and now this….

by Mudar Zahran

We Arabs have wasted seven decades of our existence awaiting Israel’s demise. It is time to think of the future, and whether Israel’s “disappearance” should be our ?ultimate wish.?

Since 1948, we Arabs have been taught that all we need to do is get rid of the Jewish state, and ?everything else will go well after that.
Our dictators took full advantage of this idea. Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser locked up and executed his opposition members ?using his famous excuse: “No voices are to be allowed except for those for the war with ?Israel.” Iraqi President Saddam Hussein adopted the Palestinian flag and had it ?printed, distributed and flown alongside his own flag, and even said, “Palestine and Iraq share the same ?identical cause.” In short, we Arabs have put 70 years of our existence on hold while awaiting that ??”glorious day” when we defeat Israel and “feed the Jews to the fish.”

But that day did not come, nor does ?it seem to be coming, as Jordanian opposition figure Emad Tarifi once told me: “It seems the fish in ?the sea are not betting on us feeding them Jews.” ?

In addition, we Arabs have given our dictators carte blanche to impoverish, terrorize, oppress and ?destroy us all in the name of “the great Arab struggle to end the Zionist entity.” The outcome of this has ?been clear: While Israel made 10 new breakthroughs in cancer and cardiac treatments in the last two years ?alone, we Arabs developed new execution methods. The latest is death by drowning in a cage, as ?shown in an Islamic State group video two weeks ago.?

We Arabs have wasted seven decades of our existence awaiting Israel’s demise. It is time to think of the future, and whether Israel’s “disappearance” should be our ?ultimate wish.?

Being the son of two Palestinian-Jordanian refugees, I find myself inclined to fear for the future. Regardless of my stance toward Israel, I have to think: What would happen if, one day, Israel were to disappear? While it does not seem feasible, it is the day around which entire Arab political, social and economic systems revolve. ?

It is not only Arabs who want Israel gone. There are others who seek the same, for ?example anti-Semites in the West. Just last week, neo-Nazis marched in London with swastikas and the Palestinian flag.
The organizer of the march claimed it was a protest “by all of those ?who have suffered because of Israel.” There are groups calling for a boycott of Israel “for ?the sake of the Palestinian people.” There are countries whose entire foreign policy seems to revolve around opposition to Israel. We ?Palestinians might have believed that these groups and countries actually care about us, but they take no interest in the fate of the ??150,000 Palestinians being starved to death in Syria’s Yarmouk refugee camp, nor in an estimated ??5.8 million Palestinians in Jordan (as indicated by a U.S. Embassy cable) who live as second-?class citizens and are banned from government jobs and any form of state benefits while paying full taxes.?

If these Israel-haters got their wish to see Israel disappear, what would ?happen??

First, Israel is the only reason Iran does not yet have nuclear weapons. Iran could buy the ?technology to produce them, or could learn it quickly the way Pakistan did. Why has Iran been slow in ?doing so? Because it learned a lesson from the experience of Saddam’s Osirak reactor, which Israeli jets reduced to rubble in 1981.?

Then, almost everyone, including George H. W. Bush who was vice president of the United States at that time, were furious ?with Israel’s move. But 10 years later, when the U.S. fought to liberate Kuwait, ?the situation would have been totally different if Saddam had kept his nuclear program — and the only reason ?he did not was Israel.?

Further, Iran already controls at least a third of Iraq and its resources through a pro-Iranian ?regime. If Israel were to disappear, Iran would extend its influence into Jordan, Kuwait and Bahrain ?the next day, as it would not have to fear an Israeli reaction. Iran could then bring the world to its knees by reducing oil ?production.

Iran is not the only evil power in the Middle East: We also have Islamic State, which has now spread across ?Iraq, Syria, Sinai and Libya, with clear ambitions to enter Jordan. Islamic State has not entered Jordan yet, and this is not ?because of any fear of the Jordanian army. After all, the Global Firepower website ranks Jordan’s army at ?the same level as the Iraqi army, which Islamic State has defeated many times. Islamic State does not dare enter Jordan for one reason only — its fear that Israeli jets would catch up with it 15 minutes later.?

If Israel were to disappear and be replaced by a Palestinian state, the Palestinians would most likely end up ?with another Arab dictatorship that oppresses them and reduces them to poverty. We have partially ?seen that with the Palestinian Authority and the “liberated” areas it rules. I regularly visit the West ?Bank and have interviewed scores of Palestinians there. I can confirm that, as much as they hate ?Israel, they still openly yearn for the days when it administered the West Bank. As one Palestinian told me, ??”We prayed to God to give us mercy and rid us of Israel; later, we found out that God had ?given us mercy when Israel was here.”?

