You begin to trust any institution that is  so respected in 140 nations with 30 years of track record. You trust Forbes ranking CEO SPACE the # 1 conference to attend in 2015 ( Oct 13 and Dec 19th Westin Lake Las Vegas ). They don’t put frauds on their list at all. You trust the 1,000’s upon 1,000’s of Presidents of firms and professionals and so many attorney’s telling you HOW GREAT CEO SPACE truly is as the industry leader for the owner of a business or practice. Just review the testimonials on line at and see yourself. For SEEING “IS” Believing….

You trust legendary results so well displayed and reported on 100’s of video’s over a consistent numbers of decades of time span. You trust the highest BBB ranking available. You trust the money back warranty. You trust the zero unresolved consumer complaints over a  30 year track record. You trust a litigation free zone with zero law suits over the entire life span of the global institution a track record few in the entire industry enjoy and one in which we are proud of today and every day.

You trust a millennial lady leader run firm, where executives are all woman and decisions are made by full partnership for woman at the top which CEO SPACE stands for. Not by lip service but in our leadership and our EXAMPLE for lady leadership.  You trust all the press and media reporting about CEO SPACE all positive over so many years of time. Rare in today’s market space.

You trust the leaders who endorse CEO SPACE such as Jack Canfield, Mark Hansen, John Gray, Bob Proctor, Sharon Lechter, Greg Reid, Bill Walsh, Loral Langmuir, John Asaraaf, Lisa Nichols, Michael Drew, Arron Young of Laughlin USA, Jane Wilhite of PSI WORLD SEMINARS and Peak Performance Adam Markel. You trust the industry leaders who are consistent knowing their clients have been so well served. You trust an army of the most reputable mentors to Fortune Institutions who lend their full faith and reputation to CEO SPACE by choice – because CEO SPACE is worthy of their reputation and talent “inside”.

You trust results.

You trust CEO SPACE is always new – always renewed – always fresh to quarter. Always a new experience where excellence is never completed. You trust associations with Locke Lord and other major law firms in the USA and globally.

You trust an intention to serve entrepreneurs in one area – business acceleration – our only product.

The leader has the toughest job.

Getting there was brutal.

Staying the leader is even more challenging in the new Super Change markets we now lead into. We strive every week to lead out front because we deserve to…..

There are good providers in the space and there are GREAT providers but all providers suggest as does Tony Robbins that CEO SPACE is the one and the only  SUPER BOWL in Entrepreneur services on the planet today serving countries globally.

You trust the best reputation.

You trust the history and the truth.

The only negatives on line are posted by a few so many years ago that we  terminated from the community for cause – ( usually not having integrity at desired levels in dealing with other members ). We accept that digital bashing for the RIGHT we set in place. For you can not lead without taking a stand.

You trust what others who are members – who paid – who got benefited – who explained that CEO SPACE is as far from fraud in our industry as Pluto is from the Earth – different orbits. Our lifetime members over 30 years praise us with no bashing on line or anywhere. Who else can say that with this size customer base all Presidents of Firms or law firms?

Yes you can trust CEO SPACE today, tomorrow and every day – and for all the right reasons. If in doubt print and read this item and the weight of the truth will become compelling.

Never fail to take the up ramp ( the financial up ramp )  irrespective of all those who tellsyou to remain in the slow lane. Consider the source.

Then decide for your own life.

Thats the way of it in any industry ….few can print this history and its all accurate.

CEO SPACE just did.

Berny Dohrmann – Proud founder