Consider that Russia and President Putin are in Vegas to California being ISRAEL. Consider in between Israel and Vegas is Dash or ISIS. So now consider the USA is winning in:

  1. Keeping factions divided
  2. Avoiding a uniform Shiate reply to the Sunni SPRINGS
  3. Keeping the GEO map Fluid
  4. Avoiding Iran dominated agenda
  5. Keeping our friends on top

Now we see the first major intrusion by military force into the Gulf. Russia has inserted its own agenda into the region. Putin has told America to GO TO ITS ROOM and to STAY ON THE SIDE LIES in this fight or risk world war. We have stood down. Germany’s Prime Minister Markel suggests this “mess” would never be resolved without RUSSIA.

Now consider that Russia has the high ground in its interest that include:


  1. Deep sea ports all along the Syrian Coast.
  2. Airbases in the Gulf to counter the WEST and its influence
  3. Oil – they can trash ISIS in Syria then chase “them” into Iraq and finally do what two Iran wars failed to do – unite IRAQ under IRAN as on PERSIAN CALIPHE with Russia as the center of influence.
  4. Once this tiny next military step is taken – Iran can invade and take over ( rapidly ) Saudi Arabia creating one lake of oil – one price agenda – one world agenda creator – restoring full Iranian Prestige and power.
  5. Once this step is complete – all before our elec