To those Arabs, Muslims, Westerners and others insisting that Israel must be erased from face of the ?planet, I say: Don’t bet on it, as Israel is becoming stronger every day through its democracy and ?innovation, while Arab countries are getting weaker through dictatorship and chaos. And be careful ?what you wish for, because if you were to get it, you too would most likely disappear, unless you ?yearn to be ruled by Iran or Islamic State.?

In short, if the day were to come when Israel falls, Jordan, Egypt and many others would fall, too, and ?Westerners would be begging Iran for oil.?

We can hate Israel as much as we like, but we must realize that without it, we too would be ?gone.?

Mudar Zahran is a Jordanian-Palestinian who resides in the U.K.








World leaders failed to cooperate. Cooperation versus competition is the problem versus the solution in everything we see today. Economies are hostage to failure by leadership – a crises of leadership globally. Leaders failed to take on serious structural reform of the Global financial system. The same structural problems that caused the crash of 2008 – remain with us today largely checked in any fashion. The consequence is a far more BRITTLE GLOBAL environment.

The single issue – the BUBBLE created when nations pump trillions in the global system – finally must burst. Central Bank monetary policy never solves the problem – in fact it makes it worse often far worse. You buy time at a cost that could start world war III.

We see crooks at the top of the financial system pay 2 billion in fines and no one goes to jail for until theft. It is like pay the cost and its legal theft is OK today. Competitive capitalism is dying. Communism and competitive socialism are already dead. Both failed totally bankrupt systems of corruption and elitist. The world is far too transparent to lie through these realities. Cooperative Capitalism promises a more fair, equitable, moral, ethical, sustainable, self correcting and fully transparent system.

We have advocated for years now to host a G 100 Constitutional Economic Summit to reframe over a three year term a new Global economic Constitution. Without the most serious rethink of the global regulatory environment for global economics – the bubble will burst, SUPER CRASH will complete this cycle – no change to past history and no learning from past history – and typically WORLD WAR unfolds to reset wealth and politics. How horrible and insane is that cycle?

The sane should inherit the earth.

Berny Dohrmann – For Cooperative Capitalism




Experts have predicted 20.00 oil. At an 18.50 lifting cost I don’t see THAT. Yet no one can predict. The world is crashing out of oil use – while the price for energy creates a win fall to grow economies globally within. Oil has been at legal theft levels too high and this correction is market normalizing and removes the speculation greed market manipulator who just lost a trillion dollars from the equation. Saudi has long wanted to remove the criminal speculation that took the market over out of the market and …today they have done just that. I praise them for their forward planning and their new King for his policies.

The Fed. Uncertainty needs to get out of the market. Either raise interest ( I would and I vote for it – free money is a stone killer to real economic anything ) – and now they market knows. Lets get a real economy going again and the longer we live in a market of fear and manipulation the worse the transition will be. Thats my vote to the FED. We’ll see next week. If they cave to say they won’t raise till next year even that is good as certainty is returned to the market. Then the Fed should just raise and not telegraph it. Given the speculators using news to gain greed positioning till laws are changed.

Russia in Syria – the world seems upset that ISIS may be taken out by the Russian investment in blood and rubles. We should thank them. They are breaking peace into the Ukraine and we should calm things down. Will we?

China is suffering a shift from an unsustainable economic model to a long term real market. The transition will be very hard for so many in China. Deflation is going to run China for years and there is no market repair for that economic reality. The world warned them on this one point. Now central planners join market realities and have not tools for the deflation fight. The levers they have to pull they have failed to pull. In fact no news in China has reported the crash taking place. The real estate complete and utter crash is coming and will be the final nail. How low can the Chinese currency and stocks go – watch – we predict to new territory. Threatened with such massive pain historical most nations focus growth through military wars and expansion outside the internal pain. I suspect manufactured threats to China are on the way now. Japan will not be amused.

The Gulf is in a sea change. A united enormous work to destroy terror thought forms everywhere all at once is under way inside the Muslim Civil War where the West has no role to play at all in the ultimate outcome. Iran has its gigantic play. Egypt has its own. Saudi its role Jordan its role. Who will unite with who. Will the UAE be able to remain neutral? We are watching removal of our aircraft carrier fleets from the Gulf first time in decades opening our BOOK OF WONDER into what secret private deal was made with Iran to achieve this window and who will use this window – as Russia already clearly has. Deals have been agreed upon – how many are inside those deals and what do they promise for world peace or war? The markets must follow these evens.

