Today I just spent a speaker phone few hours – inside the Security and Exchange Commission final comments, and FINAL VOTE, 3.5 years after Congress passed the Jobs Act of 2012, which CEO SPACE lobbied so diligently with Mark Jones our advocate in Washington DC, to secure for Entrepreneurs in America. I was on speaker phone during the HISTORY in Washington DC as the final comments from the five commissioners, and the FINAL VOTE was adopted LIVE by the commissions. Very satisfying following so many years of labor. will define the new rules…go look.

The call JUST ENDED. I’m writing this minutes after SEC Director Mary Jo secured the final passing VOTE and thank you MARY JO for your comments and staff work on this major shift in regulatory direction for Entrepreneurs and job creation.


  • Crowd Funding itself – at 1,000,000 cap – in any year – is virtually DEAD UPON ARRIVAL. Why? Contrary to CONGRESSIONAL MANDATE such raises would be EXEMPT from unwarranted cost and regulatory burden the commission now defined FINRA as the regulatory contractor for Crowd Funding. What this MEANS – is cost and delays and burdens. These burdens included all CROWD FUNDING raises must be through FINRA approved and regulated PORTALS adding fee’s too great for early stage issuers to sustain. Further the portals must now assume responsibility for due diligence initially and on going – for all Crowd Funding security offerings. To offset such costs approved Portals will require FEE’s and may charge STOCK up to 30% to process Crowd Funding deals. These burdens and cost effectively KILL Crowd Funding start up rounds as congressionally intended. In effect the regulatory community REWROTE THE LAW and assumed the burden of Congress by thwarting the intent of the law – as the single dissenting ( new commissioner ) defined in his comments when voting against these new rules. He suggested litigate ventures would now be included to shy away from Crowd Funding, while the more fringe of the market would gravitate for the new format. CEO SPACE agree’s with each and every comment. FINRA in regulating Crowd Funding see’s every 1,000,000 crowd funding projects as ONE BILLION removed from THEIR TRADING ACCOUNTS in mutual funds and related and this CONFLICT of interest will in our opinion persist in placing barriers to entry, Congress never intended , so that the farmer investor in Kansas remains REQUIRED to invest in regulatory, legal, and related start up round funding, which slows versus speeds JOB creation for start up venture development. Yet the first frame work is in space and the dissenting Commission did call for CONGRESSIONAL CLARIFICATION AND ACT MODIFICATION to REBALANCE THE CURRENT NEW RULE SET. CEO SPACE the largest national Entrepreneur institution with 30 years of service in all fifty states, AGREE’s with this dissenting call for further legislation. In our opinion the cost of CROWD FUNDING effectively as FINRA desired, KILLS crowd funding in favor of the new 504 relaxed rule set…due to cost and value issues against regulatory burden and time.


  • The SEC modified rule 504 permitting intra state up to $ 5,000,000 dollar offerings, which provide a frame work for investing, that make 504 the NEW CROWD FUNDING vehicle of choice , free of unwanted regulatory cost and burden’s while protecting the investors within existing state and Federal Law. CEO SPACE believes rule 504 is now a safe harbor for CROWD FUNDING although the Congressional hope of removing cost and burdens at a regulatory level, remain substantially UNCHANGED. We applaud this rule relaxation for American investors and entrepreneurs. CROWD FUNDING is now 504 as modified, which we encourage our legal membership to embrace leading the new industry unfolding. The $ 5,000,000 CAP on 504 changes the field for entrepreneur first capital and by default becomes the least time and costly path to first capital – again in our opinion.


  • The rule sets for 506 and Reg A remain as posted and also offer substantial safe harbor and capital access for rounds of 5 million or higher, within cost frames and burdens eased to make both attractive under the new RULES. Thank you staff. Keep it going.


  • As Mary Jo pointed out this EXPERIMENT will unfold with further rule sets to accommodate experience, balancing the mandate to advance job acceleration and venture creation, against investor protections. We will monitor these unfolding frame works as they evolve for our community.


  • CROWD FUNDING now requires, cost and burdens, wherein portal fee’s stock to portal providers, and burdens of disclosure not foreseen in the congressional legal  frame work, and monitoring costs by the Portal not envisioned in the legislation providing  exemption from both, such that in our opinion CROWD FUNDING of under 1,000,000 dollars is largely in our cost to benefit review – largely KILLED by FINRA the association of Broker Dealers who monopolize security trading and by NGO agreement regulate this area at the collaboration with the Security and Exchange Commission. The dissenting commission noted the staff and FINRA had OVERSHOT congress on this regulatory new rule set at the crowd funding $ 1,000,000 down level.

