Consider the data.

  1. The unemployment numbers miss by almost 50% any expected growth – the largest single drop in four years in new job additions and the market GOES UP? Give me insanity.
  2. Pimco has 2.8 BILLION more in Withdrawals a run on their bank in the largest Asia fund in the world – and the market goes UP – give me insanity.
  3. VW can’t survive 64 billion in criminal fines and civil fines and recover so the largest EU employer going broke tells you what? And the market goes UP?
  4. China still hacking us away – Hilton recently and Crowd Funding sites – and their bubble is just crashing into deflation as manufacturers run to other nations and their market goes UP. Insane.
  5. Russia is bombing USA Allies and making sure their ports their alliance with Syria remains and no one is dethroning the King – so the West is wasting billions upon billions – lost the battle and the war – and the markets GO UP? WE LOST FOLKS and the prestige we lost from failed policy will take 25 years to recover from. Russia is the leader and the USA is marginalized successfully – check mate USA.
  6. Our economy is slowing – Delta is off 5% with fuel prices down 60% – and their profits rocked even with lower fuel prices and the markets GO UP – insane.
  7. HP and others announce the start of YEAR END LAY OFF”s about to become larger than 2007 in the crash and the market GOES UP – insane.

What is coming is SUPER CRASH. The market place of manipulation and control is casino capitalism globally and has no real market realities left – a bunch of crooks run the market where the regulations are local and the trades are in the unregulated cloud.

The Fed Vice Chairman says ( last week )  – “we have no tools to predict or preclude a future SUPER CRASH” – noting nothing is fixed from the last crash and the bubble are WORSE –  and the market goes UP. Insane.

Without a G 100 REGULATORY GLOBAL RETHINK the markets have no reality – crooks control the trading – and everything is manipulation and SPECULATION – wild speculation – so up bubbles are all BUBBLES and real pricing is being moderated by market deflation – deleveraging and the speculators will lose their shirts in the SUPER CRASH.

Because the G 100 competes versus cooperates the likely outcome is a repeat of 5000 economic historic years – bringing you SUPER CRASH and world war which we are sliding into – first digitally and then shooting wars as the geo political wars heat up and merge. As they are. As they will.

The PACIFIC RIM nations are an exception but agreeing to cooperate within competitive regulatory frame works means – there is no greed controls and the manipulation of markets remains in the hands of a George Soro’s class of elite, and the regular larger markets are hostage to legal theft. There is no future in it but the elites don’t care about anything but the profits this month they make on other folks blood baths. They celebrate the pain they cause.

The system is the problem.

When systems replace trust we have a real market.

When manipulation and speculation substitute for systems and transparency you have a PHONY ECONOMIC GLOBAL MARKET of greed and legal theft. No price is real. Everything is a bubble. The deflation and deleveraging will continue.

Then you have a FED giving the world FREE MONEY. Is FREE MONEY the way to have real economics? No Free Money is INSANE policy.

How soon should the Fed raise interest rates?

We have already seen that yesterday is already too late.

Interest rates must return to real market levels to begin to adjust the global financial trade off inane carry trade and speculations. Chasing bubbles is not a real economic global platform.

The unborn generation are being held hostage by the digital robber barons of modern times – thieves and crooks that make any prior theft look like a child with a soap carved gun. Berny Medoff stole a snickers from a 7 11 store. The real crooks who stole trillions and still are enjoy a warm meal in the Hamptons never fearing incarceration and lifetime prison sentences which is what they and half of Congress deserve.

Justice reform? Hillary is talking about it? Whats insane is the desire to derail issue discussion for email server distraction. The real issues are swept away while the circus of the current obtuse media three ring performance creates more insanity. Will the adults take over the election because today its the children and its insane.

Gun control? The problem is endless violent video and media programs to young brains where damaged brains are triggered and act out as never before. If we ban guns the damaged brains will get guns. We need to ban violent games and films to age 21 when brains are fully formed. Putting hard wiring into young brains that make inane violence heroic is itself insane. Control the media as we go to the source.

What if no terrorist could get on line and no violent event could get media reporting? Why would violence act out? What would the point be? Giving violence the dominant media versus NON VIOLENCE is by itself INSANE. We are simply insane and becoming more and more insane.

Failing to vote – failing to participate – failing to get involved – failing to forge a REVOLUTION TO ROLL FREEDOM BACK world wide – is insane. Get involved. Be sane. Make a difference.  BE SANE and surround yourself with the SANE versus insane.

In fact register to CEO SPACE at October 13th and join at the Westin Lake Las Vegas ( register at the door ) 100’s and 100’s of CEO business owners – all sane – all opting to make a difference collectively as inside a more sane community – of world change agents – cooperative versus competitive revolutionaries – dolphin tankers versus shark tankers – as we change THE WORLD really.

If you want to remain insane – invest in the market on Monday.

I wouldn’t.

I expect a rough ride to year end – but you tell me. I just call it as I see it – and I’ll be wrong – I know that – its just since 1991 it has not yet happened – sanity over insanity.

I chose SANITY.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman

VOTE FOLKS – get involved


PS: How do you invest safety? You don’t folks – you move your entire asset base over to diversified insurance investing before SUPER CRASH – or you have no safe harbor – which itself is insane given the financial storms about to wash upon your shores.

….the truth shall set you free folks don’t run from the truth….