Don’t be fooled. Thats my mantra. As you see housing drop in August – you see massive lay off’s – you see the EU and Asia move back into deflation – you see the USA moving back to DEFLATION – where the price of everything is moving to the floor boards – as economic trade and output stalls – like a dead and reverse move in a Michael Jackson moon walk the Fed is doing – having missed 11 of the past market realities and always arriving at the party way too late with way too much money and their policies always fail and never work. HERE WE GO AGAIN. THE FED IS A LOST CAUSE….don’t you get THAT ?

Why do we follower the LOOSER ? the Fed is a LOSER. Why not just merge this antique institution into the US TREASURY – stop paying those crooks interest to print OUR MONEY and print our money for free as the congress intended and we did for two hundred years? Isn’t it time to take our nation BACK from the LOSER ?

So the market goes up when the profits and lay off’s and economics go down? China is about to super crash. Their property bubble is about to absolutely crash. The ripple will sweep the world. Greece is about to NOT comply with its 22nd credit card from the grown ups – as the children try and steal a last round before a EU exit for Greece – then the melt down of the EU nation by nation. Greece moves to Russia as a spoil of economic war and the EU loses how much ?

In this environment the market goes UP?

Now lets look at Russia. Iraq non sunni’s welcome Russia and will fight ISIS with them as they fight sunni’s in nation. Russia can move in to save Greece making it a protectorate and enjoying the largest coast in the EU next to Italy, which it needs for its off set to the West in the EU.

Russia can be the PROTECTOR. Defeating ISIS – helping Iran to expand so that Iraq is now part of IRAN and under its control – stable and no more terror at all ( because the nation is the terror ). ISIS is wiped off the face of the earth …..war criminals have lifetime trials let alone sentences. Even the thought of ISIS is erased.

Russia then turns toward ISRAEL to reward its gulf Partners now all solidly behind Russia versus the USA in the oil wars, which the West will have lost – has already lost. Russia has used real tactics and brilliant leadership command to return its SUPER POWER STATUS. As the west diminishes our team uses TALK. We talk. We draw red lines in the sand with markers. Then we erase the red lines with our feet and talk some more and draw a new red line and scream out “sanction” like little children in a sand box – we cry out – WE WILL SANCTION YOU !!!

Russia in one day made a China Gas deal that off set 25 years of sanctions from the west – Sanctions are worse than talk because they are silly – and they have made the West impotent and silly. Ridiculous really.

The only power taking real action is Russia. And Russia is winning. Winning in Asia. Winning in Iran. Winning in Syria. Winning in economics. Winning Globally. Winning with policies. WE are failing. We are policy failure.

And the market GOES UP?

Into the triple witching hour in October? Into 19 of the last 21 financial crash months – with this back drop – the market goes UP. While the Fed will soon raise interest rates because it MUST really – and the market goes UP. If you are following data and history you will be disciplined. If you are following the CROWD off the CLIFF you will buy into the current market “recovery” from the recent and appropriate drop in market values.

It is our opinion SUPER CRASH is coming. It is also our opinion third quarter earnings will begin a global EARNINGS RECESSION to follow real recessions popping up in development nations first and like a giant contagion sweeping all nations up in the new recession next. We are not out of the CRASH and financial mis management. The rules were never changed globally. The cause of the last crash is still with us – rampant speculation on a global scale never before seen. Digital war fare shorten markets as a digital financial weapon of mass destruction – that Russia controls. The AXIS of EVIL is firing this weapon upon our markets. Hacks will continue and reading GAME PLAN is a must read for those wishing to fully protect themselves by Kevin Freeman as is REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION. If you wish to be on top of this information.

Russia is setting the agenda. For our election. For our world markets. For the future. We are talking. We are in a vacuums of policy – we have none. Russia check mated the West. We are never prepared even to react. Look at the level the USA is now marginalized. No one even listens to us the same any more. We take our greatest most successful generates and convict them of a crime for sharing emails with their life partner? Never in history before? We are simply ridiculous and the world has it now. We have big weapons but we lack any real will to command them.

We rattle our swords and order a Crispy Cream.

And the market goes UP.

I’d be careful investing in the October triple witching hour markets folks – the big boys are hostage to flash trades and one flash from the digital weapon and the market is in a full on PANIC. SUPER CRASH follows. It takes seconds not minutes. SECONDS.

No regulation protects you.

Nothing protects you.

So take caution. Remain in safe harbor. Avoid following the crowd. Take heed. Watch information. Think about the market in 2017 after the election. Until then folks –

PROCEED UPON YOUR OWN GREAT RISK..and remember we warned you time and time again – trying to keep you in safe harbor as the financial storms hit shore – one upon another – after another – track them and see.

Berny Dohrmann – CEO SPACE October 13th Register at the Door