We continue to decry competitive capitalism – competitive socialism and communism – are corrupt non repairable systems. Bone marrow corrupt with elite rule. The fix is outlined in my book REDEMPTION THE COOPERATION REVOLUTION – for COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM wherein the system over the world – is reportable – accountable – transparent – and has NO SECRETS. Laws preclude manipulation and speculation in the system. The system is honest. Our world systems are frauds.

Everyone knows it. Yet critical leadership is bought or intimated off – or worse killed ….

To reform the world we all most vote for cooperative leadership. Find yours and vote.

Meanwhile the markets are as I’ve said to brittle to these and many other events today – to be safe in any context. I have advocated the option of exploring with licensed insurance agents diversified portfolio’s of



  • Whole Cash Value Life Permanent insurance investing
  • Index inflation hedging insurance investing
  • Annuity investing diversification

Using INSURANCE RETURNS ( high enough and totally safe historically ) with best firms only – as a TIME MACHINE you can protect your entire estate over the five forward turbulent years – and move back into buy low and sell low – at the defined new bottom after SUPER CRASH. To learn more about SUPER CRASH dynamics read my book.

Those how acted already on my opinion have zero loss and sleep like babies. Your welcome. For the rest of you its not too late – I’d explore folks – call a major insurance firm and act on the option for sale harbor – I can’t see any market more protective of principle – profits – and returns without the risk of devastating loss – so present today in all markets.

One exception – well bought real estate. I do not believe this generation will see real estate with some exceptions like California – at these prices – at these low interest rates – again – in our entire adult lifetime. Trade up and invest wisely in real estate with minimal leverage and you have another place to TIME MACHINE your money.

Together they are killer leverages for your portfolio with lower than other market risks but thats my opinion – get many others before anyone acts.

Berny Dohrmann -Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNAITONAL – next October 11th – register on line

Happy Labor Day OR End of the World



So my ex Wife Lynn and her husband Michael ( we’er buds its good she’s at all our CEO SPACE events since the start ) gave me the Jonathan Kahn Book the Harbinger? Have you read it? The book predicts September 13th will be the week that the world as we know it ends. The week we remove our protection via our aircraft fleets from the Gulf. The week Kevin Freeman’s Game Plan may be actualized. The week life as we know it is over and gone. Could it be true?

The premise from Jonathan is religious. Kahn defines prophecy and count time from the time America turned its back upon God being first in our nation and the deadline of punishment for God removing his protection FOR AMERICA. If enough of us turn to God and pray will that stop the HARBINGER?

The book opines that 9/11 was a divine warning. Right on the spot the first Capitol of this Nation America – swore that God would always first authority in this new nation of states. In 9/11 God removes his protection from America because the nation has turned away from holding God first int he nation, accounting to Kahn’s book. Kahn documents the promise and the reality.

As God’s plan for OUR LIVES and our salvation is always far greater than our own plan, one can not undo the obvious – God’s plan wins.

I say – do business as usual. My book John Kahn, is literal os you suggest – and it says NO MAN no can know the hour or the time – that is NO MAN KAHN John – NO MAN not you and not anyone. I suggest the TIME is not man wise to create. I suggest when it IS TIME the time will come as a thief i the night according to MY BOOK, in which no man may prepare. There will no signs and no warnings. It will be in the blink of an eye. Thats quick JOHN.

So I applaud John for writing a call to return to God within the American experience. I also decry locking up a little girl for her religious belief. We allow a muslim man within our courts to beat a woman ( his wife ) senseless over and over because it is his religion but we would lock up a Catholic of Mormon and now we make it a CRIME to stand up for your religious belief and the courts lock up a non violent elected official for expressing HER RELIGIOUS BELIEF?

My book would not allow this and those who do it WILL BE PUNISHED.

Also my constitution would NOT ALLOW this.

Also my America would not allow this.

So what country are WE LIVING IN?

I have no problem with laws the couples are legally enabled to same definitions of union or separation 100’s of year of laws have created for couples. I do believe non violent religious expression can not – just may not – result in INCARCERATION and Criminal Labeling. I do not believe  82% of us who worship can see 12% of us weigh in making this lady leader for her belief in GOD go from HERO To ZERO as a criminal. She is NOT a criminal. She is an AMERICAN.There are many options. She could have been ordered ON LEAVE as one option.

I suggest that that the wrong minded JUDGE is the CONSTITUTIONAL CRIMINAL and we the Christian Majority of this nation make a CITIZEN ARREST – we remove you from authority and your bench and we ask for immediate arrest of the ruling judge and the immediate release of the innocent angel of the Lord.

