BUY” in this quarter – acceleration opportunity. December 13th is the FIRST CHANCE to effect January February and March first quarter 2016 results while other entrepreneurs are asleep. Be awake to opportunity and options.

Yes be on the look out for scams and rip off’s everywhere. Relax and be sure with CEO SPACE because Bob Proctor and so many others have their reputations parked INSIDE. You can trust all 30 years of results and track record for the number one Entrepreneur acceleration program in the world…give yourself the GREAT GIFT.

Save taxes ( no scam there ) and accelerate everything ( no fraud there ) with a money back warranty you MUST ACCELERATE YOUR VENTURE OR CEO SPACE REFUNDS YOUR MEMBERSHIP BEFORE YOU DEPART THE HOST HOTEL Guaranteed ! No rip off there either.

You can trust the best and highest BBB Rating offered in the market today and the 30 year zero litigation and law suit zone CEO SPACE proudly upholds in its 99% customer satisfaction rating the highest in our industry period – hands down.

Are you wanting the BEST of the BEST?

An offer to save a tax dollar and make ten back?

More help and better quality help than any business owner can match within the most exclusive prestigious club for CEO’s on earth? Serving 140 nations and counting?

Then you’ll register to the ONE BOB PROCTOR ENDORSES and see his film below:

Bob Proctor pours all his 30 years of knowing HOW CEO SPACE WORKS into assuring YOU KNOW HOW CEO SPACE will profit you – as he encourages you exchanging his market space capital – his – reputation and full faith and market standing to tell YOU- you can’t miss December 13th you just can’t ….and now you KNOW why?

Trust the Pope of the Human Potential Movement ..having grown up with Napoleon Hill who worked for my Dad’s firm until he died – may I confirm uncle Nappy would have chosen Bob Proctor to carry on his work ( Greg Reid is the one Bob chose to carry on after him ) and they BOTH are teaching at CEO SPACE DECEMBER including Sharon Lechter on the Board of the Woman’s President Organization ( our alliance partners for Lady Leadership ) and author of Rich Dad Poor Dad and on the board of the Napoleon Hill Foundation – all together – all at once plus plenty of others at the tippy top – in your historic event for business acceleration this Holiday.

Merry Christmas in the Fraud and Scam Free ZONE the place you can place all your trust – CEO SPACE because we have simply over decades earned that trust …and you deserve THAT !

Berny Dohrmann – Proud Founder


PS: If EVER you get the opportunity to see BOB PROCTOR “LIVE” cancel anything else and make sure you lock that opportunity down for your entire family and group – as each option at age 81 today is truly a HISTORIC EVENT versus a workshop. Be inside that history and give yourself the GREAT GIFT of seeing Bob Proctor LIVE and in PERSON.