What we feel is lacking, is the job creation power of small business. The restaurant owner, the shop owner, the internet business, and untold numbers of dreamers to create a small venture, that makes a living and over time may develop a resale value to return money to investors and venture owners. These are by massive percentage the job backbone. They are not emerging industries, or future M&A larger cap firms or IPO’s which constitute only a small fraction of such capital. This uncorking of capital for this backbone in our nation, has now retained a firewall of regulatory burden and cost that is preclusive to their start up in the first place,  as such fund raisers lack the entrance fee to perform even the 504 regulatory burden as a first threshold. The HOPE and the PROMISE of uncorking these dreamers to a simple, cost free, regulatory burden free, method to access capital, has been largely defeated by regulatory rewriting of congressional law, which may exceed their powers in fact. We can not predict what challenge in this area may arise but we suspect Congress will following the election of 2016 undertake to re-examine this premise and design.

With all the best intentions, it is our opinion regulatory planners well understand ventures of fifty or more employees as small cap venture space, but lack virtually any capacity to appreciate the issue and valuation impact of ventures with five or less employee’s and their special needs, consisting the majority of the VENTURE JOB CREATION SPACE by massive % and future JOB CREATION for our nation. This lack of demographic and special consideration for those base line job creators remains the tension between desire to protect public interest and the SELF RELIANT “free market” of removing BURDEN AND COST to enter the Entrepreneur age – the age within which we live. We hope the awareness for this massive huge % of capital needs requirement becomes more well understood. We will continue our labors to educate in that regard.

Early capital is not to develop the business – as foundation rounds are required to create PROOF OF CONCEPT VALIDITY when moving from concept to market – as such pre launch development rounds work to  typically require more than $ 1,000,000 dollars to advance proof of concept and brand acceptance in any market. The First burden free capital formation must  ideally be a rule set to establish a business concept to market as a pure PROOF of CONCEPT to a point the venture owner can afford the next step of 504, 506, or Regulation A regulatory burden to expand the now proven models – and access to larger expansion funds to develop BRANDS into the markets more fully, itself a huge capital consumption in a digital market space. The lack of DEVELOPMENT ROUND FUNDING – that first million – for millions of our smallest ventures represent the DREAMERS NOW LEFT BEHIND by todays staff vote. They must have resources to complete 504 rounds to begin concept to market proofs in any reasonable time line. Those that lack such entry are dreamers PRECLUDED by regulatory over sight to time and money costly to under take. In our opinion and experience.

As experience and education arrive to the regulatory community a coming together of these perspectives, moderating unwanted natural conflicts of interest say with FINRA and their internal auspices and the market at large, may yet occur. This first step is gigantic and we applaud the Commission in executing before the Holiday’s the new RULE SET. It is far from “nothing” but it remains oceans away from CONGRESSIONAL INTENTION under the Jobs Act.

Berny Dohrmann


PS: CEO SPACE will teach the new rules in our advanced three day capital class ( free ) to our members On Dec 11th – with security law firms participating in this first ever training on the newly passed rule sets – the master skill for entrepreneur CEO’s today.




The Worst contagion and stick week of the year is coming. The news – all bad – is coming.

  • Worst melt down in five years – last quarter. 50% of GNP goes away and the market goes UP?
  • Deflation hit China with a blood bath of trillions of lost wealth befo0re their SUPER CRASH ( coming ) in Real Estate completes their cycle – runs on banks – markets – investment in nation and more – not to be reversed. Permanent change. Asia is in DEFLATION. Japan policy of pouring money FAILED and deflation is still here 15 years later.
  • Deflation is rocking the EU with no hope of paying off their debt bombs – untold trillions in wealth will wipe out as the EU unwinds finally, from the impossible math of managing their member debt issues – so much worse than Greece which will never paid their agreed sums – they never have why think different with a communist making his side deal with Russia ? Their just stealing their last and final tranche.
  • America is sinking from growth to 50% down bubble in what one quarter – and that trend is ACCELERATING – the earnings recession shows it – the industry of America is now in recession laying off 10,000’s as they prune year end balance sheets.
  • SUPER CRASH is coming – stay in at your own risk folks. Worst week of the year is coming and thats nothing like next year.

Finally you follow the money to see whats real. What you read is symptom. WHATS THE CAUSE.

The Cause is “the big bucks” are electing their guy – Donald Trump into office. The big bucks will crash the economy in 2016 the election year – blaming it all on Obama – noting by pure manipulation that:

  1. He failed to fix the real problem.
  2. His policies failed all over the world.
  3. His economy and jobless issues are WORSE in his final year than his first.
  4. WE need a change ( even when manipulated ) so vote their guy in.
  5. Panic will rule into the election of fear – manipulated.