I call for a HOLY WAR in all our cities that WILL NOT STOP our HOLY WAR because we are the MAJORITY of this UNITED STATES and we are now mad as hell and we are not going to take this nonsense…one hour longer. Want to see a CRUSADE. Let me show you a CHRISTIAN RIOT ACROSS OUR CITIES as America has never seen before – just watch this unfold.

This time folks they stepped over the line WE THE PEOPLE will cease to allow them to cross. If we allow this to stand – you have lost AMERICA forever – as you have loved it so. Truly.

I join the silent 100’s of millions now coming into Christian FIRE STORM For RIGHT and GOD and we are going to make this pendulum ROLL BACK… the focus rising as from sea to shining sea we are really pissed off now – all of us are ONE over this. WATCH THE MAJORITY FOLKS – this is not about Gay anything any more – this is about CORE AMERICA.


We all of us will not stop until you hear us. As George Bush suggested – we hear you Honey and we will assure the ENTIRE WORLD HEARS YOU and hears US…the U.S. the real U.S.

So help me God.
Berny Dohrmann Chairman CEO SPACE INTERNATIONAL – we start in prayer and end in prayer for a reason for 30 Years – Forbes ranked us # 1 in the WORLD because they pray with us. Perhaps we’ll see you October 9th -Happy Holidays everyone.





China owes more than the USA or say Germany – and their deflating economy as yet to have the PROPERTY CRASH the rest of the world has already had. Couple the projected trillions lost as Property enters the China DEFLATION spiral – and the economics do not look good for China. The ripple to the world is the attempt to risk mitigate the exposure to the DEBT BOMB China presents as it becomes a market value versus artificial value –

The Chinese central control plan, as with all communist entities has no shelf life. Over time the central control is adjusted by real economics and market factors. It is no one’s fault. Our USA best experts have been advising China and suggesting their economic theories lead to a hard landing versus a soft landing. We want to help not hurt China as a stronger China is a value to the world as a whole. We need one another. The People of the world need one another.

Competitive capitalism is flawed and failed to inspire the world toward a trust and confidence to rally all nations into a single systems that has harmony. Communism and socialism are worse. Economically speaking.

The future belongs to COOPERATIVE CAPITALISM which is evolving and will end up the THEORY upon which the future for our unborn generation are constructed. We need to come together in crises not divide apart. We need to avoid panic.

I have suggested during times of pending uncertainty as serious as we are engaged in today where the entire global system is fragile a product of COOPERATION OR COMPETITION – Stability or Chaos – that one explore insurance diversified investing as a time machine to get through the pending financial storms in safe harbor. Those who acted and are acting sleep like babies. In my opinion.

Turbulence is the new normal.

I have suggested a G 100 ECONOMIC SUMMIT be convened to outline a MANDATE for a three year SUMMIT to secure a global ECONOMIC REGULATORY FRAME WORK a first global ECONOMIC CONSTITUTION. This new COOPERATIVE ECONOMIC THEORY would bring the world together. Just announcing the SUMMIT was in play would be stabilizing.

Right now we have computer hair triggers that move trillions of dollars without human intervention. As human’s over ride automated risk moderation the wave of global disintermediation subsides. The main players coming back from Vacation now will open the Fall Trading cycle. We are still nervous about the TRIPLE WITCHING HOUR and October when so many SUPER CRASHES have taken form.

If we move forward on this market through and into the Holidays in tact the future looks especially bright for America. If the Fed raises interest rates right now it may sink third world recoveries placing a global recession into play. That will pause the US recovery and the entire world resets.

When our carrier group leaves the Gulf ( and why again is this not backed up as a stability item ) one also pauses – to think – what private deals have been made for this to take place given the stakes. Something is going to happen. Its already decided. But WHAT? We will see and its a plan. But who are the planners. Stay tuned because this is real intel. Taking our main hammer from the gulf during an all our AIR war for “maintenance” is not what it seems. There is something hidden in the mix. We’ll all find out and the press will be all over it. I hope.

Meanwhile, we continue to watch and keep a light on for you. Up and down is the new normal don’t you think? What a ride.

Berny Dohrmann – Chairman CEO SPACE



PS We are sorting this all out with the best mentors and planners we can assemble in one space on October 9th at Lake Las Vegas Westin Hotel – for those wishing to register into CEO SPACE as CEO business owners – Forbes suggest we are # 1 in the world in 2015 for a reason – perhaps you should repurpose a tax dollar and join the billionaires and millionaires coming with every day small business owners this October. I would especially now. We’ll create safe harbor for the coming financial storms to the best of our ability.