Don’t be fooled. None of that is real. Its all politics and money. Get the license to steal back even more…is the idea.

We suggest the following:

  1. Move into diversified insurance investment as a 7 year time machine on wealth and lose nothing ever – and make enough more than enough – with your licensed insurance professional. Yesterday is already too late. Do it now. Today. Save your wealth.
  2. Vote for candidates that opt to MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY and stop paying a private contract firm ( the Fed is not a gov agency its a private firm owned by criminals and criminal banks promoting legal theft by charging INTEREST to print our money – its a sin and a crime ). THERE IS ONLY ONE ISSUE – the FED IS DEAD – vote for those candidates and no one else. Make them chose. The Federal Reserve has allowed the most historic ramp up in national debt – the debt bomb since 2007 – the bubble in real estate profiting their bank criminal membership – now the super speculation on every single commodity – the commodity bubble now crashing – through ETF strucurtred assets now 440 trillion in all speculation trades against only 2 trillion real stake holder buying a stock or bond – the market is fully rigged by the failed FED – merge them with an act of congress – vote only for those who GET THE ONE ISSUE.
  4. Obama is not a terrible President his policies are Republican and Democratic and the Policies have not all failed – there have been milestones marking our first Black President as a GOOD PRESIDENT if not GREAT still GOOD and he and Michelle deserve that – Obama bashing is uniformed and ignorant. He has had wins and non wins – he has done some amazing good and missed some options like all Presidents. He had little experience and he learned on the job. He has done the best he knows how and its been not all that bad folks – really. Stop personal bashing of national leaders – disagree with respect not personal bashing. It dishonors us as a nation. It is not free speech. It is a nation of ignorance or a nation of intelligent respect in disagreement. LETS GET BACK TO GREATNESS OURSELVES FOLKS.
  5. The change we need is for a FIONA who will as a first lady leader at the right age and global experience outside the beltway feeding frenzy – be the leader WHO CAN’T BE BOUGHT – who will MERGE THE FED INTO THE USA TREASURY IF YOU ELECT THE RIGHT CONGRESS – Or HILLARY WHO MIGHT – OR OTHERS WHO MIGHT – vote for THEM as they make this one issue THE ISSUE for all of us and for AMERICA. Ask them do you support merging the FED and all its processes into the US TREASURY….common damn sense as comedian Gallager would say hammering a water mellon.


To stop the corruption simply a 100 page simple congressional Bill – the Fed Act that started the legal theft – was 80 pages folks – 80 – make the MERGE FED INTO TREASURY 100 with authority for 200 YEAR SUPER BONDS to retire all Fed Debt forever – with NO NEW DEBT ACCUMULATING TO AMERICA now in the black and surplus in 2016 versus in the red – with every higher debt bomb authorities to pay the FED their interest on national debt – the highest cost of the nation – now retired. Now no longer growing. OUR CREDIT IS BACK. WE ARE BACK.

There is only one issue – THE FED is the CAUSE and everything else folks is the SYMPTOM – history is the most amazing teacher we never learn from – see ROME for your first example.

Lets not repeat ROME in America – VOTE FOR THE SOLUTION. Protect your family from the SUPER CRASH – its coming and remember we told you FIRST here .


Berny Dohrmann –

Retired Chairman public global investment banking firm

Proud Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL Forbes # 1 ranked Conference in the world….author REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – its all outlined including the crimes and their cause in the book – folks – President Obama has quoted from it






As you know the 100 year old Federal Reserve Board is creating the failure of our American Dream because of a BAD law enacted a century ago. In an age of digital transparency and real time reporting the need to PAY INTEREST to PRINT MONEY is a burden ( a hidden legal theft into a private institution owned by shareholders that is exempt from reporting ownership and adults and which is NOT A FEDERAL AGENCY ) has become criminal. CONGRESS FIX IT.

So vote for the ONE ISSUE – candidates that state they WILL MERGE THE FED INTO US TREASURY. So lets review the Fed FAILURES –

  1. Miss Dot.Bomb melt down bubble – trillions lost in wealth.
  2. Miss 9/11 recession recovery move to new massive bubble.
  3. Miss Real Estate Bubble – trillions lost in crash
  4. Miss Current Structured asset bubble SUPER CRASH IS COMING – to foster world war – no recovery from the DEFLATION and contagion the Fed created.
  5. DEBT BOMB – read below to appreciate that Debt Bomb.

The Federal Reserve Board a private industry self watch dog owned by the banks they control – operating within a human equation of impossible conflicts of interests due to BAD LAW – in every single nation – controls monetary policy versus the ADMINISTRATION THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED AUTHORIZED – our first beach constitution authority and the only one that matters. Franchising out a third party private firm to print money at interest and hidden tax the unborn generation of a nation. For what. Never ending failed policy and always in fights and at odds with the US TREASURY which does not have the same level of conflict of interest. THE US TREASURY is responsible and accountable to congress and the American People. The Fed is not. Period.

The DEBT BOMB looks like this – from 1948 and the end of World War II the largest debt in hundreds of years accumulated by Fed Debt to the treasury ( which it earns fee’s for ) to finance World WAR I and World War II. In the successive fifty years the Debt of the nation rose to highest level in history. From the crash in 2007 the Fed and its bankers made trillions creating – earning ungodly profits – and then were bailed out from losses from their own SUPER BUBBLE – by tax payers – and when found guilty of crimes paid 1% of their profits in fines to enjoy a warm meal and a get out of jail free card. This is another CRIME of the FED and there is no accountability. ZERO. Are you mad? Have you had enough? All Democrats. All Republicans. All independents. Everyone run on ONE ISSUE FIRST.

The Debt Bomb since 2007 builds up more debt, by 10 x ‘s than the prior 400 years of US DEBT. The debt soars to Mount Everest to manipulate the crash from Fed BUBBLES – to avoid global deflation – contagion and destruction of all fiat or paper money value due to over printing supply. The Fed did all this while paying ZERO INTEREST.

Now as the one to ten year T BILLS roll over for 100 years into 7% interest the US with this massive debt goes bankrupt. Period. As Bill Clinton said its arithmetic. PERIOD. Sensing all this Russia, Iran, China and others forge economic alliances to prepare for the NEW WORLD ORDER with a bankrupt USA by Fed Policy because a criminal congress failed to PROTECT THE AMERICAN UNBORN GENERATION. Now there you have the truth where 600 bought off and paid for by America’s largest Lobby Group – the FINANCIAL LOBBY seeks to keep their insane, corrupt, manipulation based, casino capital market, to rip off the entire world which they are successful doing until now. UNTIL THIS ELECTION.

As candidates grab hold of the ONE AND ONLY ISSUE THAT MATTERS THINK OF THE fix and how it works:

  1. Treasury plans better and warns and protects us better than the Fed.
  2. Keep all Fed personnel and processes – just merge the FED into the US Treasury by a 100 short bill from Congress. Easy.
  3. All future money is printed with ZERO INTEREST.
  4. Treasury issues a SUPER BOND a 200 YEAR ONE TIME SPECIAL BOND ISSUE – sliding interest scale – indexed – to pay off ALL FED DEBT – so that the US budget is balanced and in the black versus the red – as interest is repaid at the lower zero interest before it goes up – our cash flow on our biggest item INTEREST TO THE FED ON THE DEBT THEY CREATE – now is rescheduled and no longer GROWS AT ALL.
  5. Now Social Security and Medicare can be managed and the Debt Bomb for the USA is avoided.

Treasury can pay all Fed folks more than they make now with better benefits ( though no more profit sharing bonus or stock options in the FED private criminal corporation which is dissolved ). The process of the FED are improved by the TREASURY who now is IN CHARGE OF MONETARY POLICY using suggestions not mandates from the FED on data. WE get the best of all worlds and no longer pay trillions for the service we don’t even pay one billion – in the single firewall around the UNBORN GENERATION Congress can execute. History will record President Obama signing this law into act will be the defining restoration of the American economic Super Power – for the coming 300 years. Without this single act we are bankrupt.


There is ONE issue Folks.

ONLY ONE ISSUE – or we are lost.

MERGE THE FAILED FED INSTITUTION INTO THE US TREASURY…and save this nation. THERE IS NO rational reason to pay interest to print money.

Now that MOUNT EVEREST of DEBT has recycled into ZERO INTEREST since the last Fed Interest raise – 11 years ago – lets pay the zero interest off on sliding scale SOVEREIGN NATION SUPER BONDS AT 200 YEAR MATURITY – and our unborn win. Do the arithmetic. Th Fed retires a winner – thank you for 200 years of wars and failed policy. By Bye.

Treasury wins for the future of the nation.

Politics win with checks and balance restored to constitutional safe guards and standards.

The founder fathers rest in peace.

The unborn generation are raised in FEAST versus impoverishment.

The States all win.

US now has credit at the top – and with the 100 page act a BALANCE BUDGET RESOLUTION where Congress outside congress approved WAR can not borrow more than the nations earns – keeping a balanced budget save in war times.

Folks – there is ONE PRESIDENTIAL ISSUE – everything else resides on crimes and criminals and financial market manipulation.

The game is fixed.
The criminals are the FED made possible by a criminal congress that will NOT FIX THE PROBLEM.


Spread the word folks. It is up to YOU.

The truth will set you free.
Berny Dohrmann
Investment Banker  Economist Wall Street

Retired Chairman public global investment banking firm Proud author of REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION buy it for your favorite candidate its all outlined in the BOOK…..



China has a run on its economy. The run includes:

  • Trade partners moving manufacturing as a trend to other more easy to work in nations – without the corruption cost and politics
  • Runs on the stock and bond market – endless spiral down
  • Runs on cash investment and banking reserves
  • Runs on brains and people leaving at the top
  • Runs on core economics – creating Super Cash and Deflation
  • Runs on currency as the currency goes down and down
  • Cuts in interest this month means China is panicked

But they have cash and money reserves – that is all they have. To secure a future they are investing over seas versus internally – 46 Billion to buy Great Britan. Never in the 100 year relationship has England kowtow’ed to China – but they fell all over themselves this month.

Premier Li – was hosted in the Palace by the Queen – every red carpet was pulled out – no mention of dissidents locked up  harsh justice and human rights causing violations – none. Just “we do anything” for the MONEY and values are now hostage to cash.

China is setting up the NEW WORLD ORDER in financial markets in London – bought and paid for to offset US and Western Power. China is not winning financially the USA is winning – our way of life is winning. The problem IS and remains our policies are not winning.

Failed policy is fueling a new world order.

As Abraham Lincoln so often spoke to – there is no GIANT from afar that will challenge the peoples of the United States of America. Our sun will only set from WITHIN as we devalue our unity and soul. America needs to re-invent its value to the world and to ourselves and this POLICY must become our FIRST PRIORITY.

Our mentorship – vote – as never before – find your candidate and VOTE and we all need to VOTE – all of us to show WE ARE AMERICA. THAT is the real restart for US.

Berny Dohrmann Proud and Hopeful for AMERICA





Whats more – we who are MAD AS HELL NOW – are going to by pass our regulators and punish banks – abusers – environmental crooks and social criminals – by withdrawing our wallets from those market spaces. Beyond regulations THEY HAVE NO POWERS FOLKS – we have ALL THE POWERS.

The new Ghandi movements of the world are digital and on line. WE HAVE ALL THE POWER.

Join the movement ..BOYCOTT VW BRANDS and media attention is so welcome – happy to do sound bytes just for your brand. Media who pick this up are socially responsible and are punishing real criminals by joining the MOVEMENT.

You shall know them by their works. US as well. TAKE ACTION.

If you own a VW brand and you delay – your value is going to go down and your going to be trapped financially. Don’t say we did not warn you – get out by year end.

THE VW GLOBAL WORLD WIDE BOYCOTT IS NOW GOING TO PICK UP STEAM as you select all – copy – and share this blog or its URL with your list walls and boards. Twitter and retweet and not just once for months make it regular and consistent – they never failed for years to advance their crimes and their cheat s lies and false reporting world wide to all nations – now all nations have a responsibility to in public – punish the crime. As Global Regulation has failed us all – we will SELF REGULATE crimes and punish them ourselves.

For we have reached a global turning point – and we all say to the criminals – WE CAN”T BREATH !!!

This boycott is for the UNBORN GENERATION FOLKS….join the movement for those who are unborn and who deserve a better world than we have inherited – this is our watch – we alone stand on the watch tower of the unborn generation – as we gaze upon their arrivals – we must make them safe again.


Thank you for denying VW a get of jail free card – fines are a joke – WE THE PEOPLE will now deny VW market access:

  1. Turn your brand in today
  2. Buy a better car from legal manufactuers
  3. Never by a VW brand used or new till 2030
  4. The market value of a VW will go to zero – no one will wish to buy them
  5. Society will hate YOU if you drive one and own one and keep one ( watch )

Fully public – fully transparent – out in the open – free – illuminated – cooperative – where VW was in the dark – secret – not transparent – elite – fully competitive ( evil ) versus cooperative ( holy ) – so we the ( holy ) will place our light not he crime as tens of billions evaporates from their world market space.

The movement has begun …


PS: Reward legal car manufactures with your business – trade crook away to criminal free zone – and do it NOW. Speed is the need to send the message to the Criminals – your day of punishment has finally and truly arrived. Your worst fear has come upon you – and that fear is US your loyal customers who have abandoned you for all the right reasons…..